World Cup 2014 MOTD Kickabout

World Cup 2014

Football show for kids from the World Cup in Brazil. Bringing you the latest goals, features and big name interviews.

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Good morning, everybody. Welcome


Good morning, everybody. MOTD Kickabout,


week four of the World Cup. Very sunny


Quarterfinal stage. We know already Brazil and Germany


have made it through so the hosts are into the last four.


As per usual, everything covered on this week's Kickabout.


We will bring you everything that has happened in the last week,


including a summary of the round 16 and those huge quarterfinal matches.


including a summary of the round 16 and those huge quarterfinal matches.


John Farnworth is here to bring us another amazing Kickin' the Bin. We


will be recreating another World Cup strike. Plus, Kevin Kilbane and


Robbie Savage will join us to have a go at Sav's Big Mouth. I think it is


high time we brought you some World Cup action. Let us wind the clock


back to last Saturday and the round of 16.


The host nation is set for the knockout stages of the World Cup.


Urges the last 16, when or go home. -- it is the last 16, win or go


home. Neymar scores. He has nerves of steel! Brazil win in the most


dramatic of circumstances. The game was magnificent.


Will Columbia be able to cope with the weight of expectation from the


majority of fans supporting them? Rodriguez! Brilliant! Rodriguez,


what a beautiful goal! It is the end of the line for this Uruguayan side


and the first-ever quarterfinal for Costa Rica. Giovani dos Santos!


The Netherlands have turned this around to lead 2-1. It isn't! A


great finish for Costa Rica. -- it is in! Unbelievable. They have done


it again! Du referee indicates penalties. Costa Rica, quarterfinal.


Germany only needed 90 seconds of extra time to score. Germany are


going through. It is all over for Algeria. Algeria have a goal! But


will do it. Yet another incredible game at this quite amazing World


Cup. Germany 2-1 Algeria. Germany march on. The French will have too


much. In Benzema, they have one of the best number nines in football.


Game, set and match to France. They are going through to the


quarterfinals. France have made it through to the quarterfinals.


Argentina get us off under way. The keeper blocks! Lionel Messi! Can he


finally win it? They have won it! Heartache for sites in. Argentina


heading through to the last eight again. We will see you very shortly.


-- heartache. We missed out the USA game against Belgium. There is a


reason for that. America has gone World Cup crazy. Just ask this lady.


You may know me as news anchor Felicity Bond from the BBC. When I


am not reading the news, there is a good chance I will be watching


football. His scores! Lionel Messi! The summer, it is all about soccer!


Football. The entire country is going World Cup crazy. Every World


Cup, it gets bigger. This is the best team we have had. I am so


pumped up about the men's USA soccer team. Not forgetting the president


of the USA who had a message for everybody. I believe that we can


win! At first, it did not look too promising as we were drawn into the


group of death, Germany, Portugal and Ghana. A last-gasp goal against


Ghana and a point against the Portuguese was enough to send us


through. We even stayed on longer than the best player in the world.


Portugal knocked out of the tournament. It came down to this,


winner takes all game against the dark forces of the World Cup,


Belgium. It was the meeting of two former team-mates. We fought for


every ball, covered every blade of grass and gave every last drop of


sweat to get the victory. We could not get it done in 90 minutes. In


extra time... Disaster. We kept the faith until... Game over? Not quite.


Making the run. Yes! It was not to be. This time America has announced


itself to the world. Roll on Russia 2018.


Last night, Brazil were trying to make it through to the semifinals


against Colombia. Huge pressure on the hosts, particularly on the young


man Neymar. He is only 22. The whole country is looking to see what he


can do, particularly in his hometown.


Welcome to the city of S?o Paulo. Home to Neymar da Silva Santos


Junior. This is the street where we lived. Our house is next to the last


car on the right. This is Neymar's uncle. He liked to play on the


slope. It was easier for him to play football down the hill. The street


will be famous if Brazil win the World Cup. Cosme as a hairdresser


and met Neymar after cutting his dad's her. We wanted to be more


creative. I said a Mohawk, like David Beckham. The more radical.


