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I am Ollie Murs and you're watching # When the snowman brings the snow


# Well he just might like to know # He's put a great big smile on


somebody's face # If you jump into your bed


# Quickly cover up your head # Don't you lock the doors


# You know that sweet Santa Claus is on the way


# Well I wish it could be Christmas every day


# When the kids start singing and the band begins to play


# Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every day


# Let the bells ring out for Christmas


. Give it up for a Ollie Murs! When we're skating in the park


# If the snow cloud makes it dark # Then your rosy cheek's gonna


light my merry way # Now the frosticles appear


# And they've frozen up my ear # So we'll lie by the fire


# Till the sleet simply melts the snow away


# Well I wish it could be Christmas every day


# When the kids start singing and the band begins to play


# Oh, I wish it could be Christmas every day


# So let the bells ring out for Christmas


. Welcome to Christmas Download it. Your instant download for Christmas.


Thank you for joining us, Olly. What have you got planned over


Christmas? Eating lots and lots of Christmas food and dinner and


everything. Thanks for being here. We are glad to appear on the show.


You're going to be performing you hit single, Troublemaker later.


And we have the stars of Wizards vs Aliens. Here is what is coming up.


We will join Aidan on stage and take on his Dance Download.


Ceallach takes a trip to visit to the stars of The Hobbit. You could


be Gandalf's little helper. George Joffe will have some great


party tips in Style Download. The stars of Wizards vs Aliens joined


us for her Hot or Not and Ollie Murs will perform his massive hit,


Troublemaker. What to elves learn at school?


don't know. You are going to love this... Tell us. The elvabet.


Christmas! That was me trying to do the screen but it went really


high... As always, Christmas is a very special time of year to


snuggle up in front of the TV. And we have some fantastic Christmas


specials. They are spoiling us this year. My first festive choice is


the Snowman and the Snowdog. The sequel to the Christmas classic,


the Snowman. A young boy moves to a new house with his mother when he


finds a kit for making snowmen. Before you know it, he is meeting


of the characters and flying through the sky. Personally, I


thought it was a nice change to watch this traditional, hand-drawn


animation in the age of slick CGI. It was nice to see that hard work


had gone a long way. Let's look at this wonderful festive TV programme.


Next up, Mr stink, adapted from David Walliams' popular children's


book of the same name. It tells the story of Chloe, a 12-year-old from


a troublesome family the becomes friends with Mr stink, a tramp, and


invites him to hang out -- live in a herb garden such chat. My team


have been working on a campaign for you. -- Les in her garden shed. You


will love this, hugging homeless. But not for too long. Let's go.


have to be getting back to the real world. But you what a funny old


tramp, this would be great for me. -- You are the funny old tramp.


Prime Minister? Shoots. You can stick your job offer up your fat


bum. If you think that Mr stink's dog, Duchess, looks familiar, that


is because it is Pudsey, the winner of Britain's Got Talent. Next up,


from the creators of the Gruffalo, broom on -- Room on the Broom. It


tells the story of a witch that keeps losing things on her


broomstick. But never fear, her belongings are returned by various


animals in return for a ride on the broom, much to the frustration of a


cat. The broomstick eventually breaks and the which ends up being


trapped by a hungry dragon. That is the worst sort of Dragon. Let's


take a look. Over the mirrors and the mountains they flew. -- the


mirrors. The frog jumped for joy. And The Broons that in two. -- and


the broom snapped in two. Down they went tumbling, into a bog. The


which's broomstick flew into a crowd -- into a cloud and she heard


a roar that was scary and loud. am a dragon, as mean as can be. And


I'm planning to have which and chips for my tea. The witch flew


higher and higher, and the Dragon flu after her, breathing fire.


Tomorrow night sees the final Strictly Come Dancing and it has


been a brilliant series. We are sending all our luck to Danny --


Dani Harmer, who has done amazing so far. There is an exciting


special on Christmas Day where previous finalists are joined by


six new contestants braving tight Heifetz. Including JP from JLS and


All to one of my favourite Specials, the Doctor Who Christmas Special.


