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It's been another action packed week, with dream debuts,


touchline tumbles and penalty shoot out drama!


Loads to talk about, so we better get cracking.


We chat to Spurs duo Harry Kane and Dele Alli ahead of the big


CBBC favourite, Iain Stirling is here to chat about his love


of Liverpool and the brand new series of The Dog Ate My


And we check out your fantastic footie skills!


Man Utd have a new hero in teenager Marcus Rashford!


Check out these early goals we found from when he played


He had a dream Premier League debut last week after scoring


But the new teen superstar couldn't celebrate after the game


because he had to revise for a chemistry exam!


Top of the class both on and off the pitch!


Here's a contender for goal of the season!


Portsmouth Amputee FC player, Ray Westbrook, scored this corker


in the FA People's Cup last weekend to help his side reach the finals.


And the Women's FA Cup draw has been made, and holders Chelsea


have a tough away trip to Doncaster Rovers Belles


to begin their defence of the trophy.


Last season's losing finalists Notts County face Durham,


while Liverpool host rivals Man City.


And there was plenty of action midweek in the Premier League!


After Leicester only drew with West Brom on Tuesday,


Spurs missed the chance to go top with a loss against West Ham.


Man City and Arsenal's title hopes also suffered a blow as Liverpool


got revenge for League Cup defeat with a win at Anfield,


And down at the bottom, Norwich fell into the relegation


Up in Scotland, Aberdeen closed in on Celtic by beating


I can see that title race going right down to the wire!


And speaking of Scotland, that leads me nicely on to our next


guest? He's a regular face here on CBBC as the presenter


of The Dog Ate My Homework, it's Iain Stirling!


I'm all right. Billy Connolly is furious!


The brand new series of The Dog Ate My Homework has been


on our screens since January here on CBBC -


how was that going back to make a third series?


It's nice to be back. The more you do it, people know what it is about


now. The show is a bit weird and we do some dumb stuff. You are funny


man and you do lots of jokes. What is your funniest moment?


Jokes washed once went to do... It was disgusting.


You're a massive Liverpool fan - are you still gutted about not


It was horrific. We have won cups with penalties but it was tough.


On a happier note, you've now done the double over City in the league


after a 3-0 win midweek and the 4-1 thrashing at the Etihad earlier this


season? Would you swap those wins for the Cup?!


It would be nice for him to have won something. At the minute, I think we


want the cup. I think he is the best thing ever. I


prefer him to life, my girlfriend, everything. He has got some great


results. We had had some bad results but I think he will do well in the


transfer window. Is your favourite player?


At the minutes, it have to be familiar. All time, Gary McAllister.


I thought it would be Steven Gerrard.


No, he is amazing but it's Gary McAllister. He was involved in some


massive games. He wasn't there that long that he scored some great ones


anti-Scottish as well. Wonderful little backheel from


Sturridge. Goal number 27. When was your first game? I went to Anfield


for a testimonial. I was about eight or something. This season, I've got


a lot of away matches. I'm going to Palace and we'll see what happens


there. Last time, we beat city 4-1 and lost to Newcastle.


I've never seen a season where every team is just so up and down.


Liverpool have not won more than two games in a row this season.


Where will they finish? Fourth. Who is going to win the league?


I'm hoping and I think its lustre. They got the killer instinct. Apart


from Liverpool, it will be the best results. -- I think it is Leicester.


Well, they face Watford away this weekend, so let's see if they can


Man Utd travel to West Brom, and we can't mention LVG's men


He fell onto his backside. Is making a point! I love that. I like a


manager that can have a bit of a laugh and a joke.


Iain, what did you make of Louis' antics at the weekend?!


But the two matches we're looking at for this week's predictions


are the big North London derby, and my boys up against your


I think Spurs are going to beat Arsenal 2-1. Spurs need to come back


from their last game. And it's at White Hart Lane. It would be nice to


see Arsenal get a lead. I will go to- one for Arsenal. And West Ham


versus Everton? I think West Ham are going to do it.


Storyline? 3-1. I'm saying 2-1. But that's just what think.


I think the score will be 3-1 in West Ham versus Avenel -- arsenal.


My Everton and West Ham prediction is 2-1 to West Ham.


Back for sending your predictions in. A massive thanks.


Don't forget, we'll have two new matches to predict the scores


for from Monday next week, so if you want to appear


on the show, just head to the Kickabout page on the CBBC


Now, I've gone for a 2-1 win for Spurs in the North London derby,


and these two will certainly be hoping I'm correct!


Harry Kane and Dele Alli have been stand out players for Spurs so far


this season, and these young fans were lucky enough


I have been watching them since I was five. Just seeing them in person


is just a dream come true. It's really amazing seeing them up close,


seeing how they do all those skills. It's not like you see on the TV.


Really fun. I really enjoyed seeing Harry Kane. I shook their hands.


Come on you Spurs! It was great. They asked us


questions about what we do on a day-to-day basis. It goes back to


the kids that we once were growing up.


It's all about having fun. Just join -- -- just enjoying every day.


Which player you pretending to be in the playground as an 11-year-old?


I think it was Jason puncher. He was big around that time. When you were


at school, you must have dreamt about winning the Premier League


trophy. Are we about to see those dreams become a reality?


There is still a long way to go. We were get carried away. We just have


to keep focused. It might happen. I got a lot of self belief. It's not


just Tottenham who have been flying this season. Harry, you have been


sensational. But you the best striker in the Premier League?


Definitely, yes. There are a lot of great strikers in the Premier


League. Danny Welbeck, Jamie Vardy. Arsenal blown away in the north


London derby by the Harry Kane 's! Can we look


I would be happy to hand my trophy over to Del boy.


It's a sensational goal and another brilliant one from daily Ali!


Could you describe Harry in three words. Professional, caring, awful.


Funny, competitors, special. This is such a love in between you two. Best


friends. It's safe to say they are both unbelievable players and very


skilful. Now it's time to check out your skills.


Sam, that was genuinely unbelievable!


Speaking of which, don't miss our Kickabout Skills Special


at the end of this month, when John Farnworth will be teaching


you tons of tricks to impress your mates with.


And before that, keep getting involved with the show by sending


in your footie stories and pictures to [email protected]; just


Here he is celebrating a goal for his team Nova United U9's -


That's it for now but make sure you're back with us next Saturday.


And after 18-year-old Marcus Rashford's dream double


for Man Utd last week, I'll leave you with five other teens


who scored on their Premier League debuts!


Here's Owen! Brilliantly done!


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