When his father saw it and then his coach asked his father, is this your


son? His father said, blame it on Cosme. Brazilians looked on Neymar


as one of them. This is why he is so popular. When he took to the field


last night, all of Brazil were hoping their boy wonder could take


them a step closer to the cup. Into the Crucible, a test of


tactics, skill, nerve. Who can keep their cool? Brazil have been accused


of being more flaky than formidable so far. Columbia, engaging and


exciting. Brazil have Neymar. Columbia have Rodriguez. What an


occasion. It is an incredible atmosphere. It is a pleasure to be


here. Columbia get the game under way.


Neymar with this corner. It is dangerous. The captain Tyagi Silva


has put Brazil in front! The man who has been having to justify his


captaincy this week and he ducked taking a penalty against Chile and


has been criticised for doing so. But he puts Brazil in front in the


quarterfinal. But ruffled the side netting! Great chance! Good save.


Oscar is onto it. The whistle has gone. They could


have had this game out of sight, Brazil. James Rodriguez clipped it


into the danger area. The flag is up on the near side. Fantastic ball in.


Rodriguez, looks as if he is just It is in! It is brilliant! What a


goal from David Luiz! Perfection. Brazil are within touching distance


of the last four. Side foot, down on it. Great finish. He has got no


right to score from there. He is stripped. It is a penalty kick to


Colombia. What card is he going to get? Yellow. Clear penalty. -- he is


tripped. The rest of this is a Brazilian ordeal. Brilliant from


Rodriguez. Quality penalty. Five minutes to go. The Colombian corner


kick. Neymar still down. I think it is his back he is complaining about.


Yeah. Knee in the back. That is a picture no Brazilian wants to see.


He has not been particularly convincing in the second half. That


visit, Brazil are through! Brazil are into the semifinals of their own


World Cup. David Luiz, the match winner. A stunning free kick. How


they had to hang on after James Rodriguez's penalty. Brazil through


the mill again, but through to the semifinal. Brazil 2-1 Columbia.


Brazil go through to choose their plasma semifinal where they will


play the winner of the other match last night, France versus Germany --


Brazil go through to the semifinal. That was wide from Benzema. Should


have done better. The free kick. It is 1-0. Germany lead.


In a competition of wonderful goals, it is an old-fashioned set piece.


Really clever header from the position he is in. Lovely ball to


Benzema. This time he is onside. In the end, he created the chance for


himself, Benzema. Really should have done better.


That has to be a corner. It is a corner. Everyone in the stadium can


see a deflection. How many times have we seen centre halves do that?


On the edge of the penalty area! Brilliant block.


Benzema, need something special here from him. One-handed. Almost


nonchalant. He is not going to score from there. Sorry. There is a whole


host of players in there. Germany are through to a record-breaking


fourth semifinal in a row. France there- one Germany. We now know half


of the semifinalists. On Tuesday, Brazil will play Germany. On


Wednesday, Holland or Costa Rica will play Argentina RIBA Belgium. --


or Belgium. Wimbledon is on at the same time as


the World Cup. We will bring the two worlds together. Have a go at the


Coppa-Uppy Challenge. How many times can you keep this in your -- in the


air with any part of your body? Tim Henman got 92! The team led by


hacker the dog. 92, Tim Henman did, did he? I can beat that! Easy, this.


Anyone can do it. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Get ready for an epic fail.


How about the back of the neck? The spine! Head. Knows. Cheek.


I bet Sue Barker can't do this! Easy, this. Short but sweet! Keep


up, will you? Gary! Do I get more than one go? Faster now. I bet Andy


Murray could not do this, could he? Here we go. We are doing well here.


Hang on a minute. You can see the green stick. Did Sue Barker try to


sabotage my attempt? Stop now. They conceded is a ball on a stick. Over


to Robbie Savage. Thanks. 91, you are definitely cheating. We are


going to beat it. Easy. That is five on my own. I have just


beaten them! They will be back later to have a go at Sav's Big Mouth. We


have seen great goals at this World Cup. There is also quite a bit that


has gone wrong. 34 cameras covering every single game. We don't miss


anything. Lovely piece of skill. It is going


to be an own goal of John Boye who slices it agonisingly into his own


net. Karim Benzema looking for his third of the tournament. He is


denied. The follow-up surely from him should have been buried?


