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World Cup 2014

Football show for kids from the World Cup in Brazil. Bringing you the latest goals, features and big name interviews.

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That is a great ball, he is onside. Robin Van Persie, what a great


That is a great ball, he is onside. goal! A bit of skill from Neymar!


Lionel Messi, takes it up again, and he dances away, and he scores!


Thomas Muller now for Germany, 1-0! What a shot! What a strike!


Good morning, welcome to much Of The Day kickabout from the beautiful


city of Rio de Janeiro. I am still so disappointed after England's


defeat on Thursday, they deserved so much better, and why did it have to


be Luis Suarez who dashed Aled Jones? Not the start we were hoping


for but many positives to take. Fear not, there is still so much to look


forward to from this World Cup. We will relive England's must win group


D match against Uruguay from Thursday night with the help of some


fanatical young fans. Former England star and BBC pundit Rio Ferdinand


gives his thoughts on the tournament so far. We have got Conor


McNamara's video diary, the Kicking The Bin, Brazilian style, and we


will keep you up-to-date with the action so far. I don't know if you


can make out, but in between the two hills that is the stadium which is


the spiritual home of football in Brazil, which is also where the


final will take place in 22 days time. It has already hosted two of


the biggest games of the tournament so far, it is worth Lionel Messi


scored the Argentina -- distiller for Argentina last Sunday and Spain


played out a thriller on Wednesday. First, let's take a look at England,


and for that I need to introduce my special co-host.


Thursday night was an emotional roller-coaster, to say the least.


Millions were glued to their TV screens, including Millicom and Luke


and Ethan, who let the kickabout cameras into their living rooms.


Thursday night, the country came to a standstill as England played


Uruguay. Dad, we are home. Come on, England! The football is on! If


England lose another much, they are out. As Stevie G let the lads onto


the pitch, Ethan, Millie, and Luke, sat down to find out if England


could stop Luis Suarez. Daniel Sturridge! Sterling! Henderson! At


least our team knows it! 2-1. God save the Queen!


Joe Hart has to get down sharply. Waste of time, it was a waste of


time. Caught by surprise from Luis Suarez, I don't think he meant it.


What times the coming? Bow! It has whistled over Joe Hart's crossbar.


Why is the goalkeeper crying? I think he is very sad. In from


Gerard... Off the bar! Wayne Rooney came in, and came so close. Look how


high he got. I can go way higher. Suarez on the end of it! Luis Suarez


gives Uruguay the lead! Oh, no! He deserved it, though, Luis Suarez.


Brilliant movement from deserved it, though, Luis Suarez.


Liverpool man. Suarez picked his spot. He does not miss those.


Uruguay one, England now. Rooney, here's storage. Daniel Sturridge


goes for golf. -- goes for all. England corner. The pizzas are


here! Suarez with the corner, nearly went in again. The second time


Suarez has tried that trick. What a save! Misses his chance.


Across to Rooney! Brilliant said. So close, Rooney. Leighton Baines


getting a good cross, great composure from Wayne Rooney. Nicely


done, Johnson, nicely done. Johnson's cross, Rooney's there!


Rooney! Rooney! Wayne Rooney's first ever World Cup finals


Rooney! Rooney! Wayne Rooney's first goal! Uruguay's resistance has been


broken down! There is no slack here, it is Luis Suarez... -- no flag


here. I am gutted. One of the simplest goals you will ever see.


England lost concentration. Most crucially of all, they lost Luis


Suarez. The dog has got the right idea, sleeping. Why is he crying?


Rooney got his goal for the first time. Call me mad, but one day I


think we're going to win the World Cup. England gave their all. One


goal wasn't enough tonight. Uruguay two, England one.


It didn't happen for England, mainly because of Luis Suarez. What makes


him so special. What I liked


about Suarez' game the other day, he wasn't ready, we all know that,


but he's intelligent enough to know where he has to be and take


his chances when he has to take What can young viewers learn from


this? England are out of the competition, but looking ahead,


looking to the future, some of the younger players played really well.


He were you particularly impressed with? Sterling was good for club and


country, he is tricky, and you would hate to play against him.


Barkley's got tremendous ability on the ball.


And hopefully, in the next two or three years, they'll train on


So it's important we don't become too miserable!


You can't get any more miserable than you are!


We've already been treated to some great matches and brilliant goals.


My personal favourite is Robin van Persie's diving header


against Spain, but this next lot don't agree.


They've been recreating Daniel Sturridge's goal


Over the course of the World Cup, me and this flat will recreate some of


the best golf of the tournament so far. This week we will start with


Daniel Sturridge. England were one - following a clinical strike. But


just two minutes later, England were back in business. Rahim sterling


picks up a loose ball and drive it forward. He plays it ready and


bought a Rooney on the left. Rooney controls the ball beautifully with


his left foot, and he hits an amazing cross, right into the path


of Daniel Sturridge, who strikes the ball. Good ball from Rooney, good


finish from storage! England were backing the game. England level


instantly! And the celebration wasn't bad, either.


