Episode 11 Hacker's Olympic Rundown

Episode 11

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The weekend's top stories: Official caught playing Bingo on track.


South American country to be shrunk to fit inside Japanese city.


Goodbye Brazil, see you in Tokyo in four


Clare Balding carries on with interview despite falling


It has attracted loads of viewers, showcased amazing


skill and has been a resounding success.


Not that Olympics stuff, I'm


This hockey player gave her verdict after


I don't know whether to laugh or cry, it's just


Hi, the yellow line prop from episode six!


Then we showed the


There were more gold medals for Team GB this weekend.


Mo Farah scored the double double by


coming first in the 5,000 metres on Saturday.


I was more interested to


hear what his least favourite French city is.


Ever since I was at school, I hated to lose.


Also on the track, Usain Bolt got stuck in the toilet queue.


Mind you, this marathon runner didn't make it


Nothing to see here, just doing a little dance.


Vicky Holland won bronze in the women's


triathlon but why did she


only gave an interview to rival channel, BBC Spor?


Next, what it is about finishing races that makes


Over the course of the series, we've been


following the daily saga of Clare Balding's


But after so much exposure, it started


I've heard that high jumper Morgan Lake bought a couple


of frozen chickens for less than two quid.


Yes, I'm moving house so I've sorted all my


Hang on, I think I've left something in here


Now it's time for my favourite laboured joke about headgear during


If he wins a medal here and it comes down to the heaviness of his wet cap


versus at Dry cap and it gave him an edge, then hats off to him!


Mrs B thinks blonde brings out my orange complexion.


No, I want you to summarise the best moments from the past


Well, first, I held a round-up, and I had my highlights


Not you, I was talking about the wasted


I could have fitted loads more of my silver


The only thing I'm left wondering is, what


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