Good ball in! It is turned into a zone net, the first World Cup goal


in 2014 is an own goal. There is a stumble, that didn't work. Look at


Thomas Muller, that is priceless. All of the goals, all that ability


and a circus tricks too. That was not worked out in training.


He has practically throwing it over his shoulder into the back of the


net! Shocking goalkeeping. We would like to know what you think


has been the best of the worst so far. Head to the MOTD Kickabout


website and you can vote for what he reckons deserves to be crowned epic


fail of 2014. We will reveal which one you voted for in next week's


show. -- we will reveal which one you voted for in next week's show.


The F two boys have agreed to come back again next week and give us


some more alternative spot kicks ahead of the World Cup final. Do not


miss that. Time for more from John Farnworth. He has shown us some


Samba magic. John, what is in store this week?


Unfortunately, I could not get to Brazil. But it does not mean I


cannot get involved in the World Cup action. This is Kickin' the Bin


Brazil style. Sometimes in a game there is not


much space, especially in the World Cup where the standard is so high.


Sometimes we have got to take the ball up into the air. This is what


we call a blind scoop. To do this move, you have to walk up


to the ball, balance it on your foot, flick it up and behind you. It


is all about balance and accuracy. If you find yourself in a tricky


situation, remember the blind scoop.


Throughout this rather lovely World Cup, you have been re-enacting some


of the great goals. We have had lots already and plenty more in the


knockout stages. Here is the re-enactment of one of the great


Colombian moments. The man in the middle of much of their magic is


James Rodriguez. By the way, it says James on the back of his shirt. It


is not James. It is "Ham-ez". We are back again for another goal we


creation. -- we creation. This week, it is all about this piece of


Colombian magic! That was the World Cup second round,


Colombia versus Uruguay. James Rodriguez has given Colombia the


lead with one of the best goals of the tournament so far.


In the second half, Colombia took things to the next level. Gutierrez


plays it to Martinez's feet. They deliver a brilliant ball to the back


post. He guides it back into the six yard box work Rodriguez is waiting.


Great goal! The Colombians sure know how to celebrate a goal. See you


next week. Devastating effect he is having on the World Cup finals.


One other thing that has been popular on MOTD Kickabout have been


Conor McNamara's video diaries. What we are going to do... He has made it


to Rio! I did not think you are coming? I have been in Brazil for a


month. I have finally made it to Copacabana Beach. It has been


brilliant up and down Brazil. I have been in the South, you go to the


games in the evenings, you need a coat in the evenings. I have been to


the Amazon where it is faltering. There are beaches up there tsar. I


got to play beach football -- where it is sweltering. There are beaches


up there too. Lifetime ambition. Wearing a Brazilian top, he comes


running up to me, I do the nutmeg, through his legs, on a beach in


Brazil. Fantastic. Was it first state? We were just playing a game.


-- was it first take? One other thing we have showed you has been


Sav's Big Mouth. We have brought it to Brazil. Now it is the man himself


having a go with his good mate, Kevin Kilbane.


The World Cup officially starts now. Sav's Big Mouth. Kevin, you


have got 20 seconds to get as many balls in that mouth as you can.


Come on, Kevin! Watch the teeth! Get one in! Come on! Watched the teeth!


How rubbish are you? Oh, my word. Horrendous. That was zero. How did


you play in the Premier League? Useless. Difficult score to beat.


Three. Two. One. Go! So close! Two! Sorry. Just after the buzzer.


Not as good as Michael Lohan who got six. You are the champion of Ipanema


Beach. Were? Robbie Savage goes to the top of our


leaderboard, overtaking Danny Murphy. Hopefully we will have a bit


more of Sav's Big Mouth next week. Kevin Kilbane sent us a letter. He


said, please do not talk about that. A career low for Kevin. We


promise never to mention it again. Two more quarterfinals to tell you


about. Make sure you are somebody if you can stay up to watch the match


at 9pm. Tell them it is important. It is a World Cup quarterfinal. You


have to be there. This is what you have got to look forward to. See you


next week. He struck it perfectly. Costa Rica,


quarterfinal! Belgium heading to Brasilia where they will face


Argentina. Can Lionel Messi finally win it?


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