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World Cup 2014

Football show for kids from the World Cup in Brazil. Bringing you the latest goals, features and big name interviews.

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Greetings Kickabout comrades, good morning, welcome to to Rio,


It has arrived for World Cup final weekend.


Four weeks, 62 matches, 167 goals - it's been amazing.


We've finally reached that time when only one team can go home with


We shall be looking back on a great tournament we have had,


we will be looking forward to the World Cup final.


This is what's coming up on the final Match of the Day Kickabout.


We've got football's biggest match covered -


We will be showing you how the two teams made it to the Maracana.


South America footy expert Tim victory is here to help us preview


that final and explain how Brazil are coming to terms with the


The F2 boys are back with more ingenious spot kicks.


Leah is joined by a familiar face for the weekly news.


And BBC pundits Rio Ferdinand and big Alan Shearer give us


So four days ago here in Brazil there was a rather significant


They lost 7-1 to Germany their semi final.


You almost need to whisper it in these parts because people are


You could concentrate on what went wrong for the host nation,


So what is the secret of their success?


We think we have found the perfect person to tell us.


Hi, Match of the Day Kickabout, Sean here from Berlin.


Now we know what it takes to win a World Cup,


We have got off to a stunning start this campaign.


We blew Ronaldo away in a a 4-0 win in our opening game.


Dreadful day at the office for Portugal.


The game was won at half time after a Thomas Muller hat trick.


But needed extra time to do the business against Algeria


Germany are, as usual, going through to the World Cup quarter-finals.


Neuer had the tournament of his life.


Five games, three clean sheets and save after save.


And that brings us to the semi final.


It was a result no one would have predicted.


Big old bear pit of a ground, but utterly thrilling.


Muller in there and it's in and Germany lead.


It's found its way through to Tony Kroos here.


Kroos through the legs, back into Muller.


And Klose is the all-time World Cup record goal scorer.


Look at this, just gives it him back.


Three in the middle, Khedira into Lahm.


Lahm square and it's a tap in for six and Schurrle makes it six


Just pulls it back and it is another tap in.


Neuer thought about coming and has retreated.


Oscar scores the most pointless of World Cup goals.


And that's it and Germany are into the World Cup final, with an


It has finished the most surprising scoreline of a surprising World Cup,


Ludicrous scenes then in Belo Horizonte.


Perhaps one of the great football matches of all time


for everybody other than those who are of course supporting Brazil.


Germany now face Argentina in tomorrow's final after they saw


Let's get down the low down on the blue and white stripes.


Hi Match of the Day Kickabout, I'm Tommy and I support Argentina.


We have reached the final four times.


We topped our group with wins against Bosnia.


And he dances away and he scores - Messi.


And Argentina have the early lead here.


We have had goals from our main man, Messi.


We have not trailed at any point during the World Cup.


Three clean sheets in the knockout rounds.


The question for the keeper is whether he can see


Lionel Messi straight through and well held by the keeper.


Sneijder with Robben and Janmatt to the right.


The referee has the whistle to his lips.


Ron Vlaar has had a terrific game for the Dutch.


He's first up from the spot and it's saved by Romero -


Argentina one kick away from a World Cup final.


Here comes Rodriguez - here go Argentina!


They're going to Rio, they will face the might of Germany.


For the third time in World Cup history.


We are getting a final between the Germans and the Argentinians.


Your wonderful punditry has really kept us going through this


Let me introduce you to one of our stars of the tournament


for the BBC, it's only our South American expert, Tim Vickery.


Yeah, but I'm out of a job very soon.


This new generation, they're coming through.


They're going to take me out of a job.


I'm sorry about the rain as well by the way.


Now, Tuesday night in Belo Horizonte, what on earth


An extraordinary collapse, it was unbelievable.


I think we have got to pay tribute to the Germans.


All right, the Brazilian defence absolutely fell apart.


But they fell apart under high tempo passing, lovely passing


It's one of the most impressive displays I have


The only team that can stop them now is another South American side,


So what needs to click for them so they can win at the Maracana


Argentina have got a couple of days try and get Di Maria fit.


Such an important player for them with his pace.


He has looked well short of his best so far in the World Cup.


Kuze But the key is Messi. Coverage from 7 o'clock on Sunday. The game


kicks off at 8 o'clock your time. So many games have been spectacular. If


your a scriptwriter, you would say box office!


The 2014 World Cup was the one we had been waiting for. Big budget.


Grand locations and leading names. It hasn't disappointed. That's what


they came for! It's broken TV viewing records worldwide and


critics around the globe are saying it's the best tournament in history.


