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Give it up for your Friday Download Welcome to Friday Download. Your


instant download for the week ahead. I hope you've all had a good half


term. Unfortunately, Dionne's not with us. Aw! So we can't do Sing


Download. But don't worry. Richard's got it covered. Ricardo.


I reckon we should have a little Shall we just throw something


together? Let's go. One, two, one, two, three, four.


# My name is Olly, nice to meet you, can I tell you, baby?


# Look around, there is a whole lot of pretty ladies.


# But none like you, you shine so bright.


# Yeah. # And I was wondering if you and me


could spend a minute. # On the floor, up and close,


getting lost in it. # I won't give up without a fight.


# So come on, ooh, baby. # I just want you to dance with me


tonight. # B-b-b-b-b-b-b-break it down,


y'all. # You guys are the fullest, I guess


that's the motto. # Went out at number one and then I


tell her I hit the Lotto. # The way we duck and weave, you


can call us Miguel Cotto. # Cos when we dance, she goes


Beyonce. Uh-oh. # We're flying then Clark Kent with


no glasses on. # Lee, myself and Toby like Lakers,


the way we pass the song. # Never slow my bars, but I speed


'em to make 'em last as long. # Toy Story lyricist, to infinity


and beyond. # There really is no reason for AD


to pretend. # Cos I only speak the truth, I


don't mean to offend. # If I have, I'm sorry, hope it's


something we can amend. # Cos my only opportunity to speak


is the pen. # Cos whenever I stand up to speak


to you. # You seem to always look at me as


if I'm a fool. # Put your hands on my success and


look at it as a tool CHEERING AND APPLAUSE.


We sang a song! That was good. A little collaboration. I didn't want


to spoil the fun, because I think that was pretty good. But we can't


actually do that for Sing Download. That's ludicrous! Why? Because


we've got a double booking, but it's very exciting. Please can


So, Cher, I was just telling the guys how you're going to be doing


Sing Download for us. What song are you going to be singing? I am going


to sing Katy Perry, Hot And Cold. And also, you're going to be


performing your new single, yes? Yeah. Fantastic, and joining in on


Hot Or Not, as well. So, here's what's coming up on today's show.


Aidan shows off his latest move in Dance Download. It's in the balance


for me in Weekend Download. The Force is with Cael in the Movie


Download. We check out your Olly Murs music tributes. And Cher Lloyd


performs her new single and gives us a special Sing Download.


# And now you're taking her to every restaurant.


# And everyone who went, come on! # Now you're taking her to every


restaurant. # You got me going like this


Hello and welcome to another Dance Download. This weekend I'm going to


teach you a small routine to DJ Fresh, Louder. Here's what it looks


# The chemistry is building. # It's something that we're feeling.


# There's nowhere you can hide. # It's gonna get, it's gonna get,


it's gonna get louder. # We're gonna get, we're gonna get,


we're gonna get stronger. # We're gonna feel, we're gonna


feel, we're gonna feel better. # You can't tame this energy inside.


# We gotta reach, we gotta reach, we gotta reach higher.


# I wanna burn, I wanna burn, I wanna get higher.


# We gotta move, we gotta move, we gotta move faster.


# You can't tame this energy inside Right. Now, to teach this routine,


I've got to tell you something, though. You're getting better. I


was watching from over there. All this practice is paying off for you,


Oh, so flattering. But I don't think we can teach this move on our


own. So we're going to need one more person, and that's Cael.


right? Are you ready for another Dance Download? Right, so what I am


going to teach you this week is a small move, but because we do it


over and over, it turns into a small routine. So it works together.


It looks like this. Oh, dear. it is is... Can you show us the


Someone's been practising after homework! So we do this bit? All we


do is go one, then two. It's doing this over and over again. So you go


The wave. I was struggling with it. Even when you was practising it?


All it is, we've already taught this before, Cael, come on.


Shoulder up, elbow up, wrist up. And then you can put your fingers


out afterwards, if you want. All you do is you go one, two, three,


four. See? You can still go with it. Oh, oh, oh! So we go down, two, up.


A little bending the knees? Either bend your knees, or just sit down a


bit. Just have a little sit-down. Remember that move? Oh! Do that


again. You can tell he learns. Whoosh! So all you do is go one,


two, one, two. And what it we do it to, it goes... # It's gonna get,


it's gonna get, it's gonna get louder!


