Series about explorer Nat, who uses his invention, the Iconi-Screen to meet the animated Iconicles and explore the worlds in which they live

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Mungo's Tummy Trouble

1. Iconicles: Mungo's Tummy Trouble

Nat shows Splish and Splash his new invention, but it causes Splash to shrink.

The Surprise

2. Iconicles: The Surprise

Rumple arrives with a blunt horn and won't wait for Nat to help him sharpen it.

Dapper's Muddy Dilemma

3. Iconicles: Dapper's Muddy Dilemma

Splish and Splash give Nat advice for his upcoming trip to Antarctica.

Zee Can Fix It

4. Iconicles: Zee Can Fix It

Nat wants to test his camera by taking a photo of Skitter, but Skitter won't sit still.

Lost and Found

5. Iconicles: Lost and Found

Nat and Rumple make a replica wibble-wobble flower that looks just like the real thing.

Four Wonders

6. Iconicles: Four Wonders

Nat asks Miss Moo the cow to help him choose a fancy dress costume for a party.

Dive, Dive, Dive

7. Iconicles: Dive, Dive, Dive

Nat promises to sit in for the drummer of his friend's band.

The Pom Pom Tree

8. Iconicles: The Pom Pom Tree

Nat invents a recyclo-sorter that is supposed to sort his rubbish into recycling bins.

My Ball Your Ball

9. Iconicles: My Ball Your Ball

Miss Moo visits Nat and they decide to try his latest invention - a transporter!

Missing You

10. Iconicles: Missing You

Scotty the puffin thinks that Carmen the crab doesn't want to be his friend anymore.

Puddle Muddle

11. Iconicles: Puddle Muddle

Elvis is concerned about others falling into a big mud puddle down on the farm.

Sleepover Showdown

12. Iconicles: Sleepover Showdown

Nat is having trouble keeping count of his collection of bottles.

Strictly Barn Yard

13. Iconicles: Strictly Barn Yard

Nat heads out on an adventure with Splish and Splash.

If A Job's Worth Doing

14. Iconicles: If A Job's Worth Doing

Scotty tells Carmen, Salty, Splish and Splash to tidy up the water's edge.

When It Comes to the Crunch

15. Iconicles: When It Comes to the Crunch

Twinkle and Zee do their best to cure Crunch of his sneeze-inducing nose tickles.

Whale Song Wrong

16. Iconicles: Whale Song Wrong

Nat uses one of his latest inventions, the Detectotrack, to look for his guitar.

Scott's Bedtime Routine

19. Iconicles: Scott's Bedtime Routine

Nat invites Miss Moo through the Iconi-Screen to hear his song about someone special.

Show Time

20. Iconicles: Show Time

Mac the mouse looks for something to do at Skitter the squirrel's garden show.

The Whoo Wack

21. Iconicles: The Whoo Wack

Dapper the duck is having sleepless nights down at the farm.

You and Me

22. Iconicles: You and Me

Jasmine introduces Bryn to all the special things that only happen during the night.

Don't Look Now

23. Iconicles: Don't Look Now

Shelly the tortoise is very grumpy when Skitter discovers something amazing.

Elvis Has Left the Farmyard

24. Iconicles: Elvis Has Left the Farmyard

There is a new arrival down on the farm - a big, red, shiny tractor.