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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's Saturday morning so it's Kickabout time and we


really are at full capacity today, so let's just get straight on with


There are only three days before the transfer window closes


and we will update you with all the biggest stories so far.


Pop sensation Amelia Lily takes on Sav's Big Mouth.


We join the Watford team to try a revolutionary new training tool,


Plus, with England having qualified for next year's


goalkeeper Rachel Brown-Finnis joins me in the studio.


This last seven days has been a busy week of football.


In the huge Premier League match last weekend, defending champions


overpowered Liverpool to keep up their 100% record and share


the top spot with Tottenham, Chelsea, and Swansea, who have


absolutely surprised everyone in their early season form.


In midweek attention turned to the Champions League.


Arsenal fans, me included, were on the edge


of our seats watching the match as the Gunners held onto a 1-0 win and


to qualify for the lucrative group stages for the 17th year in a row.


However, there was not such good news for Scottish champions Celtic.


A defeat at home means the Hoops crash out of the competition.


This Wednesday, England played their first match since the World Cup, and


For his club team, Man United, it has been a terrible week


on the pitch, but they've had a ?59.7 million boost off it.


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal is searching


Van Gaal said he needs a miracle to win the league.


Tonight, Manchester United are at MK Dons.


Louis van Gaal has got big, big problems!


Manchester United's record signing Angel di Maria says he has come to


the club to win trophies and take Manchester United back to


It is fair to say it is all happening at Old Trafford


during this transfer window, and here to tell us the full story


is a busy man at this time of year, he has just dashed in from the BBC


We have got to start with Angel di Maria.


Do you think he is the missing piece of the United jigsaw?


It's the biggest signing of the summer so far, the biggest ever


transfer into British football, and he's undoubtedly a fantastic player.


Man of the match in the Champions League final for Real Madrid


but certainly not the answer to Manchester United's problems on his


Many people think this is like dressing the shop window


before you have stacked the shelves, and they will be looking


for some more signings before the transfer window closes.


I can tell you love this time of year.


It is like waking up on Christmas morning because you will find out


which teams will get what, what you are not going to get, and to be


involved in that is a fantastic experience, making calls here, text


messages there, picking up on bits of information, and when it


comes to the crunch on deadline day hopefully you can report


the deals first and fastest and let the fans know what is happening.


How do you separate the fact and fiction?


Some of the rumours diverge from the sublime to the ridiculous.


Some happen, some are never going to happen.


People see a player in a post office, supermarket, at an airport,


and you have got to be careful because at the BBC we have got to


If you have spoken to the people involved you can separate


There is a lot going on, and that is exactly why we will present you


Hopefully using it we can bring exclusives to all of you out there.


Next week's show we will see what you get up to.


Next up, I know you lot like cool gadgets.


Championship team Watford have a new training device which is cool.


With the Championship season only just underway, the race for the


Premier League is already hotting up but here at Watford they have


It might look like it has dropped out of space but it is actually


Ben here is the sports scientist at Watford.


This is all a bit sci-fi, bit futuristic.


Essentially it is very cold, that's the basis of it.


There are two chambers, one is -60 degrees and they go


into a -140 chamber, essentially like putting an ice pack on.


After a gruelling match last night it is time to refresh


Come to the glass for a photograph, please.


One minute, stay in there for another minute, please.


I am with Keith Andrews, Watford midfielder.


What do you prefer, this or the magic sponge,


Magic sponge and a section of orange, that was the thing


It was ice baths, this is the next thing.


What happens to your body when you are in there?


Has anyone tried to duck out of the activity?


A few boys, I think they needed to be pushed in a little bit.


It is not nice but we do it a couple of times,


I have got to go in there in a minute and when they told me I was


What was the reaction of the players?


I think a few of them were not too keen on it.


Got to get in there and give it a go myself.


Right, I am kitted out and ready to go.


-60. When you go into the main chamber,-140.


-60. When you go into the main chamber, -140.