#. Can you do that bit? Sing that for us? I can't hit that high note.


We'll try it together, and then we'll try it to the music. One, two,


three, four, one, two, three, four. Right, so now we're going to try it


to the music. We want all of you, every single one of you, to try it.


And if you can't do the move, I want to see you free styling,


moving. Just copy me! So, now let's do it to the music. Gonna


Oh! Oh! Your turn. # There's # It's gonna get, it's gonna get,


it's gonna get louder. # We're gonna get, we're gonna get,


we're gonna get stronger. # We're gonna feel, we're gonna


feel, we're gonna feel better Three, two, one, go.


# We gotta reach, we gotta reach, we gotta reach higher.


# I wanna burn, I wanna burn, I wanna get higher.


# We gotta move, we gotta move, we gotta move faster.


# You can't tame this energy inside So, in the space of about five


minutes, you've just learned a really technical move. So that's


What do you call a scared dinosaur? Dionne has been in and out of the


country on tour, being really busy. But she wasn't going to let her


16th birthday go without having a party, was she? Of course she


wasn't, and obviously it was our duty to bring you guys along to see


Hello! The big day has arrived. It's Dionne's 16th birthday. We're


all going to be singing. Teach me some moves on the dancefloor.


let's get in there and have some So, we're all here at Dionne's


sweet 16. Are we having a good time? Yes! Where is Dionne? Let's


I found her! We've been looking for you everywhere. Now I'm here for


you. You having a good time? I am, thanks. I am, thanks. I am, thanks.


I am, thanks. Where's Tyger? He's with his girlfriend on the


dancefloor. Hello, everyone! Sorry, I was a bit late. What's going on?


We just taught Cover Drive a move. You stole Aidan's Dance Download.


He taught me a move, and I am just passing it on. I you having a good


So, look who I found! The amazing Pixie Lott. But as this is my 16th,


we wanted to know, what did you do for your 16th? That's a good


question. I've just got to rewind. I think I probably had a party at


my house. Just the full house party. So what's your favourite track to


dance to? I think I have to say, my favourite song to dance to, and it


is my ringtone as well, so hopefully we can request this later.


# You make my love come down. # Ooh, you make my love come down


I have been on the dancefloor most of the night tonight, and you've a


bit of competition. I know who you're talking about, but I asked


him for a dance-off, and he said no. So that means you're the winner?


tried his best, but I came out on top. So, I'm going back to dance.


See ya. I have just grabbed Dionne. You're about to go on and do a


performance. You nervous? I am indeed, and I am not nervous, no.


Because when there's great people like you here, it makes me feel


more relaxed. So what are you performing? I am performing with a


band called Bigs, and it's actually called Mr Big Stuff. You'll


understand why. Introducing the wonderful, the multi-talented, ever


so gorgeous Dionne. Make some # Mr Big Stuff, who do you think


you are? # Mr Big Stuff, you're never gonna


get my love. # Mr Big Stuff, who do you think


you are? # Mr Big Stuff, you're never gonna


get my love So, Cover Drive, birthday cake. Hot


or not? Not. It's cake! Out of this band! Birthday cake, hot or not?


Hot! Are you kidding me? Hot! 4-1! 5-1! Birthday cakes? Dionne's


got a birthday cake. We're going to be eating that.


# Happy birthday to you. And when the cake came out, how


were you feeling? Embarrassed. It was embarrassing, everyone singing


happy birthday. But the cake looked wicked. And Lucien brought it out


for you. Your bestie, right? We're As you can see, we've had a banging


night. I have never had so much fun. I've lost my voice. Dionne's had a


great time. We've met some great Teaching Cover Drive had to bust a


move, I am still going. Come on. Thank you very much, Dionne. Happy


16th. Do you know what that is? Welcome to hot or not, with our


very special guest, Cher Lloyd. This is the part of the show where


we take topics and discuss whether they are hot. If you don't like it,


sit on the not hot side. Soggy toast. As in soggy with butter?


Know, with egg or anything. With cheese? Oh, you have swayed me.


Toast is meant to be crispy, not soggy. I am sitting in a not hot,


because it is not nice. It is when you put cheese on it. I don't like


cheese. Crisper a nice crunchy toast with cheese on it, or soggy,


half-hearted... We have never had this before their special guest.


