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World Cup 2014

Football show for kids from the World Cup in Brazil. Bringing you the latest goals, features and big name interviews.

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Good morning, and welcome to Match of the Day Kickabout


Looks amazing out there. The group stages are over,


it is knockout football, lose and you are out.


Also with us today is Leah, who's out there somewhere,


Thanks, Dan, I'm back on Copacabana beach for one last time.


Just like the England team, it is time for me to head back home.


I have had an unbelievable three weeks.


Things are really hotting up, here in Brazil, ahead of the knockout


rounds, starting with his ill versus Chile tonight in Belo Horizonte.


This is where the World Cup really kicks off, and here is what else


We have the next stage of the World Cup covered with our special


I will be taking you on a tour of the building that brings


The FT freestylers Billy and Jeremy are here with alternative penalties


and Phil Neville is with Dan to talk about the highs, lows


Thanks, Leah, so plenty to look forward to


despite England having left Brazil earlier than they may have hoped.


Before flying home there was one more match against Costa Rica


Roy's boys have a few new faces in there, and this is how they got on.


Welcome to Belo Horizonte, glorious sunshine for England's


not so glorious farewell to World Cup 2014.


Forster got across quite brilliantly.


He's onto the return, but it is cleared.


They were going home anyway, but they are going home without


We are joined by former England international and BBC sport pundit,


Philip, you watched England play Costa Rica on Tuesday.


But what it does, it gives some of the England players a chance to


play in a World Cup. Luke Shaw, Ross Barkley and Adam Lallana.


Roy would have been pleased with some of the performances


Overall, though, what do you think is the main reason why England


haven't qualified into the knockout stages of this World Cup?


We have fallen short in fine margins and a defensive mistake against


Uruguay has cost us and in terms of goal-scoring we have created enough


chances, we just have not had the goal-scorer to put that chance away


that would put us into the next round. And Roy Hodgson


is the man to lead this England team, in your eyes?


100%. He has impressed me with a philosophy that he is setting out.


And I think, in two years time, you will see this in with team


This is the point where the World Cup gets really exciting.


Over the next few days 16 teams will play


It is tense, it is dramatic, it is knockout football.


The race is on to become champions of the world.


32 teams, over 100 goals scored, now, 16 contenders remain.


But world cups are not remembered on the group stages.


It is all about what happens from now on.


COMMENTATOR: And we might be set for another World Cup turn-up.


To win, you need skill and you need courage.


This year, the heavyweight contenders are Brazil.


He cut inside and scores, Neymar again.


It has been 24 years since they have reached the final.


They are in form and they have already beaten the champions.


And Germany have come close, but can they finish the job?


Klose flicked onward, and it is in, Germany are level.


Knockout football, you cannot beat it.


The first second-round match is at five o'clock tonight.


Brazil take on Chile, which is live on the BBC for you.


From now on, if the matches end in a draw, there is extra time


This is when even the best players can crumble under pressure.


Perhaps they can learn a thing or two from these two.


Now the group stages are over, there was a good chance that some


of the world 's best players will have to decide their fate


But don't panic, don't worry, we have got this covered.


This is BFT alternative penalty guide.


There is a wide range of penalty styles.


Converting a penalty takes nerves of steel, and


when the pressure is on, the goals seem to get smaller, especially with


thousands of fans behind the goal and millions watching at home.


How are you going to fool the goalie? Let's kick things off.


We are talking top corner placement were no goalkeeper


All right. So he saved it.


You need to be confident in your ability, ice cool in your approach.


Let's see how he deals with this one.


When it comes to it, half of it is how you approach the ball.


Make sure thatyour starting position is side on


and give yourself a few steps of a run-up, taking a few steps


before you strike the ball will help you to pick up momentum, which is


Place your standing foot beside the ball


and bring your kicking foot around the outside of the standing foot.


Swivel your hips and strike the ball with your laces.


Giving the keeper of the eyes is another technique.


It is not easy keeping your eyes on the keeper one you strike the ball.


But we are not going to give them the eyes at all.


Approach the ball as you normally would.


Place your standing foot beside the ball, bring


your leg back and as you follow through, this is the moment that you


Make contact with the ball, look around and pose


for the camera, as the ball flies into the back of the net.


Phil, it takes a little bit of class to try that


I do not want to take a penalty, never mind even try something


Is there any World Cup penalty that you particularly remember?


The one that I remember is Andreas Brehme, in the 1990 World Cup.


With his right. Previously in the tournament he had taken one was


left foot, and although he was left at the time he was right footed.


That was my goal from my life to take a penalty in such


When he was running up, I was thinking, he's left footed, and he


Two-footed players, I used to love them, growing up.


That is the importance of everyone watching at home.


Practice with both your left and right foot.


I would go out outside and practice with my left foot,


We know what the knockout stages are all about.


Let's find out who will be playing in those stages.


Here is our first round up starting with Group A and Group B.


It was all still possible for them to get knocked out.


