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A brilliant shot, what a goal! Rooney goes for the extraordinary


and oh, it is an unbelievable goal! What a goal!


Vincent Kompany scores! Manchester City,


Premier league Champions! Good morning, my friends,


the Premier League season is just five hours away and we are kicking


off in style this morning. Here's what we have coming up


for you today. Everton star James McCarthy gives us


exclusive tips on how to get the best out of training sessions.


Football Focus's Dan Walker gives us his predictions for the season plus


the freestylers give the sport of golf a footballing makeover.


You don't want to miss that, it is special.


First up, time for my clip of the week.


It is a good time to be an Arsenal supporter after our 3-0 drill


in the Community Shield. supporter after our 3-0 drill


This week, the players want to make sure the fans will be


in full voice this season. How good was that?


I think he has a career in conducting


after he finishes playing! I have a bonus clip of the week


as well. Just had to show you this.


This is our very own Robbie Savage and he has chopped off


his locks ahead of the new season and here he is donating his hair to


the National Football Museum. He wanted to give us this bit of


news about the season's Big Mouth. Hi, Big Mouth is back this


season with some big changes. Firstly, you have to score


three goals in the quickest time possible and the hair has gone.


We've got to make a new big mouth. It's all kicking off next week,


make sure you check in. New rules and a new look


Robbie Savage! Maybe I should get a haircut!


Maybe not. It's time to get serious, let's take


a look at this weekend's fixtures. At lunchtime,


Manchester United host Swansea and it is the first Premier League match


for new man Louis who will want to get his team off to a flyer.


Leicester have a difficult start against Everton,


plus there's two big London derbies will stop West Ham against Spurs


and Arsenal against Crystal Palace. Tomorrow sees Liverpool


host Southampton. Defending champions Manchester City


travel to Newcastle whilst on Monday Chelsea travel to another one


of the new boys, Burnley. Many strong teams and it promises to


be another nailbiting season. Dan, welcome.


How are you? Fine, the seats are nice.


What do you think of the new haircut?


Powerful, strong. He has been moaning all summer


about whether he should get it cut or not so I'm glad he has finally


decided to get it done. I'm sure he will now worry


about the quiff as he did about the ponytail but he looks good!


You were at Brazil, what was it like?


It was fantastic. It was a World Cup and we won't


see another one like it. The sun was shining


and the best team won it, Germany. An awesome transfer window.


Losing Luis Suarez is a big one but Manchester City are cruising.


Diego Costa will be interesting at Chelsea.


He did not have the best World Cup but so good


in the league last season. Alexis Sanchez is someone I


am really excited about. You and me both!


I watched a lot of Chile's games at the World Cup and his determination


and fitness is incredible. He can make a real difference


at Arsenal but I am also looking forward to seeing all the Ls


from Southampton who have moved to Liverpool.


Look at all the young players they have brought with them over


the years and there are more young players coming from the Academy.


They will produce the names we have been seeing.


So many players have come through so Southampton will be okay but I


do think Liverpool, I am not sure they will have


as good a season as last year. They will miss Luis Suarez?


I think they will struggle to finish in the top four.


My top four? Manchester City again.


By the way, I got three of these right last year


so it won't happen again! Manchester City, to win it,


Chelsea Liverpool and Manchester United to finish fourth.


For me, I'm not sure how they can go from seventh to making


the Champions League. I don't have the faith in him,


have you? I do because I think he makes


a massive difference to the mentality of the players.


He is in control, he is Dutch and I think they will


finish in the top four the season. That is his view on United but we


also took a trip around Manchester to see what the locals think.


Man United. Man United.


The biggest job in the world. Things didn't work out for


the chosen one but it's all looking up, there's a new boss in town.


He masterminded Holland to third in the World Cup.


Robin van Persie kicks from a fourth!


Not a bad CV. Seven league titles,


one champions league. The formation?


Tried and trusted. He is his own man, let me introduce,


three, four, one, too. Wayne Rooney is reborn,


he is on attack. It is an unbelievable goal


from Wayne Rooney! As for the new boy,


we've got it covered. There is more Spanish flair!