Because it is a draw, each side chooses one-person to do rock,


We have chosen a Cael. The tension So that there is no cheating, we do


Yes! I let him win. That makes it not hot. So, it is my turn for Hot


or Not? Now. Mine is smellier types of cheese. Do me in the taste


or...? This is exactly what I mean. Please don't bring it out,


seriously, please. Do you know how they make this cheese, they do it


by letting it go mouldy? Seriously, I have got a phobia, I do not like


it. Cheese is disgusting. I do not like it in large quantities. Would


you take a bite out of that, a big bite, without feeling ill? That's


quite a big bite as well. Oh, my days! You're all weirdos. So, it is


not hot. You're just chewing on mould. Yes, but it is tasty mould.


I have got this one from the BBC message board, and the Hot or Not?


Is... Teddy bears. Oh, yes, that's definitely hot. Teddy bears, I do


not really see the point Inn. Sentimental. What do they do?


watch over you at night time, definitely. I would never cuddle up


to one of them. Can I have a cuddle? You have a friend at night,


don't you? That's what I'd do with my cheese. Do you have a teddy bear,


Cher? Yes, I do, a little one. can carry it around everywhere.


Yes! Do you get a lot of teddy bears from fans? Yes, lots and lots,


I had one which was actually called a Cher bear. Sorry, boys, but it is


definitely hot. So, my one is ping pong. That's hot. I absolutely love


it. I am the King of ping pong. we have discussed this, Ceallach.


It is a tough game, table tennis, although it is a lot easier when


you're using a ball, rather than a table. Try getting that over the


net. Can you play tennis? Listen, I hate going... So I go like this.


But honestly, have you seen the Chinese? Do you like ping-pong,


Cher? Yes, I like it, I would really like a table in my house. I


think it releases stress. Yes! pong is hot. Definitely. Who is up


next? I am, but because I'm such a nice person, for the second time,


I'm going to let Dionne take it. Hot or Not? Is dunking biscuits in


your tea. It depends on the biscuits. It has not got chocolate


on it! That's it, when it melt the chocolate. Sometimes you get crams


in your tea. It actually drops in the tea. I hate that. But then you


get a little surprise at the end of your cup of tea, a bit of biscuit!


Let's see what Dionne thought. think you cannot have a good cup of


tea without a good biscuit. Is this the same cup of tea that she had?


It travelled all the way. It is definitely hot. Who's next? We have


got someone from the audience with a Hot or Not?. Tell us what it is.


Mine is fry-ups. Oh, you cannot go wrong with fry-ups. I really like


hash browns, I have to have baked beans with everything. I hate baked


beans. You have got to have ketchup, I think, with a fry-up. But a


sausage and you're a bit in there. Crispy toast, not soggy toast.


would have a bit of boast. Fried bread, but then it gets a bit... So,


that is hot, yes? Black pudding. It is all over. Thanks for joining us,


Cher Lloyd. We will see you later - welcome to Movie Download. I will


be giving you the movie and cinema and television films for this week.


I'm quite excited about this one, because it was released in 1999,


and it is now back, bigger and better, and yes, in 3D. It is Star


Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace. That's the first film. If you do


not know about Star Wars, I am going to tell you all about it. Two


Jedis are recruited to go and save Queen Amidala. It has got bad guys,


action, everything. And, it has got two of my favourite characters,


little Yoda, little green guide, speaks like this - from the dark


side, Darius!. That's Yoda, and it has got my favourite bad guy out of


all the Star Wars films, Darth Maul. He only says Three Lions in this


film, he is still scary. Let me use the force, I am going to let you


watch this crack, I am going to put on my vintage glasses. Cue it.


Skywalker has been forced on to the My 3D glasses give back, you must!


Thanks. Next out on DVD is Johnny English Reborn, the second one of


the Johnny English series. At the end of the first one, Johnny


English got sacked from the British intelligence service. He is a spy,


but here's a big accident prone, gets himself into sticky situations.


However, he went off and trained in the arts of kung-fu, and they


called him back, they needed his help. Can he do it? It is full of


action, really funny, and Rowan Atkinson, his timing is brilliant,


really funny. I enjoyed it. So, Johnny English, take it away.


