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World Cup 2014

Football show for kids from the World Cup in Brazil. Bringing you the latest goals, features and big name interviews.

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Good morning, Kickabout fans. Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, welcome


to Brazil, and the World Cup. It is finally here. Over the next five


weeks we will bring you everything, goals, action, every single last but


of World Cup news you could want from the biggest football party on


the planet. If you are an England fan, you will


know that in 15 hours they start their World Cup campaign against


Italy. You might be in bed by then, but do not forget to catch up on the


BBC tomorrow morning. We will talk about that game later on in the


show, and everything else from here. This is where the final will take


place in four weeks. Every Brazilian I have met is desperate for Neymar


and his boys to be there. Brazil kicked off the World Cup with a


great win over Croatia in Sao Paulo on Thursday night. I was among


hundreds and thousands of locals to watch the game down there. The


atmosphere was absolutely electric. Find out how I got on later. Here is


what is coming up in the rest of the show. We will see how England have


been getting ready for tonight's showdown against Italy. Connor


starts his video diary with a repeat of the last World Cup final. We have


got all the goals so far, and it would not be Kickabout without a


bigmouth. We have given them a make over.


Letters kick off with the home nation, who started with a win


against Croatia on Thursday. What we need is an expert, here he is, Tim


Vickery, who has lived in Brazil for many years. You know what it means


for Brazil to host the World Cup. Can I tell you a story about my


girlfriend? She is normally not interested in football, but she


becomes obsessed during the World Cup. Almost too nervous to watch the


games. There are millions like her. Because Brazil have won the World


Cup five times, more than anyone else. The World Cup is when Brazil


appears to the rest of the world as winners winning and sometimes losing


in style. For one month every four years, everyone is jealous Brazil.


And everyone here plays football. And Manchester United came here in


2000, David Beckham played some children on the beach, and the


children beat them. Here is another part of your Brazilian football


education coming up now. Hello, welcome to Brazil. There is a party


in town. Brazil! We are ready. And you? The 2014 World Cup is finally


here, in Brazil. Reynaldo! It is the second.


Wonderful. Renaldo Keeps up his record of scoring in every match.


So that is Brazil, and that is the BBC studio, we are Gary Lineker and


the pundits will be. Brazil against Croatia was the first game on


Thursday, and we watched it over there.


It is the first day of the World Cup, and I on Copacabana Beach in


Rio de Janeiro. Gazelle are kicking off against Croatia in hours.


Hundreds of thousands of fans are queueing up to watch that game. I


have a ticket, so I'm going to go and see what the young Brazilian


fans are thinking. User Rio's biggest fans. They have one message.


CHEERING We have just linked up with the


opening ceremony live. It is a celebration of Brazilian culture.


The colourful controversial 2014 World Cup is finally here. The teams


are walking out onto the pitch. In a second, this place will go


absolutely wild. It was into his own net. Croatia


have the lead. It was an own goal. Croatia are now leading Brazil.


Great determination. Neymar! Fireworks are going off! Brazil have


their first goal. Neymar must've had 16 of those shots and scored about


12. They have just used spray which means no one can call beyond ten


yards. Neymar stepping up to the plate.


Brazil are definitely pushing forward now. The referee has given a


penalty. They have a penalty. Croatia are complaining they are not


happy. This is Brazil's chance to take the game. Neymar on the spot.


Lovely ball! He had a chance to finish but that not quite make it.


Oscar goes on! 3-1. Oscar of Chelsea scoring that


one! There we have it. Full-time, 3-1.


The hero of the match, Neymar. He scored two and Oscar got the third.


I'm shaking, going through all sorts of emotions. I need to go and lie


down! of the 2010 World Cup final, when


the Dutch took on Spain. Action from that in a moment, but he's as


Mexico, playing against Cameroon. Mexico are still the team most


likely to score. They are on the edge of the penalty area 1-0,


Mexico! And the hero of the Olympic Games! What a run of luck for


Perata. -- three. He followed up on the keeper's says, and buried it.


Some people say he is the best centre forward at these finals not


playing in Premier League football. Year is Sanchez. Australia could be


in trouble. Sanchez! Chile in front. Sanchez gives Chile the dream start.