He knows it like the back of his hand.


What a fantastic goal! The big question on everyone's lips,


will be get top four? Top three.


Champion! Champion!


Champions! They are optimistic.


I just think he is a brittle manager and he is definitely


the right man for the job. You know something


about a special guest that will be at Old Trafford today?


I was at the World Cup and I went to the Golf as well for the open


championship which Rory McIlroy one. He then won the PGA Championship as


well and he is a massive fan and he will be there parading his trophies.


If, like Rory McIlroy, you like football and golf,


you will love what freestylers have been getting up to.


Hi, we are the F2. This season we are taking football


freestyle to the next level, moving away from the football pitch


to try other sports. First up, freestyle golf F2 style.


The aim of golf is to hit the ball into the


hole with as few shots as possible. There are 18 holes


and you need to drive, chip and putt your way around the course.


We are all about using our feet. Take it away!


The Sombrero drive. This drive requires practice


practice and even more practice. Kick the ball over your head.


Make sure you keep your eye on it at all times.


Swivel around and make a good connection.


Stand back and admire the Sombrero drive.


I've found the bunker. Don't worry,


I have just the shot this. The no look strike.


A third next to the ball and start your swing.


Use your arm for balance, keep your back straight.


Trust your swing and look out for the camera.


Oh, man, oh, man, that is absolutely sensational!


That should do the trick. Let's get out of here.


I've managed to get you out of that bunker and put you on to the green.


Just about, you give me some work to do but it doesn't matter,


I'm going to roll with it. The role in the hole.


Get the ball gripped at the back of your ankle.


Perform the world-famous roly-poly. Release the ball up, sit back


and watch it fly into the hole. Towards the hole, towards the


hole, the champion! So, we managed to complete


the course F2 style. Is there to say we have mastered


a new sport. What about the bunker?


What about my part! How cool are those guys?


They did lose for us at the World Cup in Brazil and


so there is real talent there. Some things that even


the professional footballers would struggle with.


I'm not sure that will catch on because the skill level required is


too high for the likes of you and I! Just before you go, what have you


got in store for us on BBC One? We are building up nicely,


the football season has started. We are on at 12:10


on BBC One. We have a few extra gadgets this


season, we have Pellegrini from Manchester City.


The normal mix of pundits, same music but it will be bigger


and better than ever. 12:10


on BBC One, make sure you are watching.


Thanks for coming in. Time now to hear


about a midfielder who helped Everton to fifth place last season.


James McCarthy met up for a pre-season training session.


What are the best bits of your game? Getting on the ball and passing


and stuff and obviously, winning the ball back.


I want to add stuff to my game, I want to score more goals this


season. But you need to improve on?


A lot of things. You're still learning


on a day-to-day basis so you want to improve staff and tried to get


more goals and hopefully I can do that this season.


How important is training? It is massive.


We are training day in, day out. I am still learning.


Is preseason hard? Yes, it has been difficult.


The past few weeks is more difficult.


How has Roberto Martinez improved your game?


He took me to Wigan and he brought me here.


He has been brilliant for me. Tactically, he is superb.


I keep learning and hopefully I can improving as a player.


Have you always played in the same position?


I have always been a midfielder. My position has always


been midfield. How can I be two-footed?


As a kid, my dad told me, kick with your good foot.


I have always worked on it and tried to kick with the left.


Just practice. It is practice


and eventually it will come good. That is all we have time for.


Remember to keep up-to-date with all the latest results by watching


our 6o second round up on Monday mornings plus this season kickabout


is on the few BBC iPlayer so you can catch up on any episodes you have


missed. One last thing, this is the brand-new ball for 2014 2015 season.


It has neon lines for better visibility and the makers say it


has the perfect spherity which means it is very round indeed!


Enjoy the weekend! It's going to be another rollercoaster of a season.


Issue, you should be excited. So far, over 60 thousand games have


been played. Over 22,000 goals have been scored. Five teams have won


it. Chelsea, Manchester United, man city, Arsenal and Blackburn. He


thought last season was exciting, this one is going to be even better.


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