English, you go to Hong Kong tonight. Fisher will contact you


there. To make sure protocol is observed, I am sending someone with


you. It'll be an honour, sir. it will be good to have somebody to


carry the bags. He made a laughing stock out of this service once,


English. Not on my watch, clear? HIGH-PITCHED VOICE: Crystal clear,


Pegasus. Just like old times, hey, Johnny? I'm off to Switzerland,


let's catch-up when you get back. HIGH-PITCHED VOICE: There's nothing


I'd like more, Simon.. Anybody seen the voice-changing travel lozenges?


HIGH-PITCHED VOICE: Ermno. And the film on your television screens


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


What a brilliant film. They are Miley movie picks, now over to


Georgia for the classic movie mistake. Here it is, a mistake from


Step Up 3, as a group of street dancers from New York compete in


the biggest dance battle on earth. It is the final showdown of the


World Jam Dance Contest. The two dance crews are going head-to-head.


Any luck? Let me show you it again. If you check out the guy holding


the dogs, you will see he is wearing a hooded jumper. A bit


later, he is just in a vest. Press play, and magically, the hoodie has


returned. Energy has gone again. Then it is back. And finally, he


settles on the vest. He just cannot make his mind up, can he? Movie


Download complete. Richard, will you dance with me? Sorry? Well,


nothing really matters when we are # I can see you're not yourself.


# Even when you're here with me. # I know that you're somewhere else.


# So put another record on. # Kiss and lead me on.


# Nothing really matters when we're dancing.


# Listen to the same sad song playing on repeat.


# Cause every time we come this close, My heart skips, skips a beat.


# So come on, spin me around, I don't wanna go home.


don't wanna go home. # Cause when you hold me like this


You know my heart skips, skips a beat.


# I know I should, but I can't leave it alone.


# And when you hold me like this That's when my heart skips, skips a


beat. # Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, oh oh oh.


I just loved that. Yes, it was just so good, my heart skip, skipped a


beat. That's the end of Music Tribute, so what do we say? Music


Welcome to backstage download. It is pancake Day on Tuesday. Let's


1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6! He dropped it! After 22, I Wynn! I had the skills.


As you can see, Cael won that. Aidan one. Backstage cap download


Now it is time for music download, so let's see what Dionne found at


the studio. You said to me a while back that we were in the studio,


not any of this music jazz, but to record a song. No, I didn't. Anyway,


my favourite pick his Mindless Behaviour featuring cat -- Chipmunk.


# I got to see her # We went to Switzerland, but we went to Japan.


# We booked a flight to London. # I know I still haven't found her. #


London in the spring, Paris in the fall. We don't discriminate. They


have been massive in America, and the US version is epic. Chipmunk is


amazing. The UK version is wicked. There are four of them prodigy,


Rock roll, Princeton. I have got a little secret. What? They are


performing at the show? It was a secret! They will be performing


later on in the series, so make # Show me how you do # I wanted to


shut down the clout with you # I heard you like the Wild ones. # I


like crazy, stupid, going to go wild, let's do it # I don't care


can't, I'm going to day, got to be the man, ahead of my game, shut


them down in the club with a Playboy.


# Got to break rules, because that is the motto.


De Juno, he got his name Flo Rida because he lived in Florida. That


is so creative. I am not a massive Flo Rida fan, but I take it you


like him? I love him. And here is my main reason - because my first


audition was to a Flo Rida song. So if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be


here now. Thank him. Thanks. My next pick is the one and only James


Morrison with slave to the music. # Slave to the music.


# She got me dancing, she got the moves.


# I'm a slave to the music. # Feel the beat, put your hands up


high. Interesting fact - did you know,


James got the chorus from a dream? Apparently Michael Jackson was


singing the chorus to him in a dream. I think someone has been


eating too much cheese before bed. Anyway, here is Cher Lloyd with


Reserve macro boy, you never had much game, thought I needed to


upgrade, so I went and walked away. # I see you have been hanging out


with that other girl in town. # Feel like a pair of clowns. Now


you were doing things with her. # Now you are taking her to every


restaurant, and everywhere we went, come on! You got me like this.


# Boy, if I can't have you, no one else can have you, I want you back,


I want you back. I want you back, I # Please, this isn't even jealousy.


You clearly didn't think this through # If what I am told is true,


you will be crawling back. Remember what it is you and I did


first, and now you are doing it with her.


