20/09/2014 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Hello everyone. It is me, Ben Shires and welcome to Match Of The Day


Kickabout. I live and breathe football. So to be a host this is


morning is an honour, thank you. Here is what is coming up, this


morning is an honour, thank you. Arsenal fan is our guest. Jade Jones


is on the programme. Those guy guys have the moves. Check out my clip of


week. AC Milan striker decided not just to pass to himself, but to use


the back heel for good measure! COMMENTATOR: He jumps for joy. The


finish is absolutely brilliant. But to have the pace to come back to


play once he had gone off the pitch and the clever little back heal.


This week saw the start of the Champions League with mixed results


for English teams. The only positive came for Liverpool in a thrilling


match against the Bulgarians. A last minute penalty from Stephen Gerrard


sealed the victory. The remaining games were all Germany versus


England. It was the former City player, Jerome Boateng who scored


it. Arsenal were beaten by Borusia Dortmund. There is a battle of the A


teams at Villa Park and a battle of the S teams at the Liberty Stadium.


Alan Pardew is feeling the pressure from the fans. Tomorrow, there are


four fixtures and they have saved the best until last, Manchester City


versus Chelsea and both will be looking to bounce back from their


midweek disappointment. Right, it is time to meet today's guest. Here he


S Tom from Wolf Blood. Welcome to is in action. The name is Tom.


S Tom from Wolf Blood. Welcome to Match Of The Day Kickabout. How are


you doing? I'm good, mate. How are you? I'm very well. I have got to


ask you which football you? I'm very well. I have got to


support? Arsenal, of course. And you are a London boy? Yes. It


London team. It is within the vicinity? Yes. And you have been


supporting them for a while. Who was the player that really inspired you


as a youngster? I would say Henri. Let's talk about the signings


Arsenal made this season. They have strengthened the squad and brought


in Chambers and now Welbeck, but it has been a stuttering start. How do


you see the season panning out? We need to find our feet. Welbeck was a


good signing, but I feel like he needs to find his Arsenal kind of


way of playing, do you know what I mean? I thought the same with


Sanchez as well. Once we get used to playing with each other and stuff,


the ball will start rolling. Absolutely. And Arsenal are famed


for their injuries, of course. Ramsey, we have got such good


players and it is a shame that we're not always fit. Arsenal did well?


Yes. FA Cup winners last year? Yeah, exact exactly. A trophy is a trophy.


Who do you support, Ben? Leeds United and we have done very well.


On terms of Wolf Blood and everything, I believe that Bobby


Lockwood is a Spurs fan? Yes, he is. He is a Spurs fan. As is Johnny too.


Are you outnumbered? Yes. There is a few debates. There is a lot of


arguments, not debates! Bobby roars sometimes. Thank you for coming to


chat to us and you will be tackling our stat cave shortly. Do you feel


good about that Yes. The F2 freestylers are going to teach you


how to execute the perfect volley. I'm Billy. I'm Jeremy. And we are


the F2. Over the course of this season, we're going to be teaching


you, the skills, tips and techniques you need to be a top player. To kick


us off this week, we will be showing you how to be a sharp shooter. There


is a lot of different techniques that strikers use to score a goal,


but we will be looking at the most technically difficult. The body.


Master this and you will become a legend just like this guy.


COMMENTATOR: Van Persie is closing in. Oh, he has got it. Van Persie.


He thrashes it home! Let's break it down into three parts. Number one,


in order to hit the perfect volley, you need to position your body


correctly in anticipation of the ball coming to you. To do this, you


need to open your body out. Number two, it is all about eye and foot


co-ordination. Stay focussed on the ball so you can adapt to its flight


flew the air. Number three, make sure you get a good connection with


the ball. This is key to get power and direction to smash the ball past


the goalkeeper just like this! And once you've mastered that, you can


try some of these. Finish it! Finish it! Yes! It is all


about the volley! Incredible. Those boys make it look so easy. What did


you make of the volleys? It is amazing.


boys make it look so easy. What did you make of the volleys? It is


amazing. Do you think you can do anything like that? I think you and


me should do it on the floor. This season on Match Of The Day Kickabout


we want you to share your videos with us. It could be a perfect


volley in your back garden, your favourite trick or a clip from a


proper match. Get a parent or guardian to film your skills on


their tablet and e-mail us: If we like it, we'll show it. It is


as simple as that. You can keep up-to-date on the Kickabout website.


