The adventures of animated clay figure Morph and his friend Chas

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Episodes List

Episode 1

1. Morph: Episode 1

Chas sets up the perfect selfie but Morph wants to get in the picture.

Episode 2

2. Morph: Episode 2

Morph and Chas are watching the football and Morph's team are losing.

Episode 3

3. Morph: Episode 3

Morph and his assistant Chas perform a magic trick that leaves Morph in a muddle.

Episode 4

4. Morph: Episode 4

When greedy Chas scoffs all the iced buns, Morph decides it is time to teach him a lesson.

Episode 5

5. Morph: Episode 5

Morph and Chas are playing with a camera but they can't seem to get that perfect shot.

Episode 6

6. Morph: Episode 6

Morph finds a lottery ticket and decides to play a prank on Chas.

Episode 7

7. Morph: Episode 7

Chas sets to work on a hilarious trick to turn Morph's world upside down.

Episode 7

7. Morph: Episode 7

Morph's got a terrible case of the hiccups and it's up to Chas to help him find a cure.

Episode 8

8. Morph: Episode 8

Chas is pretty bad at cleaning - until he finds an ingenious way to speed up the process.

Episode 10

10. Morph: Episode 10

Morph comes up with a crafty plan to get his own back on Chas.

Episode 11

11. Morph: Episode 11

Morph plays a game of fetch with Nailbrush... with some very surprising results.

Episode 12

12. Morph: Episode 12

Morph's comedy show is a real hit, but when Chas storms the stage the joke is on him!

Episode 13

13. Morph: Episode 13

Morph and Chas try to hang a picture but they are unable to knock the nail in the wall.

Episode 14

14. Morph: Episode 14

Morph and Chas go on a camping trip but Chas doesn't get into the spirit of things.

Episode 15

15. Morph: Episode 15

Morph and Chas are messing around with turntables.