Episode 2 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 2

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Of course, it wasn't all fun and games in the diving.


We managed to follow the hard Chinese pair.


I've been trying to follow a soft conference pear for the last


I'm dead pleased Dan and Tom did well, though.


At least they don't drop their litter, unlike some divers.


Next up, synchronised diving is all about teamwork and mutual respect.


Something we know all about here, isn't that right, Derek?


Don't talk to me when I'm doing a programme.


What are you going on about teamwork and mutual respect for?


And now it's time to look of my favourite patriotic TV


One of Britain's most successful sports in London 2012...


Ed Ling sounds dead good, doesn't it?


I watched three hours and then realised it's just a man called Ed


Judo next, and the Brazilian and Mongolian competitors had


Our hidden microphones caught everything.


Give us that granola bar! You're not having it! Get off my OT goodness!


Don't pull my sleeves, it's not in there, it's in my trouser pocket.


Stop photographing it! I did enjoy Matt Baker's commentary


on the gymnastics yesterday, but did anyone else think


he was straying off MATT BAKER: If you want


the definition of power, "Power: to have a position


of control or authority. "To have political, financial


or social influence, Do you think Johanna Konta has


a funny-shaped tambourine? I don't know how I'll


play tennis with this. No, Hacker, it says


rowing, not rowing. I know that, I've just been meaning


tell you you're a waste Here was the moment


a Kazakhstani rower capsized. Clearly his cap was too big,


so he had to wear it back to front. Therefore his cap size was literally


responsible for his capsize. I went lav-lav in that


equestrian field in Brazil. I hope it doesn't cause any


problems. This is the worse than the time


I said boo at an inopportune moment


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