16/01/2016 MOTD Kickabout


The latest football news, tricks and skills, plus goals galore.

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Now, if today's show is half as exciting as the Premier League's


midweek matches, then you are in for a treat.


I try my hand, or should that be foot, at one of the UK's


Chelsea fan Dan Wright, AKA Mr Nun, from comedy drama 4 O'clock Club,


And, as always, we have all the biggest


names and the latest news, including a certain little maestro


who has had to extend his trophy cabinet again.


But first, it's time to take a look at our


Newcastle have signed Jonjo Shelvey from Swansea,


While Bournemouth have added strikers Benik Afobe and Lewis


We also love a good rumour, and they don't come much better


than the likes of Goetze, Lavezzi and Kroos, who have


all been linked with Premier League moves.


All three of those were in the last World Cup final.


After a heroic draw against Bolton last weekend,


our new favourite underdog, the Spitfires of Eastleigh,


were in the hat for this week's fourth round


Should they manage to win the replay, they will face


the biggest and best club in the whole world,


or at least West Yorkshire, my team, Leeds.


Imagine if you had the chance to vote for


Well, not in Kazakhstan, where fans will get the chance to do


In midweek, we were treated to a full round of Premier League


matches, with goals flowing in everywhere.


It was so fast and frenetic, there was only one way


So let's take a look at how that leaves the top of the table.


Everyone keeps saying Leicester can't stay there,


Wouldn't it be amazing if Ranieri's men could lift the trophy?


And, in my opinion, Arsenal and City have by far the best


squads, but neither team has taken this season by the scruff


OK, time now to meet today's guests, and lucky it is a Saturday,


otherwise he would be taking PE lessons.


Grab the ball, get on the court and luck lively.


Grab the ball, get on the court and look lively.


You're boys, you don't need lessons in how


Dan, it is great to have you on the show.


You play a PE teacher in 4 O'clock Club.


You are quite sedentary, you are sitting down a lot


Often I'm having a go at all the kids, I'm really putting


them through their paces, but I'm not a nice person,


So if you were to liken yourself to a Premier League manager,


are you the stand-off approach, like a van Gaal


or are you more animated like a Jurgen Klopp.


Yes, like a Klopp or Mourinho towards the end, I'm angry.


We've got series five to look forward to.


Yes, it is coming out in a couple of weeks.


It is getting really competitive now between my character


I never thought I would say it like that.


But we are going to win the Champions League.


No one fears us in the Champions League, and we win it.


What are your thoughts on that managerial merry-go-round?


Well, I understand why they brought in Hiddink,


a few years ago he came in for six months and did really


well and settled the players, he is a nice people person.


I didn't want Mourinho to leave, but when you


have that much failure in such a short space of time,


I can understand why they did let him go.


When I look into the future in a few years' time,


the only manager I can see winning the league with us again


is Mourinho, so it is a difficult one.


Hang on, you can look into the future?


When are Leeds going to get back into the Premier


There's been a lot of underperforming players,


but Willian has been the one kind of real


Yes, he is full of life, he is creative,


Without those goals, we would be bottom.


Well, you will be pleased to know he's


We've been chatting to him exclusively, so set your timer


when you can see that interview in full.


So, Dan, you play an on-screen PE teacher.


You must have experienced some weird and wonderful


sports through that, but have you ever heard footgolf?


I didn't know much about it either, so I decked


myself out in some plus fours I own, quite a few, obviously,


and headed to Milton Keynes to find out more.


I'm here with British footgolf's hottest property at the moment,


Ben Clarke, who is going to give me a crash course on the course.


Footgolf sounds to me like someone has just taken football,


It is football on a golf course, but going along with the same rules


of golf, so getting the ball in the hole in the least


I tell you what, it is a lovely day for it, and what's great about


footgolf is it doesn't matter how good you are at


football or golf, it is a brand new sport.


Charlie, you are the captain of your football team, aren't you?


I'm finding it a bit of a learning curve because sometimes I take a lot


That was Jack just having a go at the no luck shot.


