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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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It's Saturday morning and, as ever, I'm feeling pretty excited


about all the footie action we've got lined up for you.


There's always loads to talk about in the world of football,


but this week has been especially packed, both on and off the pitch.


Since last weekend, we've had the FA Cup fifth round draw,


last-minute transfers, a mid-week wonder goal


in the Premier League and Manchester City got


More about that in just a moment, but first, here's what's coming up


Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a football chairman


The panic, the last-minute speculation, the big-name signings?


Well, wonder no more, as I get a sneak peek behind


the scenes, with enigmatic chairman Dale Vince.


We meet Newcastle United's Dutch field sensation Georginio Wijnaldum


to find out how he's enjoying life in the Premier League.


And I will be asking you to get involved with Kickabout


by taking me on with this week's score predictions.


Loads to look forward to on today's show.


But time now to look back at some of the stories that have been


A certain Pep stole all the headlines on transfer


deadline day, when it was announced that he will replace Manuel


Pellegrini at the end of this season.


Pep, who is currently in charge of German champions Bayern


Munich have agreed a fee contract to become Manchester City manager


And from big-name managers to big-name movie stars,


Hollywood a list and Naomi Watts has agreed to become the honorary


president of a small Anglesey football club.


Naomi is taking on the role for Glantraeth FC, swapping millions


of fans for crowds of around 40 people.


Finally, in Tuesday's League Two encounter, Morecambe managed


to bag a 94th minute equaliser to deny Portsmouth all three points.


Nothing remarkable about that, you might think.


Barry Roche is there Barry Roche has scored!


Yes, goalkeeper Barry Roche headed home Sean


Miller's corner to learn a dramatic late point for the Shrimps.


And sticking with midweek action, we had a full round of fixtures


With eight matches on Tuesday and two more on Wednesday.


You can check out all of it behind me, but take a closer look


at the results at the top of the table.


The Foxes retain their three points lead, thanks to two late goals


And what a strike it was for the. first.


The England forward opened the scoring with a brilliant 25 yard


Elsewhere, Manchester City claimed a 1-0 victory over


Sunderland to keep the pressure on Leicester.


And, down at the bottom, Villa sank to another defeat


against West Ham and Newcastle remain in the relegation zone.


After coming unstuck against the Toffees.


And we can't forget transfer deadline day.


We'll be rounding up some of the biggest deals done in January


Whilst deadline day itself didn't quite live up to expectations,


come on, admit it, Pep signing for City was by far the biggest news


There was still plenty of drama for teams up and down the country


trying to tie up those last-minute deals.


And one person who knows all about the pressure of transfer


deadline day is the chairman of the football


club, as I found out when we got exclusive behind-the-scenes access


Perhaps the most anticipated day in the football league calendar.


For many of the world's biggest clubs,


it's the chance to dust off the fax machine,


crack open the cheque-book and ready the chopper


But what you do if you don't have the transfer


Well, I've headed to National League leaders Forest Green Rovers to


Dale Vince, chairman of Forest Green Rovers,


He has a list of people that he's interested in.


I don't rate my opinion in football above


If he says, "I like this player", he describes him to me,


I think that sounds good, let's see if we can get him.


If we're being asked silly money, that will


If we can do a reasonable deal, then we will keep


When you have agreed with the club, you have to agree to terms


When I got involved in Forest Green about five years ago,


It was quite difficult to be top of the league and to be


heading for promotion at some point, that's a big deal for a player.


That's just not in the deal, you know?


Last night, I was on the e-mail to the chairman of another club


about a player we are hoping to do a deal for today.


We've been on the e-mail on and off today,


It sounds like I'm leaving you on a bit of a cliffhanger here,


Dale. Can't wait to see if you're actually


going to sign a player. So I will leave you


to do the business I've grown up loving football,


so transfer deadline day has always I know the chairman


is hopeful for signing Potentially, it could go


all the way to the wire. I've prepped to have


a long one tonight. Hopefully, we can


get something done. You only have to look back


to the last transfer window, when David de


Gea didn't get his transfer pushed through,


because things went Fax machines.


Is this it? Is this what players actually sign?


This is it. It's not too tough with


what you're putting in. It can come back from the FA due


to just sometimes not This is the moment I've


always dreamed of - signing my first professional


contract. Your basic wage.


Basic wage. Bring it on.


OK, so we will go with... How many zeros?


So we will go with 10p there. 10p?


