FA Cup 3rd Round Special MOTD Kickabout

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FA Cup 3rd Round Special

Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning, Kickabouters, it is FA Cup third-round weekend,


which means we have come here, but where is here?


The nearest Premier League club plays about five miles that way,


the ground is known as the Silverlake


One more clue, and it is a big one, they are the only non-league team


Well, here we are then on the hallowed turf,


where later on today, weather permitting,


because it is pretty damp underfoot, almost 5,000 Eastleigh fans will be


crammed around this pitch, cheering on their team and hoping


for an FA Cup giant killing against Bolton Wanderers


It is the FA Cup third round, where the cup comes to life


and we have got it all covered for you.


Coming up, we bring the magic of the cup right here to Eastleigh,


in the form of football illusionist turned groundsman John Farnworth.


Strictly Come Dancing champion Jay McGuiness,


who knows just what it is like to lift a famous trophy,


gives us his dream five aside team and we hear from Tottenham's star


defender Jan Vertonghen as they prepare to face Leicester


As always, let's get up to date with the world of football.


It is time for some headline hitters.


Former Ballon D'or winner Zinedine Zidane has replaced


Rafa Benitez as coach at Real Madrid.


Pep Guardiola has got tongues wagging after he announced he has


had offers from England when his Bayern contract runs out


Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino stunned journalists.


Do not worry Spurs fans, he just muddled up his English.


Your number 10 is not leaving any time soon.


Do not want, sorry for my English, do not want to sell him.


Chances are you will not have heard of Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale,


but the Scottish minnows are hoping to get to the last 16


of the Scottish Cup as they face East Kilbride later today.


We love an underdog on this programme.


The FA Cup third round is already up and running.


This is the stage in the competition when the Premier League clubs enter


the fray, and there was a massive match last night when League 2's


Exeter hosted Liverpool and this is what happened.


This is one of the most atmospheric grounds in the lower leagues.


There was a slip from Davis, clear to Smith.


All square between the League 2 team and the Premier League


They forced the draw and have taken Liverpool back to Anfield


where there is the possibility of a huge giantkilling.


But there is guaranteed to be a giantkilling over the next few


days in the third round and it could happen right here.


I am in the Eastleigh dressing room where in a few short hours


the players will receive their final team talk from manager Chris Todd,


before one of the biggest game of their lives.


You may remember earlier in the season when we visited


Brackley Town, in the dugout, something a little strange


I started to believe I was a football manager.


I really hope that does not happen to me again.


I do not want to see boys out there, I want to see men.


I do not want you to be Eastleigh, I want you to be beastly.


I want to see Bolton scared, winning every single ball,


I want you to go up and over, you know my way, and I know


yours and you can win this game and make Eastleigh proud,


you can make yourselves proud, you can make me proud.


I do not want Eastleigh, I want beastly.


I am not quite sure what happened there.


Once the team talk is over the players will gather together,


all geed up for the match and make their way collectively out


of the dressing rooms, past the tunnel, the toilets


and the other boring stuff and meet their opponents right here,


Bolton, coming from the way changing rooms.


Then they will, ever so slowly, walk down the tunnel,


ready to face the passionate Eastleigh fan base.


We have got some of those Eastleigh fans right here,


Who better to give us the lowdown on their local club?


Our nickname is the Spitfires, that is because old fighter planes


They stadium can hold nearly 6000 people.


We only became known as Eastleigh in 1980.


Our FA Cup opponents Bolton are a lot older than us,


The goal-line technology that is used in the Premier League


was first tested out here at, you guessed it, Eastleigh.


You will never guess how our manager Chris Todd keeps fit.


He does press ups with his child on his back.


If you do not believe me, watch this.


Bolton are not the only big team to visit us lately.


Last month, Jurgen Klopp brought Liverpool to train here.


He once ran faster than Ronaldo in a match for West Ham.


In fact, he broke the world record set by Antonio Valencia.


Although Bolton are 50 places above Eastleigh in the league


recent form suggests it could be quite a close game.


The Trotters are currently struggling in the Championship


near the bottom of the table while the Spitfires


In total, there are 31 round three matches to be played this weekend,


including my beloved, the mighty whites, Leeds United,


who take on Rotherham in a local Yorkshire derby later today.


There are dream trips for Dagenham and Redbridge who go


to Goodison Park and for Scunthorpe who travelled to Stamford Bridge.


Plus, there are five all Premier League clashes,


of which features two clubs currently in the top four,


We caught up with star defender Jan Vertonghen to talk about some


Johnson over the top of Vertonghen, he has three options,


It is a beauty, 1-1, and it is Jan Vertonghen.


The FA Cup is a major tradition in England.


The people around the club, they show their affection for the FA


Whatever competition we play, we want to go as far as possible.


We try to grow as a club, we want to show in the Premier


I think we will have a strong team on Sunday.


There is no point going into this game say at 50%, whatever.


I have never played in a better team, I can say for a fact.


And you can watch Tottenham versus Leicester tomorrow


The pitch at Eastleigh has had to absorb an incredible amount


of rainwater over the past few weeks, so much so that


weekend's fixture was called off and head groundsman


Tony has been working ever so hard to make sure the today's


They even have rain covers on the pitch at the moment,


so to help him out, we thought we would send him a new recruit,


though I am not sure how useful he actually was.


You do not really need to do that if you're going to be a groundsman.


You're meant to be better dressed than that and you do not really need


I take this ball everywhere, I need to use the ball.


You cannot use the ball when you're working on the ground.


Tony, this is my favourite ball, I have some super tricks


All right, as long as it does not stop you doing the work


Do some work on the pitch, please, now.


Leave the ball and concentrate on making a nice straight line.


Deary me, you will not make a groundsman.


Sorry, John, you have not got the job, you are too laid-back.


That was incredible, John, though I do not think Tony


He thought I was a little bit too lazy.


What was that, this invisible chair-ball balancing?


Surely it is some kind of camera trickery.


I can do it now if you want to see it.


That sounds like an offer too good to refuse.


There are some more people who would like to see it too.


We still have Springhill, all decked out in their Eastleigh kit.


Take my hands and I will use my power and your power and hold it


That is of showing off from John Farnworth.


It is time to see of Springhill can do a bit of showing off themselves.


I want you to come out here and see many goals you can score


Get yourselves in a line and away we go.


While Springhill try and find the target,


they are quite big ones, the viewers at home have been


You lot at home have been sending in your videos


A couple that caught my eyes even featured some


They were marvellous, and please do keep sending us your skills. You can


get a parent or guardian to film it on the smartphone or tablet and send


it to us via the CBBC website. Now it is time for our dream five aside


team and this week's manager is no stranger to getting his hands on a


famous trophy. Hello, this is Jay McGuiness and this is my dream five


aside team. I am in goal. You hold the strength of your body from


beginning to the end and those are the best male arms I have seen from


a celebrity. In defence, Rio Ferdinand. Looking for Ferdinand,


how about that? We have got George Best. And Paul Scholes. What a


drive. Up front, we have got Ronaldo. That is a great shot, it is


a second goal in a day for Renaldo. That is just about all we got time


for today, but the FA Cup third-round excitement has only just


begun, with matches go lower over the next few days. Good luck to all


the teams still involved in the competition, including the visitors


today, Bolton Wanderers, but the last word, with it being the FA Cup


full of giant killings, has got to go to the Eastleigh and this lot.


Come on, use Spitfire is. Goodbye.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.