21/11/2015 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Welcome to Tache Of The Day, sorry, I mean Match Of The Day.


I've got moustaches on my mind, having grown this little beauty


for charity, and it follows in a long line of famous facially


Footballers like David Seaman and Carlos Valderrama and Ian Rush.


Anyway, on with the show, and we've got all this and more


He is a huge Man United fan and spent the summer learning as


Athlete Christian Malcolm pops in for a chat.


We get a goalkeeping master class from Joe Price, and Stuart broad is


the latest star to stump of his dream five-a-side team.


But first, as always, let's catch up on the weird


and wonderful from the last seven days, with our headline hitters.


On Tuesday night, Ireland defeated Bosnia in a play-off to join


neighbours Northern Ireland, England and Wales in qualifying for next


summer's European Championships, and a superhuman effort deserves


Step up, the Man of steel, AKA kit man Nick Redmond.


Tuesday night also saw a gusty non-league game


Where do you think the defendant's clearance will end up?


Gets ten out of ten for his acrobatics in this essay cup replay.


That is the first and best back row finish ahead ever seen! Are featured


team from Round 1 of the FA finish ahead ever seen! Are featured


fouled bravely outs of the competition after a commendable


display hold them hold to put the shoe upper Newport. The Premier


League is back today, so let's take a look at the fixtures. Stamford


Bridge... Chelsea take on Norwich. They could end up in the relegation


zone. Who would have seen that one coming? Leicester travel to


Newcastle. Wow. In evening fixture, Manchester City take on Liverpool,


it is going to be writing sterling's first game against his


own club and we could see the return of Daniel Sturridge as well. It is


not just about this week. We have golf, tennis and weightlifting, the


World Championships in Houston. And that is a little clue to the theme


we have running throughout the day's show. I am sure lots of you at


home plate sports as well as football, and our Olympian guest


today is no different. Christian rock on, so, so experienced.


Christian outcome, but a good start. Christian Malcolm comes off that


bend in first place. I am Christian, the knowledge Malcolm. We are taking


ourselves off of the track and onto the street. Come on! And Christian


outcome is here now. Excellent. Christian, you are a New South Wales


boy. Who was your team growing up? Man United. That is ridiculous, you


are nowhere near Manchester. You are obviously a keen football fan. You


weren't always destined for an athletics career. You had child at


football clubs. I played a couple of games for Kewpie art schoolboys and


other teams. What was the tipping point for athletics? My coach never


used to give me many compliments, but when he did give one, it meant a


lot, and when eye was 15 or 16 he said they could be one of the best


sprinters in the world if eye was hard-working. When he told me


that... We are talking about sports to put trying out different sports.


He did a lot of that for us in the summer. What kind of wonderful


things that you get up to? Tae kwon do, baseball, but the badminton I


really enjoyed. Could there be a career in Biden? I don't know. My


thoughts notify have the stamina for it. -- a career in badminton.


Another team who is doing well at the moment are the Wales men's


football team, got to the European Championship finals next summer. You


must be delighted. Fantastic. A great group of lads there. It helps


that we have an Aaron Ramsey or a Gareth Bale but other players have


been fantastic as well. We have that spine and the team now and a good


spirit and a manager that understands. The world is our Oyster


now. Maybe we could go all the way. That is a big call, I will keep my


fingers crossed for you. It is great to chat. We will catch up with you


later when we will be doing a multisport quays. It is not just the


male Welsh team doing well, Kathy Williams has more. Whether you are


playing or watching football, having a brilliant goalie on your team


could be the difference between win or lose, so why have to try -- I


have checked down the best qualified person and Wales to give some tips.


Not only is Joe Price and international will keep her for


Wales, but her skills are so impressive that she has been


hand-picked to chain with the Welsh rugby squad. I was a sports junkie


growing up, played every single possible sports in school. You name


it, I tried it. I was at County trading one I was 13 or 14 and


everyone thinks they can play in goal, and actually enjoyed it. Got


the gloves, got the ball. What are the key tips? You have to be


mentally strong. If there is a case for you let a goal in, your


concentration to save the next shot, to organise your defence you


have to be confident. You have to be agile and good with your feet to


distribute the ball outs. A lot of the ball goalkeeping at the moment


is focused around the work. If it was to go into the top corner, I


could get across nice and quickly to save it. One of the techniques of


catching the ball would be the W shake. Here, these are barriers, so


if I throw the ball to you, you can see, you are catching it is nice and


Christian coming in. -- nice and commissioned, and. When you are


coming up for a cross, you are not always going to catch it appear. You


can see that clubs are pretty wet. Your best option might be to punch


out. All of the power is coming from your legs as well as your arms, so


you step and sponge this way. That is it, excellent. The -- step and


punch. Great tips there. Good luck in your sporting position.


Christian, we have a special quiz for you on the very subject. Rest


up, one of my favourites on the 1990s, Argentina, used to run about


with his trademark flowing locks scoring great schools. Let's see if


you can guess what he is now doing? Even he thinks it is a difficult


question! He has blown his cheek out in exasperation. Is he now a polo


player, a water polo player or a table tennis player. I would have


said none of them. I couldn't see him playing table tennis. I am going


to go water polo. Let's see if you are right. It is the other type of


polo! Next up, we have former Germany goalkeeper Tim Pfister. What


has he gone on to do? Is he a gymnast, a javelin thrower or a WWE


wrestler? I am not going to say a gymnast, because he is too old. I am


going to say javelin thrower. He is only a WWE wrestler! Never! Look at


him in that the best! He went over to America last year to go into the


training school for WWE. Do you think that is a career change for


you as well? I think iambic enough. Get stone cold out of retirement. A


stripper I think iambic enough. Did any of you -- I think I am big


enough. Get stone cold out of retirement. Did you all get full


marks on that at home? We have had hundreds of teams signs into us the


season and here are a couple to have caught my eye. In Northern Ireland


flare here. Having got to the Euros, who are we to argue with that thing?


The club chairman here would have to reach into his pocket to bring in


those sightings. Over to you, Stuart. Hello, I am Stuart broad and


this is my dream five a team. In goal, much most of the Peter should


Michael. As a kid I used to like goalkeeping, that is why he is my


favourite. The first centre back I am going to play is myself, because


I played centre back for the inland team in our warm-ups. Jimmy Anderson


likes himself as a bit of a goal-scorer up top. I am going for


the Barcelona centre back. I'm knee-deep rest defender -- I need


the best defender in the world alongside me. In the midfield, Wayne


Rooney. I love his passion as a goal-scorer, having goals from the


midfield is ideal. Wayne Rainey is going to be my captain and my centre


forward. As a striker, I can only look at Alan Shearer. He has scored


so many different goals. With the Shearer, Rooney partnership, that is


going to score some goals. I tell you what, I would have John far more


than my team every time. To celebrate our theme for today's


show, this is his multisport smash-up.


Unbelievable stuff! It looks like some of you are perfecting those


freestyle moves as well. James, those are some very silky moves


there, my friend. And Dennis, I like this a lot. Well done both of you,


and if you think you can match that, send us in your clips as well. That


is all we have time for, I am afraid. Thank you for coming in. In


honour of view, we are going to end the show with the Premier League's


fastest players. Who do you think it is? Walcott? Shall we jog outs? On


your marks, get set, go! Goodbye! This might be enough. Might chase


it, got the pace to beat him. Here is Wolcott charging on. Wolcott for


Arsenal! Good pace, as you would expect. Great stuff. Fantastic pace.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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