30/01/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's that time of year again when the season really starts


hotting up both on and off the pitch and I for one can't get


Just in the last seven days we've had Premier League,


Capital One Cup semis and penalty shoot-outs,


transfer rumour, pressure on managers and now it is the FA Cup


fourth round and in even better news, there's more to come


We reveal the main movers and shakers of the transfer window


and attempt to separate the fact from the fiction.


Imagine being the Cristiano Ronaldo of table football?


Now, imagine travelling the world playing table football for a job!


Plus we showcase more of your incredible home-made


football skills, giving the professionals a run


Now, this weekend sees the fourth round of the FA Cup,


but the action is already well underway after last night's huge


match between Derby County and Man United live on the BBC.


If you have already seen what happened, full marks


For the rest of you, here is a little recap.


Fired up stadium, welcoming the teams.


Louis van Gaal said, "We cannot lose to a championship club."


It's into the back of the net out of nothing.


Nothing much to choose between the sides at the start


So a much needed win and confidence boost for Man United.


Unlucky to Derby and their fantastic home support.


OK, it's time for an update on some of the other stories to have


caught my eye over the last seven days.


The fairytale became a reality for minnows Linlithgow Rose


in the Scottish Cup on Tuesday night.


The amateur Super League side beat Forfar to reach the quarterfinals


and goal scoring hero Kevin Kelbie will no doubt have had a spring


in his step on Wednesday morning back in his day job as a dog walker.


He's obviously a man used to taking the lead!


It has been a remarkable 12 months for the England women's football


They have been included in a leading computer game for the first time.


If there's a console there at St George's Park the girls


tend to play just to fill a bit of time up, yeah.


I would have to probably day Lucy or Jemma Davidson,


There was high drama in both Capital One Cup


Manchester City booked their Wembley place after a 4-3 aggregate


But Toffees fans will feel hard done by as Raheem Sterling's Cross


for a crucial goal appeared to have crossed the goal line.


In the other semi, Liverpool came out victorious against Stoke,


but only after a nailbiting penalty shoot-out.


Joe Allen's winning penalty in that match capped an amazing spell


If you include all the penalties they scored at Anfield on Tuesday


night and their incredible 5-4 win at Norwich last saturday,


that's an amazing 11 times that they put the ball in the back


The man at the centre of all this action is their charismatic


manager Jurgen Klopp - and such was the excitement


with Adam Lallana's last-gasp winner at Norwich, the big German's glasses


Classic Jurgen, always making a spectacle of himself


Right, now to a sport where the players are slightly less


animated, but there's just as much high drama.


Rob thank you for having me in your house. Table football, how did you


get the bug? My dad's friend used to have a table in his basement and he


used to beat me. He didn't hold backment he made me competitive and


really want to beat him. How do you go from playing against your dad's


friend to becoming one of the best players in the world? Practise and a


lot of drive, I guess. I have got it really young I developed good habits


and I really wanted to be the best. I do a bit of everything. I learned


allel different styles and depending on the opponent, I find a style he


doesn't likement when I started playing for GB, I didn't lose one


game. Last year I went to Taiwan, Abu Dhabi, Las Vegas.


I know there is a lot of differences between this and real football. But


presumably there is some moves that you can do on this that emulate the


players on the pitch? He has got a rocket of a left foot. The drive.


They've done it! So composed. I would do a simple one


like that. You have got Ronaldo on the left-wing. He can do a few step


overs. It is like watching Ronaldo. If Ronaldo was attached to a metal


pole and looked like a clothes peg. Amazing!


Oh, look at that! COMMENTATOR: Oh my word. I have


never seen anything like it. Wow. What would you say your top three


things to remember are if you want to be a great player. Control,


co-ordination and aggression. Well, let's see I can see what you can do.


I want to give you a game. Up for it? We'll give it a go. I need to do


my traditional team talk. Right then, boys. This is it. Each and


every one, 100%, you come here, that's right. I want to see a big


game from you. Strikers three upfront. I like this formation. You


do me proud and dough everyone proud. Don't be rubbish!