He was not going to miss that. His 23rd international goal that was --


international goal. That was the starter Australia did not want. Here


is Sanchez again. Look at the space. 2-0. The advantage doubled. Two


goals in two and a half minutes. 10k Hill gets one back for


Australia. -- Time Cahill. Australian hope is restored. An


excellent cross. Only Tim Cahill to aim for. 2-1. Affair, blocked.


Finally Chile have put it to bed. It was the Wigan Athletic man who


ensures that they begin with a victory. He scored in the opening


game of the World Cup finals four years ago against Honduras, he


repeats that against Australia. 20 here from Conor McNamara, and he is


doing this lovely World Cup diary for us. -- time to hear. He went to


Spain versus Holland. First leg of the journey is done. I


have arrived in Paris, next stop real. -- Rio de Janeiro. Then I


have arrived in Paris, next stop to travel north to Salvador. As luck


would have it, to travel north to Salvador. As luck


did not. Thankfully, after four days without


my bag, it showed up. They clearly have the clothes right now. You look


much better when you were leaving the Crystal Palace kept. This is the


first game we have got to see in the flesh. It is not a bad one, replay


from four years ago. Diego Costa! Penalty to Spain. And


Spain lead the Netherlands in Salvador, Xabi Alonso.


Here comes Robin van Persie. A brilliant header. A wonderful shot.


The Dutch are back on level terms, just 90 seconds before half-time.


That was a brilliant ball. There was no offside flag on this occasion.


And Robin van Persie reminds us of how deadly he can be on the biggest


of stages. Schneider with the delicate ball. This must be 2-1!


With expert control! Arjen Robben changed direction in the penalty


area and shot! It is 3-1! It is that man again! He scored for the Dutch,


and they lead the world champions by three goals to one. The Spanish have


to take it. It is another goal for Holland! And most experienced player


on the pitch has dropped a clanger, and gave the ball away to the danger


man. Robin van Persie was not going to miss from there. This is


Schneider. And look at Arjen Robben go! It is still Arjen Robben. This


is incredible. 5-1! It was an amazing dribble from the halfway


line. The goalkeepers And IM Robin has given a Holland 's a 5-1 lead


--. Fernando Torres has failed to score -- Arjen Robben. He has had


misses like that in the past for Chelsea. There is the full-time


whistle. It is all over in Salvador and it is one of the great World Cup


shocks. This has been incredible. This is a


game for the ages. In the future, when people are putting together


their list of top World Cup games, they will look back at this.


Hopefully that has given you a flavour of what life has been like


here so far. I will be heading to a game every other day and hopefully I


will have more videos to show you and a few more stories about how


things have been going. Our freestyler has been getting into the


spirit in Blackpool for his first World Cup trek. All he needed was a


ball, a beach and a bin. -- trek. -- trick. Unfortunately I did get to


Brazil, but that does not mean I cannot get in all in the World Cup.


This is much of the day kick into the bin, freestyle. This trick is


inspired by Ronald Ennio who was famous for putting freestyle tricks


into the game -- Ronaldinho. This is how it goes. OK, guys, there are


three steps. The first one is to drag the ball across the body, you


need to flip it over the other foot and the third one is to kick it with


the foot you started with. Once you have mastered that, you can try and


kick it into the bin. Once you have mastered that, you will do a move


that even the great man Ronaldinho would be proud of. Goal! Time to


talk about England, their opening game is against Italy tonight, you


might have to stay up late to watch that, their hotel is over there, the


England training ground is that way and they have been out and about in


the community. This is Daniel Sturridge and Danny Welbeck trying a


Brazilian martial art. Some great that work there and importantly, no


one was injured. England go north into the Amazon where things. To get


serious. This is the week that was. The England team have arrived.