It starts off in 1842. A little boy makes a snowman and actual work --


and accidentally greats a monster. 50 years later, the Earth is in


danger of being taken over by scary snowmen. They are voiced by none


other than Sir Ian McKellen who you might know as Gandalf from The


Hobbit. Let's take a look. Doctor Who? Dangerous question. What is


wrong with dangerous? It is a low- level telepathic snowfield. It


reflects thoughts and memories. Somehow it carries... Dr! Wife


snowmen? Interesting. Were you thinking about it? Yes. Stop


thinking about the snowmen! there is a new companion, played by


Jenna-Louise Coleman. There is also a new look for the TARDIS. This is


one not to be missed. And that is Christmas TV dialogue complete.


-- TV download. What you get if you cross a snowman and a vampire?


Frostbite! Welcome to Hot or Not, and we're


cost -- we are joined by our guests, Scott, Percy and Olly. Who enjoyed


Wizards vs Aliens? I have a question, Scott, obviously you are


a wizard. Do you ever leave the set and think, I am a wizard and I


think I have powers. I have tried clicking my fingers for things but


it does not have the same effect when I am not on Sept. You play a


scientist. What was your favourite subject at school? I was quite good


at a few subjects. English was my favourite but drama, I loved it.


That was it. I think we have a clip of Wizards vs Aliens. The DVD is


out at the end of the month. We're very excited. Can you explain this


clip? Benny is discovering that Tom is a wizard. A little look. A


Your powerful. That was intense. And you have got a second series?


We are going back at the start of next year. Olly, you been here


before us are you all about Hot or Not. We get topics and we discuss


them and if we think they are hot, we sit on the side and if not, we


sit on that side. Do you want to start? Are have an audience


suggestion from Ali, who is over there. What is you're Hot or Not?


Christmas movies. Richard, you do! Everyone loves a Christmas film.


You don't like Christmas films? They are a bit boring. You don't


like home alone? That is a Christmas film. Favourite won?


Grange. Elf. We have Christmas movies, but my Hot or Not is


Christmas lights to go down the streets. It gets you in the spirit.


They are really pretty. They are so Festival. I was really lucky this


year because I had the honour of turning Christmas lights on. I have


a club. -- a clip. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Well done. It is Christmas, 2012.


And it is snowing. If there were no lights, it would


be horrendous. There as soon as I put them on in my house, it felt


like Christmas. If anyone is on that chair, I am walking off the


set right now. It puts me in the mood for Christmas. The one person


who would not would be the man who has to pay the electricity bill but


luckily, it is not us. Great jumping squirrels have made it -- I


have a suggestion from Gray, jumping's well. Log fires?


Definitely! I could fall asleep to that. I'm not sure. And you moaned


and me about Christmas films! a bad for global warming? That is


why I am on that side. Technically, you are going to cut down the tree,


and Burnett, when in fact we could put on a radiator. The company I


buy fireworks from it says that every tree they cut down they can


plan to three more. When you light the fire and the smoke comes down


the chimney, who is coming down the chimney? But to put it out before


you go to bed. We have a suggestion from a James from the X Factor.


suggestion is bread sauce. I cannot remember what it takes like. I'm


going to have a taste. Definitely not. It is really bad. That is not


bad. It is like yoghurt with bread in it. Would you read bread sauce?


No! -- would you eat. Bread sauce is not hot because I think it pales


in comparison to mint sauce. And cranberry sauce. I will stick with


those, think. He knows his socks. That is why I voted for him 50


Thank you all of us, that is Christmas Hot Or Not complete.


If there still to come: Christmas Download. That is brilliant! # Why


does it feel so good but hurt so APPLAUSE hello and welcome to this


Christmas Dance Download. Because it is Christmas, I am going


to do an extra special party routine to Pitbull, Don't Stop The


# Yeah, yeah, que no pare la fiesta. # Don't stop the party.


# Yeah, yeah, que no pare la fiesta. # Don't stop the party.


# I'm running through the world like I'm running back Scarface,


world's mine, running back. # 30,000 people went here on me,


80,000 people in London Wembley. # 90,000 people in Morocco, and I'm


To help me teach this routine, I thought, we can't really have one


or two people, because it is Christmas. By need a party


He has got the power. That was a beautiful moment. Asked how we were


all on the stage, it was last Christmas. They are beautiful


antlers. I love how no one else is wearing them. They are with you.


The move we are going to learn today is a move your Christmas


party. You just go like this. And then we are going to learn this one


as well. That doesn't look too bad. I saw you doing it. Or you do, the


Then we are going to do this. All It is as simple as that. And while


we're doing it, we do this. 1, 2, 3, Cadillac, demonstrate to the class


would you have learned in this I wonder where Michael Jackson


learned his moves. That was a beautiful moment, and an effort. I


think you have just proved that everyone can have fun doing this.


