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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning everyone. I'm Seema and welcome to MOTD Kickabout. There's


so much to cram into today's show, so let's get straight on with it.


Coming up, former West Ham and England star striker Dean Ashton is


our guest in the dug out. Karim AKA Sadiq takes on Sab's Big Mouth and


we have a challenge specially for Kickabout. We are going a to


transform him into a free-styling mascot. Time for my clips of the


week and they both feature my beloved team, the club I've always


supported, none other than the mighty Liverpool. The women's team


played Birmingham last Sunday. Birmingham from the blue equalised


and would have thought they weren't in any trouble at the restart,


right? Wrong! A great strike from Farah Williams but the, but the ref


had to apologise, because he hadn't blown his whistle, a meaning the


goal shouldn't have stood. Rickie Lambert and Adam Lallana and Jordan


Henderson have been answering questions fans like to know. What


would you say to any aspiring youngster who wants to make it in


your sport? Give it everything. Try your best. Describe yourself in


three words. Busy. Busy and busy. Who has the best wanter in the club?


Enrique probably has the worst. Of course you're busy Jordan, you're a


professional football earn! Moving on to the week's news. Moor about


Liverpool. I promise I haven't done this on purpose. They beat


Middlesbrough on Tuesday night this on purpose. They beat


to a penalty shoot-out this on purpose. They beat


any penalty shoot-out. The final this on purpose. They beat


score was 14-13 and a total this on purpose. They beat


penalties were taken. This lunchtime it's the Merseyside Derby at


Anfield, with both teams struggling for form this season and desperate


for a win. There is another huge Derby clash tonight, this time in


North London. Arsenal take on Spurs, plus it is first versus third, with


Chelsea looking to maintain plus it is first versus third, with


know you all love your footie, and can keep up to date on your phones,


laptops and TVs. can keep up to date on your phones,


on earth did your can keep up to date on your phones,


uncles and aunties keep up to date with the latest footie news? The


answer was Ceefax. Pretty retro isn't it. That's how they used to do


it and here's Jenny with some m This is final score, a good afternoon to


you. You can watch us on your tablet or smartphone and every afternoon by


heading to the BBC Sport website. Ceefax was the internet and mobile


service of its time and was the only way to find out the latest football


scores, even if you weren't at a game or listening to it on the


radio. In its heyday, it would attract an audience of over 20


million people every week. Wow! It was so popular that even footballers


used to go on it. When legendary Dutch striker Dennis Bergkamp signed


to Arsenal in 1985, he used Ceefax to see the


to Arsenal in 1985, he used Ceefax being broadcast to the world. As


television moved to a new and exciting digital age, one which you


guys are a major part of, Ceefax made its final ever broadcast nearly


two years ago. Ceefax might be gone, but it certainly isn't forgotten. It


is time to welcome our guest today. He's played at


is time to welcome our guest today. level for both club and country.


Ashton! He has half a chance. Dean Ashton with a magnificent goal.


Ashton's header and it's in! What a moment for Dean Ashton. So we are


joined in the studio by Dean Ashton. Dean, welcome to Kickabout. It is so


lovely to have you here. It is great to be here. My seven-year-old will


be delighted. I bet he will be very proud to see dad on Kickabout I'm


sure. I hope so. Do you remember Ceefax? Absolutely. That's how I


found out the scores. It was great way to learn how to use the remote.


Today my two sons are whipping around the internet and can find


scores right away. So much easier these days. The Derbys today, the


Merseyside and North London Derby. What is it like to play in a Derby?


It is extra special. You really feel the expectation of the crowd, of


your own fans. If you make a mistake, will you be remembered, but


if you do something amazing in the game, if you score the winning goal


you will be remembered forever. You want to do something that you get


remembered forever. Let's talk about the Premier League. Chelsea are the


ones to beat this season so far What do you make of them? They've made


such a strong start. Jose Mourinho bringing in Fabregas and Diego


Costa, fantastic signings to what was already a great squad. They are


a great threat. Diego Costa is known as a target man's striker. Is there


a place for them in the Premier League? I really hope so. Having


been a target man striker myself, we thought that they were dying out,


the big strikers, but Diego Costa has come back in. The way he holds


the ball up and links the play and the goals that he scores, brings the


tag back of the big striker that can hold the ball up. You were that


striker that could hold the ball up. You scored in the Cup Final. How did


that feel? It was a dream. You grew up as a young boy and all up wanted


to do was play in a Cup Final. You look pretty chuffed there. And a bit


of hair as well. The whole putting your suit on before the game,


meeting Prince William. It felt very, very special. It was a shame


that Steven Gerrard spoiled the day. Well, thank you very much. We'll be


seeing you later in the stat cave. How are you feeling about that?