It did not take too long for the golden boy, Neymar,


to give them the lead, scoring with 100 goal of the World


Cup in Brazil's 100th World Cup game.


Cameroon equalised but Neymar struck again, to restore the lead.


He cuts inside and scores, Neymar again.


Second-half goals from Fred and Fernandinho gave the


Meanwhile, in Recife, Croatia to Mexico to decide who would


The match sprung to life in the final 20 minutes as Mexico


captain Rafael Marquez struck to give them the lead.


Guardado and Hernandez put the game to bed.


Croatia got a late consolation goal but it was too little, too late.


Brazil topped the group, beating Mexico on goal difference.


Croatia finished third and Cameroon are rock bottom without taking


In Group B, it was that man, Arjen Robben, yup mastermind Holman's


progression as they took on chilly in the final game of the group.


It took until the 77th minute for the deadlock to be broken.


Substitute Leroy Fer heading in with his first touch of the game.


The result was secured in added time as a youngster converted


This means that Holland have have not lost


In the remaining games, Spain and Australia where playing


for pride, with the countries knowing that they were


Goals from David Villa, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata


restored some pride for Spain, but it was all in vain.


Holland win the group, taking maximum points with


This means that in the neck wrung, Brazil will be hosting Chile


and Holland will be taking on Mexico tomorrow for a place


BBC Radio Five Live commentator Conor McNamara is sending us


We have seen them already, that incredible match between Spain


He has spoken to Danny Mills about eating chicken hearts.


This week I have been doing a lot of flying around Brazil.


If you find yourself working in a World Cup you have got a lot


And you have got to make sure that you are sharp.


I found a good way of waking myself up in the morning.


It is not until you come to Brazil that you get the feeling


You get on a plane for a long haul flight, and still be


The distance between Rio de Janeiro and Manaus is actually greater than


the distance between London and Moscow.


When you are travelling around Brazil during all these games, it is


very important that you keep on top of your research and preparation.


Often you will find yourself turning the most unusual places


into your own private office to do some research.


I wanted to give you a look at the notes I use during a commentary.


This is a system I have had over the years.


I used a hand write out these stickers and over the years I have


started printing them up on computers and putting pictures of


It takes ten hours to research any one game and soon


as that game is finished, those nose are in the bin and you start making


I look forward to talking to you next week on Match of the Day


Group C, runaway leaders Colombia wrapped up maximum points in style.


Japan could still qualify by beating the South Americans.


Cuadrado converted a penalty to give Colombia the lead,


Martinez then struck twice before the impressive Rodriguez


Colombia had four shots on target all game and scored them all.


It was more tense affair between Greece and Ivory Coast,


with both teams still able to make it to the next round.


Greece went in front thanks to Samarys,


but the Ivory Coast hit back through Swansea striker Wilfried Bony.


It is Wilfried Bony, it is 1-1, and Ivory Coast are right back


Then drama as the match entered stoppage time with Greece winning a


late penalty and Georgia summer as, was the coolest person in result.


Colombia finished first with Greece in second.


Ivory Coast came close but can only finish above bottom placed Japan.


In Group D, all eyes were on Italy and Uruguay to see you would be


The deadlock was broken when Diego Godin headed in an 80th minute


But they had to do it without star striker Luis Suarez who now faces


Costa Rica top Group B with Uruguay also qualifying.


In the next round Colombia face Uruguay this evening


whilst Costa Rica will play Greece tomorrow. When


we are watching the football at home, sometimes it is easy to forget


about all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes, especially like a


huge turbulent! I am at the International Broadcast Centre. This


is at the heart of the whole turn a month. The BBC are just one of 161


different broadcasters here. If this place did not run seamlessly, we


would not see all the action back home. Let's take a quick look


around! This is the master control room and the guys behind me can see


every camera across every city in Brazil. That is a lot to take in!


The people working here don't get to enjoy Copacabana Beach, but they do


have this! All of this will be taken down eventually. So, if you ever


wondered how many cameras there were at the match, there are actually 34.


This is the main camera, number one. It gives you a nice wide view of the


beach. The cable camera is amazing. It follows the ball, anticipating


passes. You might have noticed these cranes on the pitch when you have


been watching a game. The person operating does cranes are scanning


the match the whole time and if they think there is going to be a goal,


they sweep right down so you can get that perfect view. I favoured camera


so far has to be the beauty camera. What it does is it slows down a


tackle or a header. It makes the whole World Cup so intense. You get


a flavour of what this big tournament is all about.


Still to come, we are rounding up the rest of the groups. We have the


top haircuts of the journeyman, but, first, there has been some amazing


goals and here is another one of your favourites.


We are back with another favourite call from the World Cup. This time


it is all about Arjen Robben. It was one of the best games of the group


sisters, Holland beating Spain 5-1. Arjen Robben give out a Dutch


masterclass. Sergio Ramos was the last man for Spain, but Arjen Robben


ran straight past him, amazingly quick. With two Spanish defenders to


beat, he smashes it into the net. What a goal!


