13/09/2014 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good good morning, everyone. Welcome to Match of the Day Kickabout. It's


my debut in the hot seat. Very exciting. Here's what's coming up


for you today. It's Arsenal and Manchester City and


we look back at their nine-goaler thriller from last season. Tim


Vickery gives us theiodown on Manchester United's new signing.


Preston striker, Kevin Davis, takes on Sav's Big Mouth. The Premier


League took a break to make way for the first round of European


Championships qualifiers and all the home nations were involved. Scotland


had a tough start against Germany. They came close, but hearts were


broken by the goal-scoring machine that is Thom mass Muller. -- Thomas


Muller. England won against Switzerland. Northern Ireland beat


Hungary to secure their first away win in four years. And finally,


Wales just beat Andorra, 2-1, but win in four years. And finally,


had to be Baled out, see what I did there, by the Real Madrid star who


scored two amazing goals. Speaking of Wales, Chris Gunter has been


giving of Wales, Chris Gunter has been


to be part of the Welsh squad. That was awesome. I wonder if Chris


would let us stick a camera on him for the next game? Oh, that's not


allowed. OK, my guest this week - two absolute superstars from South


American have arrived at Manchester United and we wanted to find out


more about them. It's lucky then that we have our own expert to


reveal all. We can talk about technique and tactics and selection


all we like. You don't necessarily one the World Cup with flashy


opening-day victories. This is the biggest humiliation in the history


of Brazilian football. Here he is. Tim, welcome to the show. Honour to


have you. Lovely to be here. Our viewers, they obviously know about


you and have seen you doing your World Cup commentary, but I have a


few questions for you. OK? Fire away. I need to know, how does


someone become a south American football expert. What led you to


that? How do you fool people into thinking it? Step one, failing at


everything else. Step two, you have to live there. You have to breathe


the air. I moved out there 20 years ago. I think you've got to be


curious. You've got to watch the games with your mind open. And


you're thinking all the time, "How is this football in South American


and different from the football in England?" . There's a phrase that I


love, football is like a language that everyone speaks all around the


world. We all speak it, but we peek it with different accents. I speak


it with my accent and you speak it with your American accent and in


Brazil with theirs and Argentina with theirs so it's learning them


and comparing them. It's a lovely way to make a living. Absolutely.


Fantastic. There's two south American players who have recently


joined Manchester United. Will you tell us about them and please use


your Brazilian accent when you say their names. There is one from


Argentina and one - two actually, but the two big one is Di Maria from


Argentina and Radamal Falcao from Colombia. Di Maria is one of the


quickest things you'll ever see on a pitch. Lovely left foot. Can play in


midfield and play as a winger. He looks right on top of his game.


Radamal Falcao is a centre forward. He's an out and out goal scorer.


Inside the penalty area he will score with his right foot, with his


left, with his head. He is a tiger. A force of nature in the penalty


area. They've spent a lot of money, a truck-load of money. Do you think


it's going to be worth it? It seems like quite a big risk? With Di Maria


I don't think there's a risk. I have a little doubt about Radamal Falcao.


That's his knees. He missed the World Cup because he had a knee


injury. He rushed trying to get back into time for the World Cup. He


wasn't successful. Maybe he's still paying the price for the effort he


made to try and get fit in time for the World Cup, because I still don't


think he's moving quite right. We'll see how he does. I heard a rumour


that he's studying journalism? It's true. He can always fall back on


that? That was part of the thinking process. He's an intelligent young


man. Because his father was a player, I think he's always been


aware that football is an insecure profession. You might not make it or


suffer an injury, so when he was playing with River Plate and they


have a college and he was studying to be a journalist, so it means at


this stage not only can he play, but he can write the match report after.


If it doesn't work out, we might have to give him your number. Thank


you. We'll see you later for a statistic-based game, so you need to


study up. Will it be tough? It might be. For the Manchester United fans,


Fallujah should make his -- Radamal Falcao should make his debut against


QPR, but that's tomorrow. Before then, there are huge games taking


place later today. The only two teams to take maximum points come


head-to-head as Chelsea welcome Swansea.