Alright. Best of luck. Talking of the FA Cup, the competition is back


on the BBC this season and here on Kickabout we'll be bringing you some


special extra episodes later in the year. Plus we thought we would try


to do something which has never been done before. We all like football


mascots and we all like freestyle tricks, so what if we could somehow


combine the two? Well, it is a Chancellor our very own John


Farnworth just couldn't resist. Hi guys I'm so excited to be an FA Cup


mascot. The design process is under way but today we are going behind if


scenes to see what's going on. The first step in creating a mascot is


the design and it is happening in this caravan. Let's go and have a


look. You are a designer, you seem to be drawing on the screen. When I


was at school I drew on paper. This a designer, you seem to be drawing


on the screen. When I was at school I drew on paper. This is sip ma --


cinema 3D, so we don't have to draw back and front views. It is fun to


see how if I was a cartoon character this is what I would look like.


Guys, I'm here with Rennie, who is going to project manage this whole.


Huing doing? I'm good, how are you? Not too bad. Is this what we are


going to base the suit on? This is a Ees, starting point for what your


underbody is going to look like. This is based on a superhero body.


Let's try this stuff on. It feels pretty good. I'm amazed. I feel like


a proper superhero. My thighs, because I do a lot of tricks on my


thinks, balance and kick it there, on my thinkings, balance and kick it


there. My calves, can I still use my heels and my it's. I've done a bit


in my suit. I want to see what the helmet is like. Doing basic stuff is


OK. It would be when we started to do more flashy stuff. That's


brilliant John. John. From watching you do your skills, going to get the


majority of your vision through the mouse. Before I leave, I had best


take this off, or I will look silly. I s off, or I will look silly. I


think soft. -- I think so. That was brilliant. Over the next few months


we'll be tracking John's progress in training. Training. Plus keep an eye


out for our first episode in November when our finished mascot


Farnworth will be unleashed to the world. Dean, it is time to take you


into the stat cave. How you feeling? Pressure from my son to get two out


of three at least. The stat cave. Deeper, welcome to the stat cave.


Here are the rules. Very simple. I'm going to ask you three questions.


Each of the answers either higher or lower, and if you get all three


correct here is your prize, the golden key. Wow! Question one, you


may have seen that former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez scored after


just 13 minutes after his Barcelona B debut this week, and you may have


seen the win in the cup. It was shoot-out in minutes higher or lower


than 13? That's a difficult one. I did watch the penalty shoot-out as


well. I'm going to go longer. Higher. Your answer is higher? It


was higher. OK. 17 minutes and 7 seconds it took. Did you get that at


home? I hope you're playing along. I got one right. That's a brilliant


start. Question 2. Dean, during your playing career you found the back of


the net an impressive 111 times. Wow! You look shock there had. Here


is Carlos Tevez. Can you tell me if the number of goals he scored for


West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City combined is higher


or lower than 111? Probably going to bet myself, so I'm going to go


lower. OK. Your final answer? Yes. You were right to back yourself,


because it was lower, with 85. The final question. Dean, you made your


Crewe debut aged just 16. On the wall of the cave is Chelsea striker


Didier Drogba, but when he played his first professional game, was his


age higher or lower than 16? His first professional game? A bit of a


tough one. I don't know where it would have been either. I'm going


higher. Dean, you are a winner! He was 21 years old. Brilliant! That is


quite old isn't it? That is. Compared to 16, I was only a little


quite old isn't it? That is. child back then it felt like. You


are now the proud owner of the golden key. How do you feel? It


feels great. To be able golden key. How do you feel? It


son I got all three, I will be able to see if he got all three at home.


High five me. It's been a pleasure having you on Kickabout. It's been a


pleasure and let's hope I beat my son at home when he sees questions.


The stat cave. Cave. So, time for this week's Sav's big mouth


of the first teams to play with challenger. Over


of the first teams to play with numbered shirts.


S I got three. I'm happy about that. Karim, that's three for you. A great


effort but not enough to challenge for the top I'm afraid. That's all


we have time for today. In a few hours the Merseyside Derby will be


kicking off at Anfield. It is a match both teams really need to win,


so there's bound to match both teams really need to win,


like this. Goodbye. There is no magic formula. It is just time,


patience with players. My experience tells me they will get better. We


are really excited and looking forward to travelling to an field.


COMMENTATOR: It is Steven Gerrard! Everton three, Liverpool two.


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