Plus you can now also watch us on the CBBC iplayer so there is no


excuse to miss a second. Are you prepared for the stat cave? Always.


Let's do this! Welcome to our stat cave. I know it


is spooky. There is an echo in the air, but you're probably used to


that from your Wolf Blood time. It looks familiar. You're right at home


then. I'm going to be asking you three footballing mind munchers, the


answer is either higher or lower and all you have to do is get them


correct. I think I can do this. Question one, at the end of the


current series of Wolf Blood which is showing on B BBC, there CBBC


there will have been 39 episodes. On the wall of the cave is the


Tottenham goalkeeper, he is the oldest player in the Premier League.


Is his age higher or lower than 39? Take in the wrinkles. What is he? He


looks a bit like a dad. I would say he is lower. Lower than 39. I hope


so for his sake. It is higher! Oh. He missed an open goal. He's 43.


He's 43. Fair play to you. With a fresh face like that as well.


Question two, you're playing for pride. Did you know that a wolf's


sense of smell is 100 times greater than a human. I did know that. Well,


here is a man who can sniff out a goal. He moved into third into the


list of top scorers in the history of the Premier League, but is the


number of goals he scored higher or lower than 100? I would say higher.


You're right. It is 175 goals. Some pride restored there! Well done!


Now, I would hope this would have been the hat-trick, but


unfortunately it is for a brace this time. Your final question. Wolves


are master predators and their howls can be heard for up to ten miles


away. Barcelona and Argentina forward Lionel Messi and the


question is whilst playing in the World Cup final this summer did


Messi run higher or lower than ten miles? Oh, this is a chin stroker


this one. I need to bend down to get on the same level. I would say


higher. Oh, he's saying higher than ten miles. It was actually lower.


6.5 miles. It was 10K. Well done. It was a valiant effort and good luck


to Arsenal this season. I hope they do well. I think we need it.


Right, seeing as we've discussed the Champions League and the


Premiership, it is high time we moved on to the football that really


matters. That's right, I'm talking about the Championship and the club


I've supported since I was a youngster, Leeds United. To prove


that, I've dug this out from the loft. It is a book of my drawings of


my favourite Leeds players which I drew when I was your age and I sent


them in to get signed. They wrote back to me and Michael Bridges and


they wrote back and signed the drawings and you should be doing


that too. Make sure that footballers are earnings their wages. The scat


whites found themselves battling to return to the top division, but it


wasn't that long ago they were Champions League finalists. We


scored good goals along the way too. I've got my top five here and at


number five, it was the Aussie powerhouse.


COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's well done. It's a hat-trick. And it's 3-3.


Perfectly choreographed. Here is Rod Wallis where he strips the Spurs


team bare and scores a goal of the season!


COMMENTATOR: Rob Wallis. Oh, that's perfection. Rodney Wallis. In at


number three, it is the Australian. This game is against Sheffield


Wednesday. Off the bar and look at that. Even he can't believe it. You


see Des Walker coming up and I'm not sure he has seen a goal that good.


see Des Walker coming up and I'm not Top two is the winner against


Liverpool. He hits it so sweet. They need to change that crossbar. What a


belter. Get in! And not content with that strike, he went and scored a


better one to secure my number one spot.


COMMENTATOR: Oh look spot.


look at that! That's wonderful. Oh, that's twice the


against Liverpool in my book. I couldn't agree more, Barry. I


against Liverpool in my book. could not agree more. Next up, it is


Sav's Big Mouth. Kevin Davies set the bar very high


with six and this week's challenger is an Olympic Gold Medallist no


less. Three is a respectable score, Jade.


Good stuff. Right, I think, I've just about covered everything. I've


learned how to volley. I've discovered that wolves can howl


further than Lionel Messi runs in a match and most importantly, I've


convinced all of you to ditch your club and start supporting, Leeds


United. Right? No chance. Well, you can't win them all.


And welcome to Sam Mark's Sport Showdown!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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