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Match of the Day spin-off show with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning. We've had nearly a month without any competitive


football, but fear not, the new season is


football, but fear not, the new in your seat belts for


football, but fear not, the new Day Kickabout. -- fasten your


football, but fear not, the new League clubs have been getting up to


during pre-season. There has been singing, dad sing, but -- dancing


and plenty of laughs. We have the latest transfers and we look back at


the best moments from the World Cup. I get so excited at this time of the


year. I get so excited at this time of the


all these new faces. Alexis Sanchez in Arsenal, Luke Shaw at Manchester


United. Brand-new kit as well. Tottenham. There is a team whose


hopes are sky-high this season. The manager will be hoping Andros


Townsend can get back to full fitness. Then there is Liverpool.


Townsend can get back to full They have a potential star in the


form of Adam Lallana, who was one of the best players last season. Can he


be important getting them to the top spot? Can you talk about any kit


without talking about the kit of the champions? Manchester City. They


might have not bought many players but do you need to when you've got


this chap? First up is my clip of the week, and for this we are moving


away from the Premier League to the second division of Spain. Feast your


eyes on those T-shirts. It is all about the Tuxedo. That is


without doubt the smartest kit I've ever seen and they only planned to


air it for a pre-season game but it is so popular they are keeping it


for the season. You will have noticed the World Cup corner is


still here. I've decided to keep it for one last week because, actually,


the last of the World Cup specials was the day before the big final


between Germany and Argentina. You -- here's a reminder of how the


tournament came to a close. What a waste. Lien on messy -- Leo


messy. The flag is up. It will not count.


Fired across, he has got it, all he could do was lifted wide. Another


chance goes. He has scored for Germany. As he


just won the biggest prize you can get?


You just have to say fair play to that brilliant young German team.


What a fitting end to such a thrilling tournament. It had


everything. Great goals, close matches, amazing fans. The next


World Cup is just around the corner. There are 100 -- there are 1397 days


to go. That is quite a long time actually. Let's hope this season is


just as exciting for three of the biggest names, with huge transfers.


Coming in at number three, remember this goal? It is brilliant. What a


goal. Look at this. Unbelievable. Paris Saint-Germain certainly liked


it. They have paid ?50 million to sign him.


At number two is this little maestro from Colombia. Moment of magic.


One touch, what an absolutely fantastic strike that is. He was


without doubt the star of the tournament and the Spanish giants


Real Madrid won the race for his signature, paying his old club ?63


million. At number one on the list, he's a player who has showed us both


the sublime and inexcusable. It is Luis Suarez.


You cannot give him that sort of chance.


Two players have gone down in the penalty area. He has done it again.


Luis Suarez rightly apologised for that but it has not stopped


Barcelona paying ?75 million for him. He is the most expensive


worldwide signing of the summer. Feast your eyes on this. The good


old British pound. With that ?75 million, Barcelona could have given


one of these to every single person in the whole of the United Kingdom


and still had some spare change. Or they could have treated their squad


plus every single Premier League scored to a trip into space. --


squad. Unbelievable. Premier League clubs have also been splashing the


cash. Also, I welcome to our three newcomers, Leicester, QPR and


Burnley. Here is the transfer activity.


The highs and lows, the thrills and spills, the joy and the fear.


Another year, another season in the Premier League and it is all just a


bit like the funfair. The transfer window is a bit of a


merry-go-round. Some players are hopping off. Still the football


world keeps turning. Manchester United. David Moyes has left, Louis


Van Gaal is manager. The experience of Rio Ferdinand and Patrice Evra


have ridden out of town. Chelsea have got the big names.


Alexis Sanchez, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas have all arrived. The big


question is, who has got the biggest prize?


For some teams this summer has been sweet as a nut. For others it has


gone a bit sour. Southampton have not been shy selling. Even the boss


has disappeared. It has left the fans feeling a little empty-handed.


Southampton are not the only team fearing that dreaded drop. West Ham,


Hull City, Aston Villa all went close to the bottom. But they


survived. Can they overcome the rough seas ahead and have they got


what it takes to stay afloat? For the teams coming up, it could be a


bumpy road. QPR, Leicester and Burnley will be happy to avoid a


battering. In this league, trouble has a habit of catching up with you.


For Liverpool and Everton fans, last season was quite a ride. But it's a


funny thing, momentum. It takes that effort to build up but once you got


it, it's all too easy to lose control. Then there's Manchester


City, the defending champions. They've been quiet all summer.


Perhaps Manuel Pellegrini thinks he's got the recipe for success. Is


his squad tasty enough? In the end it comes down to muscle. Who has the


power and strength and determination to fight to the top of the table and


stay there? Let the fun begin. The international matches have


finished and the new signings have arrived. There are a number of ways


in which clubs prepare for the campaign. There is the dreaded


pre-season fitness campaign. There is the dreaded


the mascot. Tottenham flew to America on their pre-season tour and


got gate-crashed by this lot. America on their pre-season tour and


Football is an easy game without the ball. Aston Villa have been enjoying


the sights of Texas. Liverpool have been in Boston, where Brendan


Rodgers faced a very difficult press Conference. Can you say welcome to


Boston in a Boston accent? Welcome to Boston. Manchester City have been


learning how to be local cakes, plus the ultimate Birds Eye view above


the skyscrapers. QPR have signed Rio Ferdinand to help strengthen


defence. Even he could not escape the initiation required to be part


of the squad and on the training pitch they got creative with camera


is. Back to Liverpool. Daniel Sturridge has been practising his


singing. And when a club in New Jersey at Mama Do The Hump: To show


-- when they asked a Liverpool defender to show his moves, he


obliged. That is just about it. Now I wish Arsenal good luck tomorrow in


the Community Shield. Will Alex Sanchez deliver? Good luck if you


support teams in the Football League who have their first matches this


weekend. For the Premier League there is just seven days left.




Match of the Day spin-off show aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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