Series 1

Series 1

Children's poetry series featuring poems translated into British Sign Language and brought to life with original animation.

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I Don't Want to Go to Bed

1. Magic Hands: Series 1, I Don't Want to Go to Bed

Ashley's toys spring to life in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Land of Counterpane.

Yum, Yum!

2. Magic Hands: Series 1, Yum, Yum!

Donna has a lot of messy fun with Gareth Lancaster's Chocolate Cake.

My Mischievous Pup

3. Magic Hands: Series 1, My Mischievous Pup

Ashley battles with his dog in Kenn Nesbitt's My Dog Ate My Homework.

Up, Up and Away

4. Magic Hands: Series 1, Up, Up and Away

Aimee sets about building a rocket to take her to some fantastic places.

Home Sweet Home

5. Magic Hands: Series 1, Home Sweet Home

In James Carter's Home Maker, Donna looks at all the things that make up planet Earth.

Sleepy Head

6. Magic Hands: Series 1, Sleepy Head

Ashley is transported to a faraway land in Robert Louis Stevenson's The Land of Nod.

A Trip to the Stars

7. Magic Hands: Series 1, A Trip to the Stars

In Gareth Lancaster's Sailing out to Space, Simon explores the planets in our universe.

My Friends and Me

8. Magic Hands: Series 1, My Friends and Me

Donna meets a princess who likes to make up the rules in Roger Stevens's I Am a Princess.

What Are Girls Like?

9. Magic Hands: Series 1, What Are Girls Like?

Aimee meets a famous little girl in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's There Was a Little Girl.

Surprise Surprise

10. Magic Hands: Series 1, Surprise Surprise

Simon receives a present and wonders what it could be in Michaela Morgan's A Big Surprise.

Starry Night

11. Magic Hands: Series 1, Starry Night

Ashley meets a mysterious highwayman in Robert Louis Stevenson's Windy Nights.

My Favourite Toy

12. Magic Hands: Series 1, My Favourite Toy

Aimee loses her favourite doll in Charles Kingsley's Little Doll.

Spooky Spells

13. Magic Hands: Series 1, Spooky Spells

Ashley meets frogs and newts in Shakespeare's Witches' Spell.

What a Splash!

14. Magic Hands: Series 1, What a Splash!

Donna has a lot of fun making bubbles in Gareth Lancaster's Bubble Bath.

My Friendly Shadow

15. Magic Hands: Series 1, My Friendly Shadow

Ashley has lots of fun with his shadow in Robert Louis Stevenson's My Shadow.

Fly, Fly Away

16. Magic Hands: Series 1, Fly, Fly Away

Simon meets a rather nervous kite who is afraid of flying.

It's a Colourful World

17. Magic Hands: Series 1, It's a Colourful World

Ashley explores the many colours of the world in Christina Rossetti's What Is Pink?

Here Comes the Sun

18. Magic Hands: Series 1, Here Comes the Sun

Donna wonders where the sun goes at night in Gareth Lancaster's The Sun.

The Garden Year

19. Magic Hands: Series 1, The Garden Year

Aimee explores all the things that happen in the garden over the seasons.

Looking After Animals

20. Magic Hands: Series 1, Looking After Animals

Ashley learns that animals need to be treated well in Kindness to Animals.

I Am Brave!

21. Magic Hands: Series 1, I Am Brave!

Donna stands up to things that are a little bit scary!

Sailing Down the Stream

22. Magic Hands: Series 1, Sailing Down the Stream

Simon launches some boats to see where they will go in Rabindranath Tagore's Paper Boats.

Growing Up

23. Magic Hands: Series 1, Growing Up

Donna explores all the exciting jobs she could have in Grace Andreacchi's When I Grow Up.

What's the Time?

24. Magic Hands: Series 1, What's the Time?

Ashley oversleeps and hurries to catch the bus in Gareth Lancaster's I'm Late for School.

Another World!

25. Magic Hands: Series 1, Another World!

In The Land of Storybooks, Aimee is transported to a faraway land.

Yo Ho Me Hearties!

26. Magic Hands: Series 1, Yo Ho Me Hearties!

Ashley samples a pirate's life in Tony Bradman's I Wish I Was a Pirate.

Fruity Fun!

27. Magic Hands: Series 1, Fruity Fun!

Aimee makes a visit to the zoo where she meets a famous monkey.

Where's the Light?

28. Magic Hands: Series 1, Where's the Light?

Aimee realises that there is nothing scary about the dark in James Carter's The Dark.

I Love Reading!

29. Magic Hands: Series 1, I Love Reading!

Donna picks up a book and meets several magical characters in Grace Andreacchi's Books.

What's That Noise?

30. Magic Hands: Series 1, What's That Noise?

Simon discovers what makes the exciting sounds that people hear every day!

Stargazing Special

32. Magic Hands: Series 1, Stargazing Special

Ashley, Aimee and Donna take a telescope out for a celebration of the stars.