It's had everything. Action. Suspence. He has to score.


Heartbreak. Brazil are being humiliated. Heroes and villains. A


beautiful goal. And... Goals. Oh what a goal from David Luiz. The


group stages - 136 goals in 25 games. That's a record. Oh and he


has done it. Then there's the strong support acts. 31 goals scored by


subs. Schurrle! Oh it's seven. The goalkeepers - they have put in some


great cameo appearances. Saved by Krul! Tim Howard - the most saves in


World Cup history. What a performance. Howard again. Howard


again. This World Cup has produced brilliant subplots. Twists. And


great stories. Columbia 1, Ivory Coast, 0. This epic Brazilian


adventure will go down as one of the greatest box office hits of all


time. And I can't wait to see how it ends. I hope you enjoyed that. I


know you enjoyed watching Billy and Jeremy our free stylers with their


penalty routines. Well they're back and this is how to get it down.


We are the F 26789 now there is a good chance we will see some of the


world's best players decide their fate from 12 yards. But we have got


this covered. This is the F2 alternative penalty guide.


Alternative! Down the middle. Simple enough. But we can go one better.


One better! You want to be side on to the ball. Place your non-kicking


foot by the ball and make sure your hand is down and strike the under


side of the ball with your laces and watch it fly into the top corner.


Well players do try and fool keepers from the spot. But we have an extra


special trick. Check this out. Start pretending to do up your laces and


then in one movement, switch legs and make contact with the ball.


Place your non-kick foot behind the ball and kneel on one knee. This is


a cheeky bit of skill to catch the skeerp unaware. -- keeper unaware.


There you have it. Penalty taking F2 style. Pressure? What pressure.


Don't know what all the fuss is about.


Still to come: John has his final kicking the bin of the World Cup and


you will be re-creating another World Cup souper strike. We have --


super strike. But now when there is thousands of people watching you, it


us far more difficult to do the business from 12 yards. What we need


is we need somebody who knows thousand do it. Someone who has been


there, seen it, and done it. He used to wear a number 9 op on his back,


his name is Alan Shearer. You're representing your country and the


pressure is huge. Imagine there is 50,000 people, you're walking from


the half way through. What is in your mind. This is where your mind


plays tricks with you. What should you do. That walk is one hell of a


long walk. Try and stay calm. You can feel your heartbeating faster.


You have got to believe in what you're trained to do. He has nerves


of steel. You have to stay in control of the situation. Are you


looking at the keeper? No. The keeper will try mind games. We saw


it with Tim Krul. Saying I know where you will put it. Of course he


didn't know. If that had happened to me, I would have waited for Krul to


go back into his goal. Don't let him control the situation. I used to


line the ball up and look at the opposite side to where I was going


to hit it. I would look to the keeper's left knowing I was going to


go to the right. So when you put the ball down in a special way. The


valve at the top. Don't ask me why. I just had to do that. You know


where you're going to put it and you should never change your mind. Hulk


went the other way. The Germans have a word for the process, strength of


nerves. Nerves of steel. They're are not bad at it. If you would going to


make sure you would score, would you wear a Germany shirt. I would rather


wear a Sunderland shirt. What is your advice? Don't miss. That is a


perfect penalty. Then that walk back is better than the walk down. I'm


Leah and I'm back from Brazil with the news. Let's kick off with the


decision of the Dutch manager to substitute their keeper in the dying


seconds of extra time, so that reserve keeper Tim Krul could come


on just for the penalty shoot-out. Can you imagine that? It must have


been so embarrassing. Do you mind leaving. I'm the dog and I'm better


at this. So go away. I will take over this fantastic football chat.


That is what I do, cocker. Did you see that giant bug landing on the


shoulder of James Rodriguez. Stop trying to put me off. Look at the


size of that thing. Oh! And he is kissing his wrist. Why is he doing


that and why can't you see that massive bug. Look up. It's on your


shoulder! How did he not notice that. Everyone in the stadium did,


didn't they? Oh, any way check out this man doing something daft. Who


is he? Yes, it is Argentina coach Sabella. He gets all excited and


there is a miss or something and he nearly falls over look. Is this


news? Get on with it Hacker. And the Holland manager, Louis van Gaal.


Look, he has lost his pen. It is not there. It is not there either. Look,


no, he has still not found his pen. The man's pointless. Well penless.


And that is the news. Is that it, can I go home now. I have a meeting


with Sue Barker about Wimbledon. That is all from us for now. We have


had a fantastic time watching the World Cup games. We hope you have


too. But there is one big game still left to go. It will be an absolute


thriller V a fantastic summer. Hacker just don't mention food I


have got a bug on me arm. Get it off, Leah. It's behind me. Get it


off me. It's affecting me mind! John has shown us some amazing tricks.


