14/11/2015 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning everyone, it is time for another dose of fact filled


football fun. Here is what is coming up.


We need a creative guy whose hobby is to make entire stadiums out of


those very familiar building blocks. There is a recap of the best goals


from the FA Cup first round and West Ham fan Mark Wright, presenter of a


brand-new CBBC show will be joining me in the dugout.


But first let's get up-to-date in the world of football with this week


's headline writers. In Japan a striker has signed a new


contract with Yokohama F C at the age of 48. He is known as King and


has also played in Brazil and Italy in a professional career spanning 15


years and counting. Not our hacker, it is the New


Zealand rugby team who performed their legendary dance in front of


the Liverpool football squad. We have had the FA Cup second round


draw with the fairy tale dream of a cup so far, non-league Salford city


getting another dream home tie against Hartlepool of League 2. We


love that the FA Cup is back, there has already been drama, upset and of


course goals galore. Here's our pick of the best from round one.


Some support for the substitutes. He has been all three of them! And


again! What a goal! Goal of the season, gave him the


trophy now. Ten yards inside. Down the right. He


gets the ball, acres of space for a shot that it is end. Of the post.


On the edge of the box, a very good shot and that is a goal! What the


Google it was as well. Something in itself! And we've done it! The


rhetoric. Brilliant header and Newport County's 2-goal lead wiped


out in the last moment of the game. Brilliant staff and the eagle eyed


among you will have noticed non-league Bradley town at the end


having a dramatic last-gasp draw against Newport. We got to know that


club really well on the show last week especially in the star


midfielder. He joins us now. Hi, Eddie. The hi everybody. We saw that


last-gasp draw against Newport which has forced a replay, what was the


atmosphere like? How was it for the team? It is a great feeling, the


only better feeling would have been to win the game but to still be in


his very decent. They did not look great, there was a swirling wind for


the conditions. How did the team called? We trust that in our tactics


and carried on passing the ball, the when actually helps with the two


goals. The keeper found it difficult to deal with the wind in the second


goal came off Curtis 's head and went into the back of the net with


force. You are still in it, thank you so much for talking to us. And


all of the behind the scenes access. Good luck! Thanks! Good to see you.


And if you missed that day with Eddie then go to the website.


There is a brand-new CDs coming to CBBC next weekend is called the


Dengineers and one of the star presenters is a massive football


fan. The show that put you in charge of building your very own tree


house. Come into the den! Such a short! My football skills are


very bad and I think we could be getter. You are rubbish, Mark


Wright! I am not helping you! Mark Wright! Welcome to the show. I


think a might have been a bit harsh, you are not that bad. I have not


seen that bit of footage when the fault I was bad, Billy, I thought he


was my friend! That is out of order. Your new show, the Dengineers, what


is it about? It starts on Saturday 21st of November, and basically we


are building dream dens for kids so if there are two football for


instance, Billy who you just saw there, we built on a Manchester


United then because he loves Manchester United, it was football


related. It had asked would have before, I loved doing it. Making his


smile up and down the country. Basically giving them what I would


have loved as a kid. Maybe next series you can design a Nottingham


Forest. I know you are a big West Ham fan so why do you support West


Ham? Everybody in my family support West Ham, we are all from the East


End so it is tradition. When I was young playing Sunday league at the


age of seven the first club I was scouted for was West Ham, I was


there until 11 and then I went to Arsenal till I was 14 and when I


left school I played for time until I was 20 and then when semipro and


then I became not very good. So I left it in the hands of my brother


who is now a professional. Tellers about him. He plays in the one for


joining, who are flying high at the moment and hopefully will get


promoted. I always say the only reason he is better is because of me


because when he was younger I threw him around the garden and he got


stronger. Any standard goals you can member from them? He scored against


Manchester United in the cup, top corner from 25 yards. I was there,


he ran over and was there cheering, it was an incredible feeling. You


are an incredible fan of West Ham, what about this season? We have beat


Man City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool, then we lost against


