Series 1

Series 1

Documentary series following young ice skaters.

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Episodes List

A New Boy in Town

1. Ice Stars: A New Boy in Town

Nine-year-old Charlie attempts to impress the ice hockey coach.

The Big Decision

2. Ice Stars: The Big Decision

Speed skater Maddie loves going fast, but a mystery illness has affected her training.

The Sin Bin

3. Ice Stars: The Sin Bin

Keen skater Kaira is going for her gold award but she is in for a very big surprise.

A Special Surprise

4. Ice Stars: A Special Surprise

Brothers Rais and Aren are getting competitive on the ice-hockey rink.

Sweet Sixteen

5. Ice Stars: Sweet Sixteen

There is a surprise in store for birthday girl Kloe.

Sickness Strikes

6. Ice Stars: Sickness Strikes

Disaster strikes for Emily when she falls on an already-injured shoulder.

International Rivalry

7. Ice Stars: International Rivalry

Young figure skater Solomon tries to nail his axels to impress coach Tamara.

Home Sweet Home

8. Ice Stars: Home Sweet Home

Kloe goes to see her family in Hungary, where she hopes to find inspiration.

Superhero Spinners

9. Ice Stars: Superhero Spinners

Ice Stars are busier than ever with last minute rehearsals.

It's Gala Day

10. Ice Stars: It's Gala Day

The day of the gala has arrived and a surprise performance leaves everyone speechless.