Welcome back to where the Junior it. There were not many teams going into


their second game under as much pressure as defending world


champions Spain, when they lost their opening game against Holland


they knew the game against Chile on Wednesday was win or bust. We will


look back at that in a moment, but first, here is a reminder of what it


is all about. A great deal of pace by Spain. For


any child who has ever made the, this is where dreams can take you.


Tactics and team play, individual brilliance. The Spanish are


outnumbered but they still kept the ball. Broken for Barbara Bass. In


the this is in! Van Persie! What a fantastic role!


2-1! He has made it three, and Robin van Persie puts out pay for. They


could be a fifth, there should be a fifth... There is a fifth!


It is Wednesday afternoon here in Rio, and who would have thought at


the beginning of the tournament, only after their second game, Spain


could be potentially heading home. Earlier today, Holland beat


Australia pre-2, which makes today's game ever more important.


For the last six years, Spain has graced us with that tiki-taka style


of play, but could that be about to come to an end? I am about to find


out. It could open up here. It is a


way... Superb play! A superb goal. Sanchez, who plays his football in


Spain, with Barcelona, goes the goal. That income of 2-0! Spaying or


it, big hole now. I would have caught that. Let's take nothing away


from the finish, it is an average free kick. He should catch that all


day. That will do it for the first half.


Spain are in big trouble here will stop if it stays like this, the


champions are going out of the World Cup. So, that's it, half-time. Chile


have come out attacking. If you listen carefully, you can hear the


Chile bands out there in the stand, we are in the media centre, and when


they scored the first goal, then the second, the cheers, the almighty


war, it was absolutely incredible. All of the journalists behind B,


from all over the world, will be filing back that story right now,


and it could be the biggest story so far in the World Cup, defending


champions Spain heading home. And it's back in! It was a aureus


opportunity. I am starting to think it might not be there might -- eight


glorious opportunity. A push behind there. They won't mind


that. He looks for gold... Goode said. A fine save. Just as Italy did


four years ago, Spain are out, and the group stage hasn't even finished


yet. The defending champions are out of the World Cup. The Final Score,


Spain now, Chile two. You feel so bad, because you have six years of


being the champions -- four years of being the champions. I think he is


getting a bit old. That is it, full-time and Spain are out of the


World Cup. They still have one more match to go against Australia but


there is no way of them catching the likes of the Netherlands and Chile.


Chile, On The Other Hand, have bags of energy and their supporters are


absolutely amazing. You never know, they could go all the way, just like


Spain, and win the tournament. Group A is wide open as we head


in to the final round of matches. Brazil and Mexico both won


their opening games, and, as they took to the field on Wednesday,


emotions were running high. For millions of Brazilians, Neymar


might have been the man of the moment but he was outshone by Mexico


stopper Guillermo Ochoa, who put Terrific reflexes


from the goalkeeper. In the other match in Group A,


Cameroon and Croatia knew that a loss


for either team and they were out. But the Croatians came through


and live to fight another day. Mandzukic's second,


Croatia's fourth. That leaves Group A wide open,


with Brazil and Mexico joint top Over in Group C,


things are a bit more clear. Colombia followed


a brilliant win over Greece with Quintero to his right-hand side,


onside, Quintero... So, we know how Group B


and D are shaping up, In the other opening match of


the group, dark horses Switzerland came from behind to beat Ecuador


2-1, thanks to this late winner. With less than 30 seconds to play,


Seferovic wins it for the Swiss! While France kicked


off their tournament with a brilliant 3-0 win over Honduras


in a match that had the first goal And the goalline technology


has ruled it's in! And in the second round of matches,


Switzerland took on France for a guaranteed place


in the second round. And it was France who were the first


team to progress out of the group. The battle for second will come


down to the final round of games. 26 incredible games down, just


another 38 to go, but you can watch all the games and highlights across


the BBC. Stick with us, still to come, another kick in the bin, we


will hear from Rio Ferdinand, and did you know not all games are


taking place here? There are matches all across Brazil. It is the size of


mainland Europe, but we have got a man on the road, telling us all


about this beautiful country. Good morning, welcome to the latest


edition of my video diary. I have woken up in a different city,


Brasilia. There is a different feel to the city, it is not like Rio de


Janeiro or Sao Paulo, there are no beaches, it is inland, this is where


the government buildings are, and it has got a different feel from most


of the other World Cup cities. I have to introduce you to Jefferson,


he looks just like Neymar, and he can play just like him as well!