What we are going to do now is try it to the music. Look around for a


bit, moving to different positions, Let's do it to the music. Just


chill. 1, 2, 3, 4, keep going! 1, 2, 3, 4, stop! Chill. Walk around.


Ready? # 30,000 people went here on me, 80,000 people in London Wembley.


# 90,000 people in Morocco, and I'm just getting warmed up, party!


# Yeah, yeah, que no pare la fiesta. # Don't stop the party.


Don't use the hands, keep going with your feet. Now your hands. And


And that is Christmas Dance Download complete. Hello everyone


at Friday download, have a wicked Christmas and a happy new year.


Hello, guys. As it is Christmas, I have a very special movie download


for you, The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey was out last week. It is


definitely one of the older ones, and I met the cast and crew for a


Far to the east over ranges and rivers lies a single solitary peak.


The dwarves are -- determined to reclaim their homeland. Welcome to


Friday download. How was the Jenny? Relatively easy. We have got these


eagles, you know. I cannot guarantee your safety. Nor will I


be responsible for his fate. dragon has found out you are here


with me, and he is on his way. So quickly, tell me what The Hobbit:


An Unexpected Journey is about. Which direction is he coming from?


This way. It is about a young Hobbit. Bilbo Baggins, he goes on a


journey with a load of walls. want to reclaim the lost and stolen


gold, and they have to face said Dragon. If I am surrounded by


dwarfs! Name the 13th Waltz. Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Ori, Nori, Dori.


Balin, Dwalin, Fili, Kili. Oin... Balin, Dwalin. Ori, Dori, Nori.


you think I could be the 14th dwarf? You wouldn't have to spend


much time in make-up. I am small enough as it is. I just need a


beard. You could be Gandalf's little helper. Do his laundry.


could polish the staff. You could go out and buy toothpaste. You


never see Gandalf have been awash. I am looking for someone to share


in adventure. If this is your fault film playing Gandalf. What was it


like coming back to him? It wasn't too difficult. I just put a hat on,


and suddenly their ears. He is back. What is the Baggins's precious?


have been working on my Gollum voice. You can give me your verdict.


Don't judge me on this. I am very My precious. It is imperative that


you imagine you are a cat coughing up for a balls. That is actually


brilliant! I felt that there. you had been around the year-and-a-


half ago, I would be out of a job. Andy, thank you. That is Hobbit


download complete. There you have it, a master class


on how to be Gollum from Andy Serkis himself. So don't be


surprised if you see me in the next film. That is a Hobbit Christmas


movie download complete. Welcome to backstage download. We


are shooting our very own Christmas music tribute. Some are taking it


more seriously than others. Where is the feeling! Expression! It's


# You'd better watch out, you'd better not cry, I'm telling you why.


# Santa clauses coming to town. Beautiful, beautiful. # You'd


better not pout, you'd better not cry. # He sees you when you're


sleeping, he knows when you're awake. Justin Bebo, eat your heart


out. Keep watching later in the show to see what we do.


I love Christmas cracker jokes. They are the worst. Who is never


hungry at Christmas? The turkey, Welcome to Christmas Download, and


joining me as a Christmas special, Olly Murs. And we have got Aden as


well. Congratulations on troublemaker. It went to number one.


We e-mailed him, spoke to his people, and I had never actually


met the guy. I am a big fan of his music. We sent a few bits and bobs


across, he loved the song. He must accept so many tracks, but military


came out instantly and said he loved it. He did it in a couple of


days, and we got it, and it was amazing. I know you can be box, but


I don't know! No harm in trying. are going to give you some to do.


Yeah, so, yeah, I'm at the Christmas Download here, I'm having


so much fun, and I don't know what I am saying, but am looking forward


to Christmas and it's going to be so much fun.


That was so bad! I think it is an amazing talent for people to be


able to do that, and really be instantly cricket doing it. Give us


a preview, Aiden. Do you want to Speeded up. Sadie, baby, and


cutting up the set, scissors in my hand, you can call me Johnny Depp.


Just take a look, its individuality, Would you have him on a track?


was pretty amazing. But you have the voice of an angel, so that is


called. My first pick his tailor # Shame on May # Now, I'm lying on


the cold, hard ground. # Trouble, trouble, trouble.