The thing is you're not going to make mistakes.


Come on! Speed, accuracy, concentration, all


skills that I seemingly don't possess, but this guy does and he's


really good. Okay he might have scored 134


but that's not the point! I literally couldn't even see


the ball half the time So from a table football magician


to a freestyling football one, It is an old ball, isn't it? But if


you watch carefully... He's playing a long time ago here, but I thought


if I shake it then he would be able to play in the modern day.


Make sure you check out the Kickabout area of the CBBC website.


There is recipes on how to eat like a pro, pick dream five a side teams


and much, much more including a video uploader to show case your


skills. Here's Seth who found it so easy to


score a goal, he started scoring through basketball hoops. Next up is


Tashie who sent us these incredible backward step overs.


There's only a few days left now until the January transfer window


shuts, but some teams are wasting no time in adding to their squads


Media interest is so high that some players don't even get


to their new clubs without being spotted.


Take new Chelsea signing, Brazilian Alexandre Pato


for example, he gave a walking interview after landing


Pato, Pato, what's it like being in England? I really want to play at


Chelsea. Another big move was Newcastle's


?12 million signing The youngster has scored some great


goals in his short career, and joins England team


mate Jonjo Shelvey at St Emmanuel Adebayor has joined


Crystal Palace after leaving Alan Pardew will be hoping the Togo


forward can grab some goals that the Eagles have been


lacking so far this season. Top of the league Leicester have


boosted their title hopes by bringing in midfielder


Daniel Amartey from FC Copenhagen. The Ghanian is very quick,


so should fit in well in Ranieri's One player leaving


the Premier League is Chelsea's Brazilian midfielder


Ramires. The 28-year-old has joined Chinese


side Jiangsu Suning in a deal believed to be worth


about ?25 million. Right back to this weekend


and here are the FA Cup fixtures. Colchester host Tottenham


in the early game and then at 3pm Burnley face a trip to the Emirates


to take on Arsenal. We all know about Arsenal's


creative genius mesut Ozil, Five goals and 16


assists this season. But don't fear Burnley fans,


you've got Andre Gray, come on in Andre you deserve to


match up against the German maestro. And it's almost an exact


mirror image of stats! But personally I don;t think it


will be enough for Burnley. I predict a 3-0 win with a couple


of assists from this Moving on now, and there's


a South Coast tussle between Bournemouth


and Portsmouth, and then tomorrow The Toffees' morale will have been


dented by their midweek exit in the other Cup competition,


but in Ross Barkley, my player of the week this week,


they have an Englishman who is showing strength,


pace and explosive dribbling That goal against City on Wednesday


was a prime example and I'm predicting Everton to win


comfortably and pick And talking of dribbling,


there have been some great examples On the lefthand side.


Oh, another wonderful goal for Arsenal. It is and the man who


cannot stop scoring. And what a fantastic run. He scored!


All of a sudden Spurs are in front again and look what happened here.


It is in the penalty area. This is a fantastic run. Oh, what a goal!


That's a glorious strike. It was just like watching Spurs in the FA


Cup Final all those years ago. He is charging forward. Terry Phelan


runs for the whole length of the field and he was cleared off his own


line a few moments ago. It has been picked up by Ryan Giggs.


There is support in the centre as well. But this is still Ryan Giggs.


Past Dixon and he scored a sensational goal.


What a moment for Ryan Giggs and for Manchester United! It is one of the


truly great FA Cup goals. And finally on Sunday it is the MK


Dons against Chelsea. I'm not sure the Dons have quite


enough to win but I reckon this could be the surprise


of the round and go to a replay, Josh Murphy is a winger


who is scoring goals as well as creating


them this season. The same can't be said for last


season's player of the year, Eden Hazard, who with only three


assists to his name and no goal, is having what is technically


known as a stinker. But remember, as always,


my predictions must be taken Last week proved to be complete


nonsense yet again and I'm That's all we've got


time for I'm afraid,


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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