England are now in Brazil. England have been training ahead of their


opening match against Italy. Who will become a legend and who will


become part of World Cup history? Steven Gerrard score is! It is a


great chart and he scores -- shot. We will start this afternoon in


hearing from Roy Hodgson. It is the first game of the tournament and we


have had an month to prepare for it. As far as we are concerned, we are


focusing on Italy, the team and the quality players they have. There


were worries over whether it Danny Welbeck will be fit enough to play


in the World Cup opening match. He will be fine. I think yesterday it


started to feel it real, we saw Wayne Rooney give a press


Conference. I am ready, I am focused. I will do my best. That


match all set up to be something of a good one and here is how you can


follow the World Cup on the BBC this summer. The 2014 World Cup in Brazil


is underway and you can follow it all with the BBC on TV and online.


There will be 31 macro has shown live on the BBC and if you missed


them, there are highlights on BBC One. Do not forget the sea BBC


channel where you can find shows every Saturday. You can also had the


red button and see a special commentary and you can follow every


single fixture by going to the Match of the Day Kickabout website and


downloading our wall chart. Stick it on your wall and fill it in as the


tournament progresses. Let us speak to Danny Murphy. What are England's


chances? I am confident they will get out of the group stages and then


they will need a little bit of luck in the draw. The quarterfinals would


be super with the young in the draw. The quarterfinals would


have. The strength in our side is the energy and pace, the likes of


Danny Welbeck, Daniel Sturridge, the energy and pace, the likes of


they will be the reason we do well, rather than going into games where


we are cautious. Who would you pick to win it? I have tipped Argentina


and that is because they have Lionel Messi. He is a better player than


Neymar. Argentina seem to have goals everywhere. I will stand by that.


Would you like to kick Robbie Savage in the face? That is an easy and


serve. I had the pleasure of being on an 11 hour flight with him, so I


will have great fun in trying to kick a ball into his mouth. This is


his big mouth, he has a Brazil shirt on. Michael Owen got six. The stars


will kick the ball through that whole in 20 seconds. Let us see if


they can beat my score. -- hole. whole in 20 seconds. Let us see if


they can beat my score. -- hole. That was tougher than I thought. Did


I get one? I am happy with that. Throughout the World Cup, we will be


bringing you all the top stories, great goals and the best news from


Brazil, but we want you to get involved as well. Tell us about your


favourite goals, best players and funniest moments, if it involves the


World Cup, then we cannot wait to hear about it and keep your videos


coming in, our freestyler will be hitting the beach to bring you some


very special tricks. If you feel inspired, ask a parent or guardian


to film your skills and show the world what you can do. You can find


our website. Leave your comment there. -- comments. Martin here and


over the next few weeks I will be bringing you the best things from


the World Cup that you might not have seen. Check out this guy.


Goal! As you can see or hear, the Brazilians take things to a whole


new level when it comes to commentating on the beautiful game.


They may be a number of managers up for the chop if results do not go


their way over the next four weeks, but if Brazil win the tournament, I


think I have found something which will be good. This former footballer


turned her dresser has vowed to keep his locks until Brazil win. If they


fail to do so, it will be another four years until he gets the chop.


One Dutch ban has made the mother of all journeys, just to see his


beloved Holland in his pick-up truck, he has travelled 21,000: It


is to reach Brazil. This is what it is all about. That is how people are


getting into the spirit of things. Here at home, some young fans are


getting in to the football fever. Let us talk about the team that won


the World Cup in 1998 and France. Thierry Henry score urge all those


goals for them. We have him here. -- scored all those goals. Thierry


Henry! Lovely gold. France are surely through. -- goal. Thierry


Henry scores. He was not going to miss that. What is it like 24 hours


before a World Cup starred in your home country as a player? For me, it


was weirder. I was not expected to make the squad, so I was taking


every day as it comes. It is the thing you dream of, you thought it


would never happen. 24 hours, just before that, you find yourself in


your bedroom, knowing you will represent your country, the day


after, it is crazy. What have you made of Brazil? The generosity of


people, the food, the joy, it is amazing. The scenery, as you can


see, it is amazing and the way they love the game. That has no price. It


is unbelievable. There you have it, do not forget, same plight -- same


time, same place next week. Good luck to England tonight against


Italy. We will leave you with the best bets of the World Cup so far


and it has only been two days -- gets. -- bits.


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