Argentina had already qualified doctor, Nigeria team who had it all


to play for. It turned into a battle between these two, with each player


scoring twice in a five goal thriller. Lionel Messi scored first,


but it was cancelled out straightaway. Just before half-time


Lionel Messi had the chance to become joint top scorer, and he did


this. Extraordinary! Minutes into the


second half, Nigeria scored again, and the super Eagles were level once


more. Their joy was short lived, as Argentina soon one at. Iran still


had a chance of going through as they faced bottom of the group


Bosnia and Herzegovina. Two goals from Bosnia meant they had an update


-- an uphill struggle. The Europeans wrapped up the points. Argentina win


the group with maximum points, followed by Nigeria.


France played Ecuador. France struggled to break the deadlock.


Elsewhere, Switzerland beat Honduras 3-0. This secured their passage into


the last 16. So, France won the group, followed by Switzerland.


Throughout the World Cup, John Farnworth has been swapping Brazil


with black pool -- a Blackpool to bring you some special World Cup


trick. -- bricks. Unfortunately, I could not get to


Brazil but it does not mean I cannot get involved in the World Cup


action. I am John Farnworth, and this is Match of the Day Kicking The


Bin. This week's trick is called the


rainbow. A key player -- players have done this, but the master has


to be LA. Do this trick when you are running quickly, and you will take


the defenders by surprise. To do this movie will run up to the ball


in the straight line. Once she approached the body pictured


non-next to the ball, mated with your other that then flickered over


your head. The power is generated from your back foot. The more power


you can get over your head, the better. It takes a bit of black


this, but once you got it, you will be doing it like a true Brazilian


master. Amazing skills, John. He will be


back with another Kicking The Bin Brazil style next week. Now, more


World Cup news. Since Holland cruised through to the next round


they have been taking it easy in training. The Dutch were letting


their kids have a kickabout. Holland are playing Mexico in their


second-round match and here is the Mexican manager celebrating their


midweek win over creation. Do you think he is excited? One guy he is


not celebrating is enchanted Dell Bosque. He will do anything to get


to the next round. That is the Chile bus! If you are supporting a team


that is still in the World Cup, let us know. You could be on the show


next week. E-mail us! You laughed at home have been busy


on our website, love and some of the crazy hairstyles in the World Cup.


In the meantime, here is a collection of our favourite so far.


It is another chance as well to see Brazilian hairdresser Mauro


Shampoo. MUSIC: Get A Haircut And Get A Real


Job. Some real beauties in there. Any


particular favourites? Asamoah Gyan. As commentator, he has a number on


his head. I am a big fan of Marouane Fellaini's air. You have played with


him. When you have a haircut like that, does it make it harder for the


defenders to get near you? It makes him so big! We were on an aeroplane


to America and he was sitting in the seat in front. With pitiful packet


of dry roasted peanuts in his hair and he didn't have a clue! That is


what football is get up to in their spare time! Here is our final group


stage round-up. In Group G, there was the chance


that everything could qualify as they kick off their last games.


Germany made sure they won their group after this Thomas Muller


strike was the difference in 1-0 win the USA. He joins the top scorers on


four goals. Cristiano Ronaldo is one player who would be winning the


Golden boots as his Portugal team are heading home. In their game


against Jana, and uncle put them in the lead before Asamoah Gyan level.


He becomes the lead old score in World Cup history. Portugal one late


on. Germany win the group with seven points and the USA also go through


with four points. In the final group, it was Belgian who took


maximum points after beating South Korea 1-0. The last game of the


group stages saw a cheery take on Russia. Russia took the lead after


just six minutes. Algeria scored a controversial equaliser after


Russian goalkeeper had a laser is shone in his face from the crowd.


The game ended 1-1. That means Russia have gone out of the World


Cup in the group stages in their last three World Cups.


So, the group stages are over. It is now win or bust. What team should be


the? I can't see past the South American teams. I think Chile have a


great chance of beating Brazil. My money is on Argentina. They are


peaking at the right time. How important is it that he remembered


to -- remember to enjoy the World Cup? The South American slickers if


they are enjoying it. They do. You see them at the training ground,


coming into the stadium, smiles on their faces. The European teams are


so serious. Maybe it is something we need to learn. Your one team to win


it? Argentina. There you go. Thank you so much. It is goodbye from both


of us. Let's hand over to Lea with the final word from the beach.


It is good that -- goodbye from me here in Brazil. I have had an


unbelievable time. I will never forget the opening game, watching


Brazil beat Croatia. The atmosphere was electric. I also remember Chile


dumping spinner the competition. For now, I will leave you with some of


the best goals of the tournament so far, from what has been the best


World Cup ever. What a strike!


What a goal! It is the equaliser! Extraordinary!


Could this be Naomi's worst nightmare?


SHE SHRIEKS Too scuttly!


And she's facing her biggest fears yet.


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