The Watford players are going to have to do that again on Sunday


Fair play, rather you than me. On two women's football and it has been


a brilliant month for the England team. Wales could qualify for the


next year's World Cup, and here is how. All the way through, all the


way in! Suspicion of a handball, play on. What a finish. Into the far


post and England have a third. It is four. Brilliant ball in, clinical


finish. England on the way to the World Cup finals. They definitely


qualified in style. Joining me now is England and Everton goalkeeper


Rachel Brown-Finnis. Welcome. England just qualified for the World


Cup in 2015 in Canada. How are you feeling? With a game to spare, we


did it in style. We have kept at it through every game, we have looked


to be with and Liz Truss -- and ruthless in every game. What is it


actually like to play in a World Cup? It is the dream scenario for


any aspiring footballer to pay for your country on the biggest stage,


the World Cup is pure football and it is fantastic to be that again.


Wales also could still qualify through the play-offs. Do you think


they will? Wales are stronger, I feel, than they have ever been. And


a lot of their personnel, some of them play in America, some of them


play here in England. Fingers crossed they qualify. I have got to


ask, you have got an array of injuries. Can you tell me some of


them, they are unbelievable. I will start from the top! I have been


knocked out, had my head cut open, my teeth knocked out, hurt my


shoulder, knee surgery, dislocated fingers, torn ligaments. That is


just a few. But it is half of the fun of being a goalkeeper. But you


are still at the top of your game and looking to go to the World Cup.


It is small bright and pet to the challenge we are going to give you


today -- it is small fry compared to the challenge we will give you.


Let's do it. Here we are in the stat caved. You


could be walking away with the key of freedom. I think I have got a


50/50 chance. In case you have not seen it, is simple game. Stat based


questions to which the advocate only be higher or lower. Join in at home,


if you don't know the answer, just guess! Question one, you made your


England debut at 16, which was incredibly young. Keep that in mind


when we look at this man here, he made his debut for Norway this week.


The question is, what his debut age higher or lower than 16 years old. I


would say no one. -- Lola. In fact, a slight receding hairline, I will


go with higher than 16. You possibly should have stuck with your original


answer, it is lower. 15 years, 253 days. He might be playing against


England on Wednesday. It is all about pride now. Question two, fair


to say Everton have got two great goalkeepers in the women's team in


yourself, and in the men's team in Tim Howard. You have got 82 caps for


England, the question is how many times have that man played


internationally for USA? Is it higher or lower than 82? This is a


tough one. Brad Friedel played before that. I will go with lower. I


thought exactly the same as you. The answer, unbelievably, is higher.


No! They must play so many friendlies, it is 102. He got his


century. Well done, Tim. The final question, Angel Di Maria signed to


Manchester United for almost ?60 million. But life was not always


like that for him, as a young player he once changed teams in exchange


for a number of footballs. The question is with the number of


footballs higher or lower than 60? Higher. I thought the answer would


be 60 million footballs, but it is lower, 35 footballs. Zero out of


three. Is it possibly the most disappointing result of your career


so far? It is on a par with getting knocked out of the World Cup. In a


year's time, hopefully you can put that right. Good luck in Canada!


It is time for Sav's Big Mouth now and this week's contender is Amelia


Lily. # I am in London city.


# What have I done to deserve this? #.


I am Amelia Lily and I support Newcastle United. Two facts about


me, I bumped into Luis Suarez in an airport and asked for a picture and


also I sponsor my dad's local football team and he has got my name


across all of the football shirts. Two meters, 20 seconds, try to beat


my school. -- my school. That was rubbish. Yes!


Yes! I got two, I think will stick to my singing.


Amelia Lily, you get two points. Don't be so hard on yourself, that


is only one less than a Premier League footballer and, as things


stand, you are in silver medal position. Before we go, let's take a


look at this weekend's fixtures. The only hope to heap more mystery


of Manchester United at lunch time and there is a big match at Goodison


Park where Everton host Chelsea. Tomorrow, Tottenham Hotspur will be


hoping to maintain their 100% record when they play Liverpool and on


Wednesday the Pope is shipped to England, who played Norway in their


first match since their World Cup disappointment. There will be


familiar faces and some new ones as well. See you next week.


A challenge by Chambers. Danny Rose! His first goal of the season.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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