# Trouble, trouble, trouble... #. think she has mixed that one up a


bit. I am a fan of hers, and they think it is my favourite. Do you


like her? It is not something I would probably download. I like her


voice and her music, but I'm not somebody who would download the


music, if I am honest. Do think that is a boy thing? Maybe.


Different strokes, different folks. I think she appeals to a different


kind of audience. But I think she has a great voice. # You never,


ever, ever, ever, ever... A think we realised we she is never getting


back with that guy again. Now, Olly, we all want to know. Do you know


anything? I know nothing. All I read is what you guys reading


papers. Here is my next pick. I love the Muppets. I am a big fan.


But? I love it. I think it is really hard to do Christmas songs


now or in this day and age. I think it is a good song but I don't think


we're going to remember that next year. I think it is more of a


comedy thing. It is fun, it is a good fun song. I would not expect


Cee-Lo Green and the Muppets. think the X Factor has No. 1.


next pick is �1 Fish Man with One Pound Fish.


# Come on, ladies, Come on, ladies # One pound fish


# Have a, have a look, one pound fish


# Have a, have a look, one pound fish


# Very Very good, one pound fish # Six for five pound, one pound


fish # Six for five pound, one pound


fish # Very Very Good and very very


cheap # One pound fish, one pound fish.


You two are on it today with the music. I tell you now, this is an


amazing song. I know I have been came on our show, up on a different


channel, and she did a performance. It was hilarious. The guy is


brilliant. This video is the cheaper version of the Gangnam


Style video. It is so bad, but so very good. You think this has a


good chance of going to number one? Yes. More than James? I don't know.


But you know what I love? I love songs that are really silly but it


makes you smile and have a good day. Better than Gangnam Style? Gangnam


Style is classic, but this is up there. Who writes a song called One


Pound Fish? This is brilliant. Someone who wants to sell fish.


You're going to go off, Olly and get ready to perform. Give it up


for Olly! Whilst he goes and gets ready for his performance, I will


leave you with my second to last pick, Taio Cruz with Fastcar.


# I'll drive you like a fast car # It isn't like me to get caught up


# But when you running you're never quite free


# I wasn't really meant to find love


# But now you found me and got me all weak


# It's like I'm running through a # It's like I'm running through a


red light what do you think of the song?


what do you think of the song? of this songs, they have a feel to


them. It is dance music. I would dance before any of his sons.


Remember, he will be on in the new year but now, given up for Ollie


Murs with a troublemaker. -- give # You've got me hooked again, the


minute you sat down. # My head spinning around.


# After some time with you, I was putting in your hands.


# Don't know if I have the strength to stand.


# Trouble, troublemaker, tell me your name.


# I don't know if you know but you are stuck in my brain.


# Why does it feel so good but her so bad?


# Bikey singing as fast as I can. # I say your trouble but you will


be back. # Ice where you are giving me a


heart attack. # Troublemaker.


# It's like you're always there in the corners of my mind.


# I see you so wet every time I close my eyes.


# There must be poisoned in those fingertips of years.


# Its -- because I keep coming back again for more.


# Trouble, troublemaker, that's your middle name.


# I know you're no good but you are stuck in my brain.


# Why does it feel so good but hurt so bad?


# And my mind keeps saying, run as fast as you can.


# Ice where you're giving me a heart-attack.


# Troublemaker. # Why does it feel so good but hurt


so bad? # My mind keeps saying, run as fast


as you can. # I say you trouble, then you pull


me back. # I swear you giving me a heart-


attack. # Troublemaker.


You are so dangerous, yes, you've got me so depressed.


# So ridiculous, seems like I can't get enough of.


# Caught up in your web. # Why does it feel so good but her


so bad? # My mind keeps saying, run as fast


as you can. # I say you're giving me a heart


attack. # Troublemaker.


APPLAUSE That was brilliant! Thank you so much. That is


Christmas music download complete. Merry Christmas to everyone at


Welcome to Style Download, and this week we're getting in the mood for


Christmas the best way possible, with some Christmas games. My name


is Celine and I and eight. I am half Korean and half English. I


like playing the guitar. # London Bridge is falling down. Most of all,


I like playing games with my sister and other people. Sometimes are


like talking Korean with my little sister. My name is Celina. Hello.