COMMENTATOR: It's gone in. It's Szabo. -- Pablo Zabaleta in. It's


into the net! Navas finds Silva. Manchester City six, Arsenal three.


It's time for the cave, but we have decided to give it a south American


twist because Tim's here. Tim, in honour of you, we have changed the


cave into the jungle. What do you think? It's lovely that you made the


effort. Most of big-city South American, where the football is


played is an urban jungle, concrete, so it hasn't made me feel at home.


But I'm very happy. Apologies. I didn't do any of this. It's


everybody else that works on the show. Moving on, the game of


football, I'll give you three statistic-based questions and you'll


answer higher or lower and seeing as you're from South American, they're


all south American based. Since you're an compeRT, I kind of expect


you to get all of them correct. If I do, Big pressure. Big pressure. If


you don't get them correct I'll take away your expert title, but if you


did you get to take the key to get you out of the jungle. We didn't


think that one through. Are you ready? Ready. The population of


Argentina is 41 million. We have already talked about Di Maria, but


was his transfer fee higher or lower than ?41 million? I think he's


probably worth a little more than ?41 million. Anyone who saw him tear


Germany to bits would agree. I'm going hire. -- higher. You are


correct. Higher. ?59.7 million. Question two, did you know there are


20 different species of piranaha in the jungle? No. There are also quite


a few south American footballers playing in the Premier League. Is


that number of players higher or lower than the 20 fish species?


Argentina played Germany and seven of the team are Premier


League-based. Brazil just played Ecuador and six of that Brazil team


are Premier League based, so that's already 13. You throw in all the


others and it's higher. It's 46 players. Well done. The last


question is a toughy. The Amazon river in South American is one of


the world's longest at a staggering 4,000 miles. This week Gareth Bale


rescued Wales. Was the number of people watching that higher or lower


than 4,000? This is for the key? This is for the key. I'm not sure.


There are little jungle noises. Andorra is a tiny country. It's the


size of a stamp. I reckon Andorra would be difficult for them to draw


a crowd that size. I'm going lower. You are correct. 3,300. Well done.


That's yours. You can keep your expert title. Thank you very much.


Thank you for coming. Great to meet you. Thank you. This week,


Manchester played host to the annual Soccerex Football Festival festival.


We sent Seema to check it out. Usually during the international


week, Manchester City's stadium is a little on the quiet side. But not


today, because I've tracked down a festival right outside the ground.


That's not as easy as it looks. As you can see, a miniature pitch has


been created with some former Premier League legends really


strutting their stuff ch have you had fun so far? Yes. What's been the


best part? The keeper's big gloves. Which one is that? There.


INAUDIBLE So nervous before the game. Legends


or any of that high-quality football. They're good. Always


friendly. Look what I've just come across. It's the pitching machine


and Diego is giving it a try right now. Have you had a good day? Yeah.


Best part? The first football match. The legends were great. Any legends


that you've seen today that are your favourites? Saha. You were on fire


today. Did you enjoy it? It's always nice to win and everything was good.


It was lovely to see people looking at footballers that they've seen on


TV, so it's always great to do that. It's time now for Sav's Big Mouth. I


was disappointed to hear that my score of four had been wiped out for


the new season. But, I did win the award for the hardest kick, so I'll


be trying it again soon. This week's challenger is Preston striker, Kevin


Davis. He has a score of three to beat. Kevin Davis. Club? Sheffield


United. Footy statistics? It took me until 33 to make my England debut,


so never give up on your dreams. Six in 20 seconds. That's going to


be hard to beat this season. All the best. Six? That really has laid down


the gauntlet. It's easy to see why he's a striker. OK, so I'm afraid


that's all we have time for this week. I have had loads of fun and I


couldn't go without giving a shoutout to my team, Millwall FC.


Forget the Premier League. It's all about the Championship. We are


flying high and hopefully next year it will be promotion to the big


league. If you're short of a team to support, go for the Lions. Goodbye.


# In the jungle, the quiet jungle, the lion sleeps tonight...


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Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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