After sharing a lift into town with Pat Nevin, I meet up with another


colleague. Danny Mills, you are the MasterChef, what have you made of


the Brazilian food? It is fantastic, very fresh, the black beans are the


staple diet. Meat is massive here. Beef, chicken, the food is


exceptional. Spicy? Normally, the smaller a chilli is, the hotter it


is. It has got a bit of a kick! What is your favourite dish? I have


really enjoyed the chicken hearts, not something you normally get. I am


not sure Ian Dennis would have bought into those, he is a steak and


chips man. I have been very impressed by the food. We have got


the Brazilian food to enjoy as well. We have seen some great football on


the pitch, a bit of controversy off it, we have experienced the culture


and cuisine in Brazil, and now I am off to commentate on another game


tomorrow. Talk to you again next week on MOTD Kickabout.


, freestyle extraordinaire has been dazzling us all season with his


skills. He is bringing some of his best Brazilian party tricks during


the World Cup. I could not get to Brazil, but it


does not mean I cannot get involved in the World Cup action. I am John,


this is kick in the bin, Brazil style.


This week's trick, it was inspired by one of the Brazilian greats. This


is how to do it. To do this, you need to master two


things. Flick the ball into the air, from one foot to the other. Once it


is in the air, we flick from one side to the other. This should be


done in one fluid motion. Once you have mastered that, you have done


it. Things are shaping up as you may


have expected in Group F. Argentina took on Bosnia-Herzegovina. It was


an own goal and this piece of Lionel Messi magic that proved to be the


difference. Argentina lead, but Bosnia-Herzegovina need to get off


the mark in their next match, against Nigeria. Group G was thought


to be the group of death, with all four teams looking like they could


qualify, but the first game may have changed that. 1-0! Mats Hummels is


there, too-0, Germany. It is 3-0! Thomas Muller has a hat-trick! He


scored the first hat-trick of the competition as Germany run riot.


scored the first hat-trick of the Portugal were not helped by the


sending-off of Pepe after his unnecessary red card. In the other


match, between Ghana and the USA, very late drama. Clint Dempsey


scored the fifth fastest goal in World Cup history to put the USAF Ed


after 29 seconds. Ghana equalised, but an 86th minute header from John


Brooks bullet for the Americans. John Brooks has headed in for the


USA! Look what that means to him. It leaves Germany and USA level on


three points and Portugal rooted to the bottom. The last group to get


underway was Group H, with Belgium making the early running, as they


came back to beat Algeria 2-1. The dark horses avoided an early slip-up


and secured all three points. In the final first-round game, Russia could


only manage a draw against South Korea, who failed to win in the


opening match for the first time in five World Cups. The Russian


goalkeeper made this blunder to let South Korea score. But then the


Russian became his country's all-time top goal-scorer. Culturally


be way, but they have got Russia next, and anything can happen as we


go into the next round of fixtures. It is nearly a week ago since Lionel


Messi Scawby wonder goal to light up the Maracana, and one man watching


the match inside the stadium live was Rio Ferdinand. I caught up with


him to find out what the atmosphere was like when he scored and how Rio


is finding Rio. I could tell my grandkids I was in


the Maracana to see Li Na messy score a great goal. Dash-mac Lionel


Messi school a great goal. It was an unbelievable atmosphere, the fans


were there for hours before kick-off, singing their songs. How


did you rate him? He was finding his feet a bit in the first half,


everybody was disappointed, then he turned it up a bit, and he did what


he does best. Lionel Messi! The big guns in the World Cup doing their


things on the pitch. Yes, you want to see the big players performing.


They have been working hard towards these tournaments, these are


defining moments in their careers, I love to see them do well. Who has


impressed you? Germany. Cold, efficient unit, they look like a


real team, they know what they are doing, they have played together for


a long time, they took Portugal apart. It is 3-0, and this game


looks all over already. You have played with Cristiano Ronaldo, what


will be going through his head? Big disappointment from 18 perspective,


he wants to make his mark on this tournament, he will be looking to


come out firing in the next game. Have you got yourself on the beach,


playing with the local kids? Yes, I have had a good time with some of


the locals. Rio Ferdinand, what a legend, and


speaking of that Argentina match last Sunday, check out Lionel Messi


accidentally missing a handshake. But when the match was over, the


Argentina captain tracked down the young fan and gave him a moment he


will never forget, incredible. Rio digital era may be the carnival


capital, but the singing and dancing has happened throughout Brazil. We


saw the locals dancing with Ghana's team, and even the referees got in


on the act. Further proof that the World Cup is the biggest tournament


in the universe. Whilst you watch the games on your couch, these


astronauts are watching from space. I am sure they have seen a huge


interesting things during the World Cup, and so have you.


Busted! Keep those comments coming in. You can choose the craziest


hairstyle of the tournament so far on the website, you have until 8pm


on Sunday to cast your vote. Goodbye.


There you have it, we are on again at the same time next week, 8am on


BBC Two and the CBBC channel. If you can stay up until 8pm tonight, you


will be able to see Germany take on Ghana. Have a snooze this afternoon,


you will be OK! I know we have covered all the best goals of the


tournament, but I know you love your skills, and we have had a fair few


of those. See you next week.


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