Is it OK if I come in. I'm George Joffe. -- Georgia,. Tell me about


yourself. I am half Korean and half English because my mum was born in


Korea but my dad was born in England. What is your favourite


part of the show? I like Dance Download. I know you like playing


games, so why don't I give you some more ideas? Do you have any


balloons? I think so. Why don't you don't find them and a major in the


playroom upstairs. OK? Great. OK, you've got the balloons and you've


got baggy clothes, which is great. All will become clear. As soon as


So that is the hard bit done. We need to get these downstairs as


soon as possible. Your friends are going to be playing a game later.


OK, this next game is called the mission game and it involves some


mittens. -- the mitten game. It involves cardboard boxes, wrapping


paper, scissors and a banana. What you have to do is you have to wrap


up the banana, as so put it in the box like so. You wrap it up with


the paper. Two people against each other with their own presence. They


have to on rap the present as fast as they can and first-person to


bite the a banana wins the game. -- So that is the mitten game. We have


heard of the X Factor but this game is called the Xmas Factor. All we


need are some classic microphones, envelopes and cards, scissors and a


pen. The idea, you write down which judge you want to be and what type


of music. You could be a weepy, And that means your friends are


here. Let's get these games up to the play run. OK. If you need tips


this Christmas, with your brothers and sisters or even with friends,


these simple games will keep you amused for hours. Find two sets of


amused for hours. Find two sets of clothes that are too big for you,


we used Santa suits to make it or festival. Blow up as many balloons


as you can manage and see how many you can stuff in your clothes in 30


seconds. The one with the most is the winner. Stat two, the net in-


game. This makes opening presents more fun. Take two bananas and wrap


them in boxes with a banana. Find two pairs of oven gloves and you


ready to play. Two people put the mittens on and the first one to


open their presents and take a bite of a banana wins. Step three, to


play Xmas Factor you will need a 10 microphones, envelopes and card. We


wrote four different types of judges, nasty, nice, crybaby and


fun. And the best thing, you can play this all year round.


Christmas factor was my favourite part. My favourite part was when I


got the trophy. If I had to describe it, I would describe it is


describe it, I would describe it is wonderful. Fantastic. Fabulous.


Something tells me those games will keep Celine and her friends pretty


busy over Christmas. I think she is still try to on rap that question -


- that Christmas -- at present as we speak. I, we're wishing


everybody at Friday Download and Time to look at a couple of very


fast of clips to get you in the Christmas spirit. First up, this is


Bailey, the pooch. Have you ever seen a happier, jumping Dobbie? It


seems that there is no business like snow business. Now for another


festive pooch but one that has not got the festive spirit. It seems


like his owners got creative with the costume box. I am not sure


about you but I do not think he is that impressed. Just look at his


cheery face. Hold on, I think I have got that outfit. And that one.


Cheer up, it is almost Christmas. Christmas Download complete.


You have 60 seconds to answer as many of these questions from the


audience. This is the leader board. You have to beat 22. I want you to


be honest, entertaining and quick. 60 seconds. Are you ready? Yes.


time starts now. What is your favourite Christmas Song QI all


want for Christmas issue. Do you have any records like the one you


have in a heart skips a beat? Tinsel or baubles? Bobbles. Do you


like sprouts to that I love sprouts. What is the worst presents you have


ever got? I don't know. How tall is your hair when he spied it up.


centimetres. Birthday or Christmas? Christmas. One direction? What is


the Widders thing you would put on the top of a Christmas tree for....


Will do you want for Christmas? one sleep. Do you have any bad


habits? I don't know. If you could be king, what would you do? I would


make myself really rich. Ketchup or mayonnaise? Ben Mace. If you're one


of the reindeers which one would you be? I would be a reindeer.


Delight mince pies to make I do. How many times have you follow off


the stage two twice. -- a fallen off the stage? Twice. I never when,


so I don't think I'm here, but I would like to be in this area.


did make double figures. Yeah so?! Don't worry about these guys down


here. They have lost. Ashley banjo, Hello and welcome to the Games


Download, where I am joined by a rich and Georgia. This game isn't


one you'll be getting for Christmas, because it doesn't come out until


25th January, but it's really interesting, and it is called Finn.


-- Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch Ni No Kuni? Wrath Of The


White Witch. It is the type of game where you do quests and you develop


a character called Oliver. Is it on PlayStation? It is. This is Oliver


with his sidekick. One of the things about this game you really


like is how beautiful it looks. is that following me? It is Mr


drippy, your sidekick. What is the main aim of the game? You have to


save the world from the evil witch, Witch Shadar. This is a bit like


Pokemon, isn't it? Yes, Japanese anime. There is one thing I have


sought to have discovered. going shopping! One thing I noted


was it the type of game you have to invest in a lot of time in two. You


have to persevere to get the full effect from it. So, that was Ni No


Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch. No Kuni. And now time for today's


gadget. I have got an assortment of what you might find under your


Christmas tree. First up, this little bad boy. Do you remember


last series, we looked at Spiro. This is the first cap they have


made for Spiro. It has a few glitches. But it is quite cool.


Look at the screen. So he is the beaver? Do you want to... Hang on.


Move your any! Take a nice little picture. We get the gist. It is


very cool. A little bit of augmented reality. As you said, it


went on to your lap at one point, it has some glitches. And it is a


bit boring after five minutes. But it looks good. Next, the kind of


more modern-day equivalent of a Tamagotchi, do you remember that?


But it is much cooler. This is what it looks like. You buy the hardware,


the dog itself. It acts as a speaker. Then you download the app.


This is called the Tech Pet. You can control it, feed it, Atici


tricks, and the better you look after it, the more cool stuff you


can do with it. It tells you when he is tired and hungry. This is one


of the games you can play, food face party. I have to try to get


the food off his face and into the bin without waking him. If you


touch his face, he wakes up. Sorry! That is just one of the games you


can play. You look confused, Richard. No, I just... I don't know.


Canid charge your phone, as well? Know, but it will play music.


cannot walk around? You can motion sensor it. You can have a robot dog


that you can control that will drain the battery on your phone.


Her exactly! It is pretty cool. So, last, I have saved the best till


last. I thought you might have met your match with the dancing. This


is master move Mickey. It is Mickey Mouse. He has eight songs he dances


to, 15 dance moves. I can't wait to Wait for it. I want one! I want


want! That his master move Mickey. But he is obviously one for the


younger viewers. And Richard. You would get bored quickly. Now it is


The score is 3-1 to the team. If I want any chance whatsoever of


drawing the series, I need to win I am going to be against Aden.


Controversial randomise. Let's find out what we're doing. Someone in


the audience is holding a golden envelope. What is your name? Amy.


Can I have the envelope, please? We have never discuss the contents of


this, have we? No. Around of applause for Amy. I will now


enlighten you. It is a Christmas cracker showdown. Each pair will


race to pull the pyramid of crackers in front of them. Any


crackers that fall on the ground must be pulled. The winner is the


player who pulls all of the crackers first. We had better get


in position. You guys have won this As one on the floor! To warm a


table! Get that one. We have just finished and that is apparently too


close to call, we need to go to a slow-motion replay. This is the


That is the probably the rest -- best when we have done. That win


for me means the score is now 3-2, so I can still draw with you guys.


Guess who is coming to town? Dionne, tell me who is coming to town.


is making a list, checking it twice. Is he going to find out who is not


your nice? I have no idea. Santa Clause! Is that why we were dancing


# You better watch out. # You better not cry.


# Better not pout. # I'm telling you why.


# Santa Claus is coming to town. # He's making a list.


# And checking it twice. # Gonna find out Who's naughty and


nice. # Santa Claus is coming to town.


# He sees you when you're sleeping. # He knows when you're awake.


# He knows if you've been bad or good.


# So be good for goodness sake! # O, you better watch out.


# You better not cry. # Better not pout.


# I'm telling you why. # Santa Claus is coming to town.


What a cracking Christmas tribute. We had a lot of farm there, didn't


we? A weedy indeed. It is my true calling, to be a director.


Amalia from Brighton doing there were daily waive there? That is


apparently a trademark reindeer move. That is Christmas music


download tribute complete. Hi, guys, this is Labyrinth. Merry Christmas


to everyone on Friday download. now it is time for the sin download.


Apology for the loss of subtitles for 105 seconds


Are you guys having fun? Thanks, Dionne. And a big thank-you


to today's guests. We will be back on New Year's Eve for a very


special 2012 download, where we will be having a look back at a


fantastic year. You can catch that a week on Monday at 6pm on the CBBC


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