You got me, got me like this. And now you are taking her to every


restaurant, and everywhere we went, # Boy, if I don't want to, no one


else can have you, I want you back, I want you back, I want you, won't


you back. Now I feel like everyone else is


looking at you, I want you back, I want you back.


Remember all the things you are guided first? And now you are doing


# Remember all the things that you and I did first? And now you're


doing them with her. You've got me got me like this!


# Boy, if I don't want to, no one else can have you. I want you back,


won't you back. I was thinking you would be crying, now I want you


# I Want You Back one-two, one-two Thank you very much, Cher. Did you


So far in all the weekend downloads, I haven't done too bad. In the


first series we did bikes, and in the second series, trail bikes. But


have a look at this. Welcome back to another Weekend Download. Now,


if you thought unicycle in were something from a circus, you were


I am Ed Hawkes. I and 24, and I am an extreme unicycle there. I am the


street champion. I also entered a trial competition last year and


came third. I am Simon and I and 17, and I have been riding for four


years. I went to the national championships last December and


came second in Street. There are two main types, won his trial and


one is Street. Street is doing tricks in an urban environment, Ann


Street is about how high you can jump. I ride because it is good fun,


and it is different. When you start unicycle in, it is very hard, and


it takes commitment. My favourite trick at the moment is riding along


rails. You use your balance to ride along and jump-off at the other end.


You need to be more advanced. favourite trick is the 720 side


spin. You jump off the unicycle, spinet and land back on it. Time


for me to give it a go. How hard can it be? Luckily I have the UK


champion teaching me. Nice to meet you. I am Richard. You are the UK


champion? You are going to be teaching me how to unicycle. That's


right. Is it something you can pick up in a day? Some people can pick


it up in an hour, others take longer. So, safety gear. You need a


helmet, safety pads and knee pads. So, what is the first thing you're


going to be teaching me? Today and teaching you how to get on. I will


teach you how to get a bonnet and rock backwards and forwards. What


you want to do, first things first. Put the seat between your legs and


hold on to the railing. Always start with the pedal you're going


to start with at the 4 o'clock position. About like that. When you


put your weight on that a paddle, used when you are the leg-up onto


the other paddle, and then use your free arm for balance. This one you


start at 4 o'clock. Swing up and use your arm for balance. Once you


are on, put your weight through the seat rather than your legs, and you


will find that is a lot easier to balance. Oh, yes. Keep that arm for


balance. So where is the best place to practise? Somewhere where you


have something to hold on to, and some flat, even tarmac. It twists a


lot. Then you can push away from the railing as you get more


confident. I don't think I would get that confident today. I need a


bit more practice and I will be a way in no time. Once you first


learn, that is the hardest bit. Everything starts coming naturally


after that. It is not as hard as BMX biking. You can jump-off, you


don't get tangled and it's like with a bike. This is definitely one


of my biggest challenges so far, but with a bit of practice, I am


sure you could pick it up. It just It takes a bit of getting used to,


but once you're there, you're up You will be stable in no time if


you keep practising. It is a challenge, and don't try tricks


until you have mastered how to rock backwards and forwards. These guys


make it look easy, but they are experts. Practice makes perfect.


Who says two wheels are better than Hello there! Welcome to the Games


Download. This is my favourite bit of the show. The first thing we are


going to do today is a hand-held console. This is the PlayStation


Vita. It has a camera on the front and on the back. You have got to


analogue sticks for increased dexterity. Don't you think that was


needed? The s, as a former PSP holder, I think so. And it is


better graphics. It is actually also touch screen. So you can do


all of your pictures and flick it, and your songs and what have you.


But the really cool thing, it looks like a standard thing on the back.