Look at this. Remember the rainbow from last week? Rory had a go


himself. What about? Souper Super skills. The football has been


magnificent and here is John's final trick of 2014.


I couldn't get to Brazil. But that doesn't mean I can't get involved in


the World Cup action and this is kick in the bin - Brazil style! This


week's trick, the scorpion pass. If you can pull off a hand stand, you


will have it in no time. To do this move you need to balance the ball


between where your ham string and your ankle it and go up into a hand


stand and get close to the bin and then pop your leg out and that


should send the ball up and over and hopefully into the bin. You will


need balance, rhythm and good footwork. Everything a good Samba


star needs. That is it, thank you for watching.


Enjoy the summer. I had better go - the tide's coming in! Throughout the


week we have been asking you to say who you think will win the World


Cup. You said that Germany will beat Argentina and win their fourth World


Cup. We shall see whether you're right. The whole of the final starts


at 7 o'clock, kick off at 8 o'clock tomorrow. We have seen some shocking


defending in Brazil. But some wonderful forward play. So we turn


our attention there. You have been creating one of Germany's super


seven. We are back one last time. To bring you our final goal


re-creation. We have to feature Brazil. But they were on the


receiving end of seventh. So here is Khedira's record-breaking strike.


Brazil started with great hopes of making the final. But four German


goals in 26 minutes ended their World Cup dream before half time.


Germany were in control when Hummels wins the ball and slides a pass to


Khedira. He runs into the ball into the box and hits it to Ozil and he


plays it back to de-Dee RSPCA -- - Khedira. And then it is game over.


5-0! Here is a question for you. Would you like to hear from two


Titans of BBC punditry pool? I thought so we have Reigh Ferdinand


and -- Rio Ferdinand and Alan Shearer. We have the answers to some


of the questions. We asked who was the star of the tournament. Max


thought it was van Persie. My star is Rodriguez. That goal and the way


he smashed it in, it was pitch perfect. Your star? Smie I would


agree, Rodriguez. He is a young guy, and that goal, chest, volley, boom!


A moment of magic. We asked for your favourite goal as well. Brian said


Rodriguez's goal against Uruguay. Yes I think that is the goal of


tournament. The technique and the touch was perfect and the execution


was amazing. It was the perfect goal. If you foobg a picture of him


the way he was stood and the way his balance was and he got his shot away


was fantastic. Or Cahill's volley. The same, Rodriguez is the best one.


But Robben's header, coming in from such a distance and seeing the


keeper out and heading it over. That is a hard skill to do. That is


second. You have to mention Cahill's volley. That was nice. But you just


close your eyes and hit it! I have done it a hundred times! In my


dreams! What has been your biggest surprise? Emilia is going for Costa


Rica. I think so. That group, you know, England, you had Uruguay and


you had Italy. There was no hope, no one considered Costa Rica to come


out the way they did was a huge surprise. My biggest surprise would


have to be that Germany beating Brazil 7-1. We have never seen


anything like that before. Vanessa picked that as her match of the


tournament. Yes. Everyone was surprised when Holland beat Spain


five, but for Germany to beat Brazil in Brazil in the semi final even. We


were watching it together and it was just like... Everyone at home we


were the same, going what is going on? You will go for that. The Dutch


one was we were thinking what is happening. It was the end of an era.


But this 7-1 in Brazil was a ridiculous result. Back to you.


Thank you. Huge thank you in fact to Mr Ferdinand and Mr Shearer and all


our guests over the last few weeks. I hope you have enjoyed watching the


programme. Two games to go. Third place play-off, Brazil against the


Dutch and then the final, Germany against Argentina and you can watch


it all on BBC1 tomorrow. The football has been fantastic and I


know you have enjoy watching us on a Saturday morning. Shall we look back


before we go? We have enjoyed it too so have a great summer. Brazil get


ready for kick off for the biggest tournament in the world. The


colourful 2014 wuch Cup is finally here. The shot from Neymar. What a


fantastic goal. The Netherlands have destroyed the world champions.


Disappointed but not down hearted was the England angle. Rooney is


there! Wayne Rooney scores a World Cup finals goal. Welcome to Rio and


to the World Cup. It is finally here. It takes nerves of steel.


Let's see how he deals with this one. I found a good way to wake up


in the morning. Its is this! It is goodbye from me in Brazil. I have


had an unbelievable time. What a strike! It has been a long, long


time coming. It was worth the wait!


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