23/01/2016 MOTD Kickabout


The latest football news, tricks and skills, plus goals galore.

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It's miles bigger than the Silverlake.


COMMENTATOR: He looks up, right-footed, passes a lovely ball


down the far side, passing to the full-back who likes to get


forward, into the penalty area, can he drag it back?


Oh, it is a glorious goal, and Eastleigh, the non-league


He drags the ball down, and it is 1-1.


Gary Nadine drooled it into the bottom corner.


Moxey with a shot, and it is 2-1 for Bolton Wanderers,


and Bolton have turned it around before half-time.


It is headed away for Bolton, it looks Eastleigh's way though,


on into the penalty area, Mohammed with a chance,


Seconds away from the half-time whistle.


The second half should be better, hopefully more goals from Eastleigh.


Into the edge of the penalty area, and it is Darren Bradley!


You can hear the 500 Eastleigh fans in the background,


Their team were the last non-league survivors in the FA Cup,


3-2, and unlucky result, but we are very proud of our team.


Now back on the coach for a long journey back to Eastleigh.


Oh, that was so nearly a fairytale story for Eastleigh.


But, well done to Bolton, who now face the mighty Leeds


Right, as we're in the middle of a very important January transfer


window, rumours are flying around everywhere, especially


as there are some big teams with big money to spend.


Something money can't buy though is my natural rhyming flow.


The Gunners are looking to splash the cash on Dortmund's Aubameyang.


The guy is a striker, and if Wenger likes you,


This is a guy who's scored many a goal, at the Emirates


Jurgen Klopp's keen on the scoring machine,


Whilst saying his goodbyes on Merseyside, could be the little


Joe Allen's beard may well disappear back to Swansea if Gedling is savvy.


Southampton meanwhile have shelled out in style, bagging


If he stays injury free, he'll score goals by the spree,


the big league's not one he'll get lost in.


Leaving St Mary's is a man with fine hair, he's a striker called Graziano


Chelsea are exploring other options for scoring, they like the look


If the Italian is bought, pastures new might be sought


for a striker with less refined looks.


Costa might cost you to put on your roster, and take him off


Everyone wants Eden, from Spain to Sweden,


but there's a chance he could go to Man U.


And if Real are intending to carry on their spending,


You may think it's barmy, but Madrid want Cavani,


And with van Gaal on a roll and in search of more goals,


Thank you, you're too kind, it's too much...


Now, a player who did not feature in my poem was Chelsea's Willian.


That's because he has been the standout performer


in an otherwise dreary season at the bridge.


So, there is no way they would let him go.


He also happens to be a really nice chap.


So, I'm here at Chelsea's training ground, and although they've been


having a bit of a tough season, one guy has been doing extremely


Now, I was meant to meet him about five or ten minutes ago,


and he's not here, it's pretty cold, so direct in his inside in the warm,


COMMENTATOR: Oh, that is unstoppable!


Willian, we want to know, what where you like as a school kid


Dancing or singing, or both?


Did you use your footballs goals to show off in the playground?


Which of your team-mates would have been the cheeky child at school?


Growing up, which footballer did you want to be?


COMMENTATOR: Oh, the keeper has been beaten, it is a goal!


You have two little girls, do they make you laugh?


OK, it's that time of the show when magic man John Farnworth


bamboozles us with more of his football trickery.


For more of Farnworth's freestyle magic, make sure you check out


the MOTD Kickabout area of the CBBC website.


There are recipes on how to eat like a pro, an area to show


to show your footie stories, pick five-a-side teams and much,


much more, including a video uploaded to showcase your skills.


Apparently he watched Neymar do this and has taken


to copying it himself.


It might be cold, it might be wet, but Sam is in his Wellington boots


and he has wellied that right off the crossbar.


That was some of the best skills that we've ever seen.


If you've got something like that in your locker,


don't just leave it in your locker, send it into us and let us play it


Now, time for a dream five-a-side team, and we caught up with


superstar international cricketer and Portsmouth supporter before she


flew off to a tour of South Africa with her England team-mates. Hello,


MOTD Kickabout. This is my dream five-a-side team. In goal I have got


Manuel Neuer, a brilliant goalkeeper, also he can come out of


goal and help us out on the outfield. I want to be at


centre-back, I can hopefully win the ball and give it to the forward


guys. My two in midfield, the first one is Paul Scholes, a massively


brilliant footballer, underrated, you can play unbelievable passes. I


would have Messi back in midfield, he would be part of my dream


five-a-side team, the best footballer ever to have lived.


Thierry Henry would be my attacker. He is brilliant. He can team up with


Scholes and Messi. That is one of the strongest teams we have had so


far, thanks, and you. We are running out of time, but before we go let's


check out the fixtures. There two fascinating encounters I would like


to take a closer look at. The first is this afternoon's Midlands derby,


with both West Brom and Villa in need of points. I have picked out


two very experienced defenders who will be going head-to-head. Rival


Manchester clubs, Jonny Evans and Micah Richards, now find themselves


one end of the table. Looking at the statistics, edits clear that while


Evans is winning more tackles, Micah Richards has a presence in the air.


They are unbeaten in three in all competitions, it could see this game


going their way. I predict a 2-1 win for Remi Garde's team. On Sunday


there is the small matter of Arsenal versus Chelsea. I have matched up


Theo Walcott in a head-to-head battle with friend of the show,


Willian. Everybody knows that Walcott is not short of the bit of


pace, but it seems this might come at the expense of stamina, both the


distance he covers and the amount of sprints are less than Willian the


work was. But I still can't see this being anything other than a win for


the Gunners. My player to watch this week is Newcastle's. Sheffield


dynamo. He has been having a great season -- Dutch dynamo. He has


scored goals and set up assists. I predict that with Jonjo Shelvey


coming in to help him he could spearhead a revival in the North


East. Don't take my word for it, I'm may well be wrong, just like I was


last week. Let's hope we see more boulders like these in years gone


by. See ya.


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