It is actually one of the coolest new aspect of it. I will


demonstrate. We are going to play this game, and the idea is to


navigate this guy to a specific point, it is called A little


Deviants, and to do that, you create holes in the land scape by


touching the back. Try it. It is a whole new aspect, and they think it


is fantastic. Can I have a go? That is how you control it. And this is


only on this game, but they incorporated into lots of different


games. We think it is fantastic, but the only thing that might steal


away slightly is because there are not that many games, so you could


find yourself getting slightly bored, but I'm sure in the near


So, we think that is fantastic, the PlayStation Vita. Now, I do not


want to confuse you, this is still the Games Download, but I do want


to show you a TV clip, which is Tony you might be wondering why I


just showed that to you, but when I was younger, I used to wonder, how


do they make shows like that? It is a process called stop-from


animation. And my gadget for today, Animatazz, is basically a


beginner's guide to stop-from animation. If you would like to


follow me over here, we will see what we get in the packaging. In


the Animatazz kit, you get all of these, and when you take them out,


they look like this. You also get a fair amount of Plasticine. You get


the Plasticine and you build it up around the guy, and he moves and


stuff. Eventually, you kind of make a character. Here's one I made


earlier. This is actually me. you! I tried to make it as close to


me as I could. Then you put him in front of your backdrop. The


backdrop, you get this one with it, you can go on to the Animatazz


website and download one, or you can just draw your own. The camera


does not come included. But any camera is fine, you can probably


use your telephone. You just put it there and you take a picture, you


then move him a little bit, take another picture, moved him a bit


more, making sure the camera is staying in the same place each time.


Then, when you run them together, it will seem like one fluid


movement. That would not be a very interesting movement, but I hope


you get the idea. Earlier in the show, Georgia, you were a bit taken


aback. I said, can I tell you a joke? Then I said, can I record it?


Yes, I remember that. Well, basically, I made one of you.


is now clear, Georgia. Georgia, what do you called a really old


ant? I don't know. Ant-ique! Ha-ha- ha-ha!! I'm not that old! Thank you


very much. How long did that take you? It took about 20 minutes.


is quite time-consuming, it doesn't need a lot of patience, you need to


be quite a peaceful person, you cannot get frustrated. You need to


just chill out with it. One thing, you do only get two figures. But it


is a beginner's kit, I think it is really good. Let's go back to Tyger


Versus. On Tyger Versus, we're going to need the rest of our


presenters. Whassup? Brilliant, Tyger Versus is the part of the


shown isn't high go up against one of these guys, and we see who wins


in a particular game. The score is actually 6-0 to me, which does mean


that the best that the Team can do is to draw. If they draw, then


according to him, they stay current champions. We will see what happens.


So, anyway, let's see who am It is all on me! How are you


feeling? If you win, we will be champions of the world. I am really


nervous. Do not be nervous. If anything, you might have a slight


advantage on this one, because body-building runs in your family,


doesn't it? Yes, it does. Basically, this is a posing game. You just


need to do exactly what he does. The better you can do it, the more


points you get. This is just a standard one, standardo! Aidan!


Aidan! Aidan! Come on, Aidan! Nice! Aidan! Aidan! Aidan! In give


me this. Yes! Yes! Oh, my God. Trousers, don't let me down.


Gracious in defeat. But the thing is, you're 6-1 up now. It doesn't


matter, so, Aidan beat me in that one. That means the score is now 6-


1. So they are in with a chance of drawing, apparently. Anyway, that's


Are you all right? You know what, doing all of these, it is taking


its toll on me. Don't, I have been watching, it cannot be good for him.


It just needs a good click. Oh, that's better. Sorry, are you all


right, don't be doing that to your fingers! Let me just stop you right


there, I did not actually click them, Ceal. You did not use my item


on me, did you? I did. I'm going to teach you how to do it so that you


can do it to other people. Just grab the finger, first of all, can


you click? That's all the clicking we need. Then, we grab the finger,


and we click behind the finger as we pretend to click it. It looks


completely secret. But from here.... So, we're getting the fingers that


you click with, putting them round. Yes, boom, straight in there. Was


that good? It was, it was unbelievable. Anyway, that's Just


For Laughs Download complete. What's orange and sounds like a


parrot? I don't know. A carrot. I know, it's horrible. OK, it isn't


now time for Fail Download, where we find a clip from TV, and we do


like a bit of Total Wipeout. Do you watch it? Yes, now and again.


you like it? Yes. Today, we were watching 18-year-old Sammy. So, to


the Leap of Faith... Good techniques so far, this is looking


good. Yes! She did the splits! have never seen that happen before,


nobody has ever... Do you know what I mean? She does the splits at one


point, I think. Watch her legs. I'm telling you. The eye make-up was


running. That's the worst thing about it, the mascara was running.


Thank you for joining us on Fail Download. That's Fail Download


complete. OK, next up is Sing Download. However, Dionne is not


here, but we have got a very special guest, Cher Lloyd!! Cher


will be singing Katy Perry's Hot And Cold, the lyrics are on the


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 48 seconds


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