Episode 1 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 1

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Oh sport! Huzzah, it's the Olympics. Today's top stories. Man spills


bottle of olive oil over himself minutes before the opening ceremony.


Belgian tennis player caught taking nap during match. And strong winds


that cancelled the rogue were caused by beach volleyball players! Ooh,


they shouldn't have had that prawn bhuna before the match. What about


that opening ceremony? What stadium did it take place in again. The


noise and the visuals inside the Maracana. The where? Maracana.


Where? Well there is only one way to remember that!


MUSIC: Maracana. My favourite part was when the model Giselle tried to


win gold in the strut. WHISTLES. How long is she? Come on,


love, we still have four hours of people climbing up buildings to get


through! Come on will you? Welcome to my Serries that gives you a


summary of the important stuff happening in Rio. I have got a


reporter close the action. Wilf where are you? I'm still in the car


park. That is exciting. What are the car parks like in Rio? No, mate I'm


in Weaste near Manchester. I locked my keys in the van and missed me


flight. What a Weaste of space. Do you get it? At least I know what I'm


on ago. And time for the latest from the pool. I hope they haven't potted


the black too soon. No Hacker, you're supposed to be talking about


the swimming pool. Of course, but won't the balls sink to the bottom?


Just talk about the swimming. Ready and cue! I hope I don't pot the


black too soon. It has probably already sunk to the bottom. Just run


the clip. The In the 100 metre breaststroke, Adam Peaty won Team


GB's first swimming medal. But what about this Hungarian competitors


marital status. She has been working with her husband, who is her coach.


Married to a coach? Bit odd that ain't it? But then again I was once


betroted to a six-seater mini-Mus. -- minibus. On to the fencing and is


anyone else having trouble working out which are the British


competitors? Still none the wiser. If only there was one way to make it


clear who was who. Any way, let's see how Giselle's getting on. Come


on! We have not even got to the giant insect robot yet. And the most


obvious water polo fact of the day. The two metre line is near the goal.


That is it for today. I'm back tomorrow, but now I'm going to


settle down and tuck into my nice big cauldron of stew. I hope I


didn't leave it anywhere daft. Oh, budgies. Thanks for popping in


Giselle. See you!


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