Magic Door

Magic Door

For singing and dancing fun, step through the Magic Door with Cat Sandion! In a corridor filled with possibilities, each door reveals a magical, musical world. Which will she choose?

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1. Magic Door: Disco

Cat Sandion is looking for a good old fashioned boogie, but which door will she choose?


2. Magic Door: Antarctica

Cat Sandion is on the search for somewhere cool and she journeys to Antarctica.

Australian Outback

3. Magic Door: Australian Outback

Cat Sandion travels to the other side of the world, to the Australian outback.


4. Magic Door: Cave

Cat Sandion is looking for mystery and adventure and enters an underground cave world.

Under the Sea

5. Magic Door: Under the Sea

Cat Sandion wants to find a watery adventure and follows the sound of the sea.

Northern Lights

6. Magic Door: Northern Lights

Today's magic door sends Cat soaring into the dancing colours of the northern lights.

Beach Holiday

7. Magic Door: Beach Holiday

Today's magic door sends Cat into a singing, dancing world of sun, sand and seaside fun.


8. Magic Door: Football

Today's magic door sends Cat into the stands at a football match.


9. Magic Door: Beehive

Today's magic door sends Cat into a beehive where she sings and dances with the busy bees.

Inside a Computer

10. Magic Door: Inside a Computer

Today's magic door sends Cat into the hi-tech world inside a computer.