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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Yet again it's been a busy week in the world of football!


Defending champions Man City have slipped up, the transfer window


has officially shut, and England are back to winning ways.


And we've got it all covered here on Kickabout.


Coming up this morning, we give you the inside story


John Farnworth will be freestyling his way into the studio for fun


and games. Plus two of Newcastle's signings learn everything


Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has been hosting a soccer school


It's all part of his Steven Gerrard Foundation, and


bought back some special memories from when he was a youngster.


I learned how to kick a ball with my left and right foot .


How to turn , how to shoot, how to pass.


I will always have affection for this place.


Well, Gerrard and his Liverpool team had a great


win against Tottenham last weekend, so they jump into 5th place.


Chelsea are still looking the team to beat


At one stage five goals were scored in 10 minutes!


And just look at those two teams in second and third!


What a start to the season it has been for


At the bottom Man Utd are still without a win under new boss


And it's ALREADY looking like a long hard season for Burnley,


who have ONLY managed one goal so far in their three games.


Off the pitch, the real fun happened on Monday, transfer deadline day.


The excitement was unbearable, and we had our main man


It is the eve of transfer deadline day.


The likes of Manchester City and Arsenal are looking


The key thing is to get some sleep as it will be a busy day tomorrow.


We can put the cereal to one side for a second.


"Ten moves to watch out for", the players who could go out


Transfer deadline day and Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says he is going


Could this man end up at Manchester City or Manchester United?


Hello and welcome to the latest transfer deadline day update.


They are in negotiations with Liverpool.


Manchester United have landed the biggest transfer target


Reports are coming through that Manchester United have


hijacked Manchester City's bid to sign Falcao.


Let's cross and join David on the deal desk.


The life of a journalist at the BBC is not about TV but also


We are talking about Arsenal's possible move for Danny Welbeck


Were you filming yourself for the Red Button?


Everybody will be able to watch that on Saturday morning.


I am still waiting to hear on the Danny Welbeck move to Arsenal.


The Danny Welbeck move to Arsenal will go through without any


and that is transfer deadline day done and dusted .


It has been a pleasure. David was so busy that day but still took the


Right it's time to meet our guest, and he's very much part


We haven't seen you since the World Cup, how has your summer been?


I did a bit of training and meet some guys out there.


In Edinburgh, I was part of the show about Brazil.


That was me catching up with some of the local freestylers ,


You can always spot someone who does tricks and stuff .


I got quite close to some of the local guide and we went out training


I have come back better by learning from them


Some of my favourite stuff is when you go to various locations and


My thing has been to go into an area, like a field, and see it


differently. I do not know whether it it is my imagination. But that is


the reason I started free styling because I enjoy being on my own. You


do not need a foot will pitch to do what you do. You can get on a park


bench. -- football pitch. We are not just going to give you one


challenge, we are giving you two. First up, let's go to the cave.


Let's do it, yes! It's cold, dark and gloomy. You can get out on this


case. You can do this at home by asking three statistic based


questions. The answer can only be higher or lower. You can do it with


this, the key. You hold the world record for most number of round the


world 's, at 85. That is incredible. This man has been around the world


himself that he is also causing a stir because he is quite eccentric.


He has a large squad number on the back of his shirt. The question is,


is the squad number higher or lower than 85? The move I'd do is around


the world but I do not know if there are 85 players. I am going to go


lower. John, you are correct. It is lower, 45! You also have the world


record for the most number of tone juggles with 108. -- toe. This World


Cup has the most number of goals scored in a tournament. Was that


number, higher or lower than 108? I am going to go lower. Lower? Yes.


Lover than 108? The answer is higher! -- lower. It is 171. The key


is out of our grasp that it is higher! -- lower. It is 171. The key


final question. Last Christmas you got the most number of heel


final question. Last Christmas you at 130. I remember the tension. A


brilliant day. Aaron Ramsey has the most number of touches in a Premier


League match most number of touches in a Premier


question is, was that number of touches higher or lower than 133? I


think a footballer would touch of all quite a lot, especially with a


player so good as he. -- touch a ball. Higher than 133? Yes. The


answer is higher macro 134. A great effort but you did not get the key.


You know what? It was great. The challenge does not stop there


because later on, you will take another challenge.


from all over the world, and sometimes they need help to settle


into their new city. That's why Newcastle United invited two of


Hello! Welcome to Newcastle United. We have a hugely talented and


diverse squad of players. Today we are spending the day with two of the


newest signings, teaching them about the history of our football club.


Let's go and check it out. Since it opened, the Newcastle United Museum


has become one of the city's most popular attractions. It has a


replica of the tunnel, two famous memorabilia. It is a great chance


for the new signings to get to know about the Manchester United boys.


Thus -- to know about the Newcastle


United boys. We had a great day and the boys were teaching us more about


the club. It is great to know about the club. It was nice to be here. I


know a lot of big players have played here before. Alan Shearer


will take this one. Yes! Now it can begin. The first question, in which


year were Newcastle United... It is important for the new players to


learn about the club. Newcastle has a rich history over the past 140


years so it is really, really important that all the players know


a bit about history. They are not going to be experts but they should


at least know the basics of the club. I am pretty close to the


city. There are some pretty nice views and you can see a bit more of


the city. You can see more of the country. It is a really nice team


and we want to win. To win the Premier League is really tough. It


is now time for Big Mouth. The last time you did this was in a field.


You did it quite normally, didn't you? I just kicked it. Today, I'm a


free starlet. How many will you get? I think I will get three or four.


Today, I am a freestyler. I'm going to go on my knees for this to give


you a helping hand to stop your time will start now. Off you go! Go on,


John! Yes, he has two! Go on! Go on! Yes! Yes! I equalled it. You


equalled it. I am so happy. John, let's go and look at the scoreboard.


He is currently the leader and you have equalled it. I will take that!


no Premier League fixtures this weekend because it's the


international qualifiers for the next European Championships!


gets, away to the World Champions Germany. Northern Ireland play


England face Switzerland. For each of the home nations, it's time for


to step up to the plate. Hope you've enjoyed the show, thanks so much to


You have crushed the Big Mouth, brilliant!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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