Yeah, 10p a week. Right, it's 5:30pm


on transfer deadline day. We're going to chairman Dale Vince's


office to see if he's got his man. The player has gone for a medical.


Right. So we've spoken to the


player and he's keen. They're just trying


to agree personal terms. I've got a feeling it's


going to go down to the wire. I think it will go.


I think it will happen. It's all part of that


last-minute drama. And, later that evening,


they did get their man. Former Arsenal youngster


Anthony Geoffrey signed for Forest Green Rovers just 20


minutes before the deadline Although, I know, I know,


they got the big signings out When I put pen to paper


for Forest Green Rovers! Some tough negotiations,


but I got my 10p. Another club busy in the transfer


window this time round England's Jonjo Shelvey


and Andros Townsend, Henri Saivet from Bordeaux,


and Roma striker Seydou Doumbia, on loan


until the end of the season. The St James's faithful will be


hoping the new boys make an impact, as it's not been the best


season for the Magpies. One player that has been a shining


light throughout is He has got an impressive nine goals


already. We found out how he is enjoying life.


Great cross comes in. What a goal! Chipped the ball. Georginio


Wijnaldum! He will claim his fourth for Newcastle. Is it true that when


you are younger, your ambition was to become a gymnast? I wanted to


become one, but I liked the athletics. I always knew that I


wanted to be a professional football player. And that's 3-0. Georginio


Wijnaldum. When you are younger, watch Premier League team did you


support? I supported Manchester United. I like Arsenal as well


because a cousin of mine, he was a really big fan. They played good


football. When you are 16, you became the youngest player to play


for a club. But the impressive start. You know, I am waiting so


long for this moment. So I am going to show them what I can do. That's


why I enjoyed it and playing the game. It was one of the biggest


moment in my career. Great play. What a hit. Any manager would be


delighted with that. I see they like to me. And appreciate what I do.


They give me more confidence, but also a good feeling that I want to


play for this club. I like to play for fans. I look forward to scoring


an away goal now. I think I need a battle so. Have you been winding up


the strikers? That you have more goals than them? I would never wind


him up. Because he is a good player. I get a lot of my goals because of


him. -- I think I need an away goal. What a great addition to the Premier


League. Looking ahead to this we can's fixtures. Stoke will be hoping


to bounce back from midweek disappointment when they take on


Everton. Sunday is also a huge day, not only is it my birthday, but


Chelsea host Manchester United. They finally managed goals in the first


half on Tuesday. They read 11 games without scoring any at Old Trafford.


And a huge game at the top. Leicester goes to Manchester City.


This is about the men up top. Here we've got two of the games most


lethal finish. Jamie Vardy is the top, with 18 goals. The only thing


that really separates those two is the chances they created. Body is


not just content and scoring goals. He is making them as well. This is


too close for me, so I'm going to go for a score draw. -- Badi. I want to


know what you think. I've been asking for your predictions. These


are some of them. Distilled from Manchester agree? My kick about


projection is man city three and Leicester one. It seems he does.


Another prediction going Manchester City's way. Nice skills at the end.


Dan at the bottom of the table, Newcastle take on West Bromwich. I


predict 83- -- I predict a 3-0 victory. This is what you think.


Thanks for those predictions. Every week we are going to be asking you


to predict the scores. To get involved, head to the page on the


CBBC website. Not that it's a big deal, but can I just add that I was


finally correct with my results last week. I predicted that Arsenal would


beat Burnley and Everton would win at Carlisle.


What you mean I got this call wrong? In the Arsenal and Burnley game.


Maybe I said the MK Dons would get a replay against Chelsea. OK, so maybe


my prediction still need a bit of work. Seve you can do better by


getting involved. To find out the next lot of games they want used to


predict, find online. -- think you can do better? Send us a video. Make


sure you get permission. You could see your face on kick about next


week. Other fans have done just that. -- Kickabout. First up, Joe


and George have attempted to recreate a goal from last week. Nice


work. Freddie from Bristol shows us why he prays for Bristol city


academy with these skills. Top stuff. -- plays for. Keep those


clips coming. Whether it is showing off your skills, predicting scores


or just telling us your football stories, we want to hear from you.


Maybe you're going to your first away game next weekend. Maybe your


local team have a big competition coming up. However you want to get


involved, just e-mail us. You could be starring alongside your favourite


superstars and me very soon. That's about it. You. Make sure that you


are here for the same time next week. Until then, I will leave you


with some of the biggest movers and shakers from this year's transfer


window. -- this January's.


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