28/11/2015 MOTD Kickabout


The latest football news, tricks and skills, plus goals galore.

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If you're after the biggest names, the best goals


and the sharper skills, then sit tight, as there all of that and much


Boots and beats are combined, as Man City's Yaya Toure tells us


about his taste in music and his potential new nickname.


John Farnworth is back with more of his football magic


and the hottest hotshot in the Premier League, Jamie Vardy, gives


But first, let's start as always by getting fully up-to-date with


the world of football here are this week's headline hitters.


We have seen some amazing non-league goals already this season,


but this strike from Berkhamsted midfielder Josh Chamberlain will


After taking on a couple of players with some fancy footwork,


he belted it in from the midway line.


But if team goals are more your thing, then check out this move from


Wales' women had a must-win European qualifier against Kazakhstan


And Helen Ward stepped up the pace, with a hat-trick


They'll be hoping for more of the same in their next qualifier


Scotland and England are also in action tomorrow.


It has been a disappointing week for the Manchester clubs


United were held to a 0-0 draw to PSV and Man City lost


However, it was all smiles for the two London clubs.


Chelsea got back on the goal trail with a 4-0 win, whilst Arsenal were


So a decent week for English clubs in the


Champions League, but they will have an almighty job to get past


Barcelona were incredible - they crushed Roma 6-1 midweek


and one of their goals was a breathtaking 27 pass move, finished


Bayern's form this league is also amazing.


If every shot against them had gone in this season, they would


Manuel Neuer must be a very bored goalkeeper.


Back to the Premier League now and just look at that table.


I mean, they were club that nearly got relegated last season.


It might have something to do with their red-hot striker, Jamie Vardy.


He's looking for his record-breaking 11th goal on the trot.


As the two top teams, Leicester and Man United,


And we had to hear from the man himself, so be prepared


for his top tips on how to put the ball in the back of the net...


Vardy is onside. Vardy!


Composure. Just stay nice and relaxed.


Never change your mind. Always pick a spot where you're going to play.


It gives you more chance of scoring the goal.


Wow, I can't wait to see if he breaks the


But before that there are five 3 o'clock kick-offs.


Aston Villa will be absolutely desperate for a win against Watford,


so they don't get cut adrift at the bottom.


Manchester City host Southampton, and that's a key game,


as a win for City would take them back to the top of the table.


Leading the charge for those three points will be one of the


And Kickabout was invited over to talk music with their main man


So we snapped up the chance and said yes, yes to Yaya.


A chance for Yaya Toure. What a goal! He may be one of the best


midfielders in the world, but his work at Manchester City isn't all


done on the pitch. He has been supporting the club's music


Project, which brings youngsters together through football and music.


Hello, everybody. This is DJ Yaya Toure. Music and football is a... Is


to have the most important things in the lives of the people coming to


us, you know what I mean? Sometimes, when we finish a game, we on in the


dressing room. It's quite nice. It's always giving you happiness.


It's good to have those kinds of things. Just to keep the pressure


out of you. Yaya Toure. And it's not just at work where he listens to


music. His young children are into their music as well, including a


wannabes pop star. Yeah, my daughter wants to be like beyond say. She


sings and plays piano as well. Sometimes when I am tired, she wants


to play piano with me. I'm not too good, I'm not bad either. When she


plays, she asked me to show me if she is good. I say, you are always


the best. -- MOTD -- rumour has it he listens to be power balance of


Celine Dion. I knew you were going to ask me that! . I listen to him.


He is inspiring and relaxing. Celine Dion, no. Enough. I cannot take any


more, please. Boots and meats has certainly found some talented young


rappers today, but is DJ Yaya Toure one of them? I'm always trying to


land, but to be honest with you, they say nothing. -- trying to


learn. I think you should stick to the football pitch. You are pretty


decent about. Can they catch on? Yaya Toure, what a run. What a goal.


What a player! They love playing their music to get


themselves in the zone before kick-off. This week, a midfielder


claimed that a recent run of three goals in four games has been down to


playing Justin Bieber in the dressing room. We have some in the


studio. Do you know which player it is and which team he plays for? If


you want to find out and test more of your knowledge, go to the MOTD


Kickabout website for a special quiz on footballers and music and don't


forget that you can find all of our interviews with our top Premier


League stars and amazing videos about football fanatics. You can


also upload your clips to our website. We have seen some amazing


skills this season and keep them coming. I have been very impressed


by the skills performed up and down the country. Hears the ones that


have made it onto the screen this week. -- here are the ones.


Nine-year-old then gets applause for the rainbow flag. Another equally


impressive rainbow fleck goal combo. Strike. Ten-year-old son took some


time to get this right, but it was certainly worth the effort and


around the world flick then shop to be proud of. --. John Farnworth has


turned to football magic for us now and has completely bamboozled me in


the process. This week's trick is the battling badge drag. Let me show


you. That actually stitched onto my


football top. I love the shirt. It's actually sown in. It's mad,


that is, isn't it? Yeah. I need to know how he does those. He just


won't tell me. It is so frustrating. Anyway, back to this weekend's


action. There are plenty more games tomorrow. Chelsea will be firing on


all cylinders at the moment. The standout fixture for me is at


Anfield. Swansea manager Garry Monk is under pressure after a bad run of


results. He can do no wrong, after his team's demolition of man city.


This week, he will face his sternest test yet. That's scalps. It will be


useful for me. It means that it's really good. Ah, yes. That's boss.


We win against Manchester City and that's boss. Time now for a bit of a


5 aside and this week's celebrity player manager is a forward who


dazzled and this year's World Cup. Hi, I'm Karen Carney and this is my


five aside dream team. Peter Schmeichel is in goal. No one ever


got past him. My first and only defender, because I am an attacking


player, would be Bobby Moore. He lifted the World Cup in 1966, so he


has to be in there. Next in midfield is Karen Carney, obviously. It is


the visit, it is Karen Carney. My final two players are the most


attacking out there. Lionel and George Best. They are amazing and


that's why they are in the team. We are nearly out of time, but first I


wanted to get you thinking about yet another dream team. This time, the


world 11 of 2015. It is the most prestigious dream team in football.


I will leave you a reminder of last's selected team. I certainly


wouldn't want to play against this lot. See you. There isn't another


goalkeeper in the world who could do that. He is the best. For me, he is


the best centre half in the world. He did really well for Spain. What


they call! A lovely ball. -- a


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