Watford, Bournemouth. This year with higher, he has flair player. West


Ham might have got into that bracket of not being a feeder any more as


they might be a big club like Arsenal, Chelsea, man city, where


those like him might stay. Fingers crossed! Topping of West Ham do you


think you might recognise what is behind us? I have been downloads of


times it is Upton Park. It is. But it was made from scratch using


thousands of little bricks. Let's meet the creative and building


genius behind it. I am 32 years old and used to work


in an office. I don't football grounds. I was very lucky, my dad


used to take me to Crystal Palace and I was spoilt from an early age


with some good experiences watching football and I meet people and they


say look at this man, you don't football grounds for a living. It is


almost like the job didn't exist so I almost invented it. I do not draw


up any plans before and I just get the label and see what will work,


trial and error for the right book. For a new design it can take a


couple of weeks, a stop start process. I get up and try and start


by in and finish around six but it can go longer than that. At the


moment I'm doing almost seven days per week. My work is unique and I


have spent a lot of time practising and working and researching the


different bricks and things to get where I am now. Shrewd return ready


first club to kind of ring me up and commission one directly, that was a


special moment in the course of the business. In terms of a challenge it


could be the new Wembley, with the arch and it is quite curved as well.


The good thing about the bricks is you can build anything, there is no


restriction. Hopefully it gives people an idea or an inspiration to


go off and try something themselves. And here it is, West Ham's Upton


Park Stadium, what do you think? That is incredible, after being so


many times growing up and this year I can notice little things that are


the same. Like the big screen here, I can actually see my seat as well.


When I sat as a kid. Right at the bottom of the EU. I had a season


ticket there till I was 16 and then I have to go and watch Spurs because


when I had to -- because when I signed for Spurs we had to watch. It


is safe to say that many viewers who want to be a footballer, and we get


them to send us some goals. I would love to see some. First up


seven-year-old Jack with this gaping goal. That is a screamer, and we see


that in replay? Look at that! Watch this technique, he has logged the


keeper in the top corner. He even looks like a footballer. He plays in


midfield and has just signed a contract with Leicester City. Want


to look out for. Next up is a cute old William with this David Beckham


style free kick. Did you see the bend on that? Watch this, what is


the bend. There. Then the way, top corner, wedding number 7 like


Beckham, just like the man in seven -- dislike the man himself. Please


keep sending the clips to us and you could end up on telly, too. Just ask


your parent or guardian to film you and you could be doing skills on the


garden, playing in the park with friends or even playing in a match


like Jack and William. To upload your video just head to the Match Of


The Day Kickabout area of the CBBC website and was rather give her play


our weekly quizzes and catch up on anything you have missed.


I am afraid we are using the end, but we could not let your debut come


to an end without including some football magic from our very own


John Farmer. He may have seen some of his tricks when he showed them to


us. I saw that, it was incredible. It is amazing and because you are


here he wanted to surprise you with some magic right here. Please


welcome in. Randall! It is actually an! He is here, on his shoulder, on


his arm! Is that how you say hello to everyone? That is my


introduction! Because you are here I would like to do a magic trick. So


today I would like to test your heading skills. Can I get you to


sign a card? Of course. If you sign this card anywhere. Just so you can


see it. Happy with that? So I will fold this card up and you are going


to bite down on the card and hold it in your mouth. And then head a ball?


And then head a ball. I am not sure what is going to happen! And you


can't talk I will take the next card and I am going to write my name on


this card. You can see that. Happy with that. Definitely permanent


marker. So, Mark, we're going to exchange a header. He will head the


ball for me. And something magical is going to happen. Are you ready.


Wait, wait, wait, hang on. I seem to have wait, check your card. This


can't be the one that you signed! That was in my mouth William


assigning yours. What have you got? John you just got even more amazing.


That is incredible. I told was good! That was my first trip but I


have a second trick which I would like to show you. I have never done


this before, it takes a lot of effort and concentration so if you


would like to take a seat for me. This is first time? , a lot of


pressure. Get comfortable. Look how you are keeping the ball as well.


That is difficult. For him it is simple!


Useful thing! Forget about the ball that this hard for anyone! Cheers,


guys! John comeback! That was incredible. I have never seen


anything like that in all my life. Brilliant isn't it? You are


gobsmacked, I do not know what to say! We should end the show. Did you


have a good time? I had a great time. Thank you so much for coming


in. We thought he would end the show with some great goals. We'll see you


next week. Helping about, Sinclair! Good drive


by Sinclair! That has given him a canned! Dean


Ashton with a magnificent goal! Noble, this is it for West Ham.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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