Maybe keep your eye on the ball in the future,


How do you think professional footballers might do


Do you think anyone would be really good at this.


Who do you think would be his partner


Oh, no, that's just gone terribly wrong.


For a minute there, I thought that was going in.


And since filming, he's been out in Argentina


Congratulations to Team UK for finishing in fourth place,


and to Ben himself, who finished fifth best


Now it is quiz time, and we are staying on the theme


So, what I want to know is, which of these three mashed up


sports is the real one, and which two we just made up.


So it is running round an athletics track


You are running up, you put your pole in the little


hole bit, bounce over the big bar, but rather than go on to a crash


Maybe you're in some trunks, maybe you're going with a full


Picture that, and I'll tell you about the


Instead of your classic cricket stumps, you've got ten bowling pins


and you use a full-size bowling ball, but a soft one.


Is someone ahead of the pins trying to save them?


So can you believe that one of those is


How would you go about joggling, do you think?


On keeping fit, I like it, but I think you would bump


into people, so I don't think it is real.


This sounds fun, because people could seriously bellyflop


Well, I can reveal that the real sport on there is actually a,


So this is world record holder Matt Feldman.


I mean, he can run at speed whilst juggling.


He has obviously been doing this a long time.


I think we can both agree that pole diving would probably


And maybe it is up to us to make that a real sport.


Yes, exactly, I will see you the pool in ten,


Dan, thank you for coming on the show, it's


We look forward to the new series of the 4 O'clock Club, coming soon.


And obviously us two going pole diving, yes?


OK, if you at home can think of any sport you'd like to combine,


swim-rugby may be, badlethics, that's badminton whilst doing


athletics in case you weren't keeping up, then


head to our website and join in the conservation.


There's also quizzes, dream teams and videos to keep


you entertained, plus you can use our


video uploader to send us your skills.


What I love about these clips is that Scottish viewer,


Aidan, isn't content just pulling off skills in the comfort


He can also deliver the goods when it matters on the pitch.


Cracking stuff, thanks for sending those in,


Now, the second viewer to send us his skills looks quite


And he claims to now have the longest throw in football.


On Monday, Lionel Messi was named the winner of the Ballon d'Or


for a record fifth time, and one other thing to tell


you about which is awesome for a starter like me,


the Ballon d'Or is voted for by international


And you also get to find out who voted for who and do a bit


No surprises that Ronaldo and Messi didn't vote for each


Ronaldo voted for club colleagues, Benzema, James and Bale.


Meanwhile, Messi picked team-mates Neymar, Suarez and playmaker


See if you can spot the themes starting to emerge there.


But the biggest snub had to be from Pogba, who didn't vote for his


brother. Maybe he isn't a fan of his fashion sense. Before we go, let's


take a look at this weekend's action. Here are the pictures.


Tottenham versus Sunderland looks good. In the evening fixture, Aston


Villa against Leicester, it is bottom against top, anything could


happen. Moving on to Sunday, the real standout game has got to beat


Liverpool against Manchester United. Historically, these two should be up


there at the top of the league, but this season is proving a struggle.


They both have world-class players and there are some intriguing mash


ups, as I'm about to improve. These are two strikers are leading the way


for their clubs, big-money signings, but both really yet to find their


feet and probably a bit lacking in confidence and goals. He will edge


it on the day? I think that Benteke scored a good girl in earlier on, so


I have two back in. It is now hello to the goalkeepers. Both have been


in the press, the Liverpool goalkeeper for his shaky


performances. The Manchester medical giver didn't go to real Madrid, and


he will face a barrage from Benteke and the rest of the Liverpool front


line. I think Liverpool could come with a 2-1 win, but don't quote me


on that, because football is football. The habits and cracking


encounters over the years, memorable games. -- there have been. Until


next week, goodbye. This is still the one they want to


win above others. Steven Gerard, 1-0 to Liverpool. Manchester United have


won it at Anfield. Girl for Liverpool. Liverpool lead. And


storage scores.


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