Animated comedy shorts. Leon may be the king of blunders, but this lion never gives up!

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The King of Laughter

22. Leon: The King of Laughter

Two toads cannot help laughing while they are near Leon.

Guard Croc

23. Leon: Guard Croc

Leon wants to drink from a pond fiercely guarded by a crocodile.

Beautiful Creature

24. Leon: Beautiful Creature

Leon comes across a beautiful lioness who completely ignores him.

Youth Serum

25. Leon: Youth Serum

Leon drinks from an unfamiliar water source and transforms into a baby lion.

4 x 400m

26. Leon: 4 x 400m

A super-speedy cheetah and Leon fight over a turtle.

Masks Off

30. Leon: Masks Off

The warthog discovers a mask with evil magical powers and delights in terrifying Leon.

Cafe Frappe

32. Leon: Cafe Frappe

The Warthog eats some coffee beans which have an adverse effect.

Alien Lion

33. Leon: Alien Lion

UFOs are sweeping up springboks by the dozen and Leon must wait to get his prey.

Safari Photo

34. Leon: Safari Photo

A monkey finds an old camera with which he takes all the animals' pictures.

Love Story

35. Leon: Love Story

A gorgeous lioness is reclining on Leon's rock and he tries to capture her attention.

The Rookie

36. Leon: The Rookie

The gorilla takes it upon himself to train the useless hunter Leon to catch springboks.


37. Leon: Dandelion

Leon is allergic to dandelions, but unfortunately they are the staple diet of springboks.


38. Leon: Pygmalion

The gorilla takes it upon himself to teach Leon the art of seduction.

Super Springbok

39. Leon: Super Springbok

A springbok of outstanding intelligence decides to defend the other springboks from Leon.

It's a Dog's Life

40. Leon: It's a Dog's Life

Leon finds himself stuck back-to-back with his arch-enemy the hyena.

Alligator Clip

41. Leon: Alligator Clip

A baby alligator snaps onto Leon's snout and just will not let go.

A Wagon Made for Two

42. Leon: A Wagon Made for Two

Leon runs into the repulsive vulture, who desperately wants to be his best friend.

Heavy Load

43. Leon: Heavy Load

Leon meets a lost and rather whiny baby elephant.

Practical Joker

44. Leon: Practical Joker

Leon chases a gnu who takes everything as a complete joke.


45. Leon: Squatters

When all the savannah animals meet on Leon's rock, he tries to drive them away.

Magic Potion

46. Leon: Magic Potion

The hyena has discovered a magic spring that gives incredible strength.

Nature Reserve

47. Leon: Nature Reserve

Leon tries to catch a meerkat - but it disappears in a flash.

Dung Beetle

48. Leon: Dung Beetle

Leon tries to get rid of some dung beetles who are using his rock for storage.

Open Bar

49. Leon: Open Bar

Leon and the hyena fight over every single drop of water.

The Great Illusion

50. Leon: The Great Illusion

Leon becomes entangled in a spider's resistant thread.

War of the Tongues

51. Leon: War of the Tongues

A chameleon with a particularly long tongue mistakes Leon for a fly.

On Off

52. Leon: On Off

Leon attacks a meerkat that proves to be a master of martial arts.