13/02/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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I am seriously looking forward to this.


It's my debut heading things up here in the studio and we've got


a cracker of a show lined up for you.


We've got midweek FA Cup action, your predictions for the weekend's


fixtures and a dream five aside from a tennis champion.


Man of the moment Riyad Mahrez tells us about life at the top


of the league with Leicester and puts his skills to the test


against our very own John Farnborough.


We meet the UK's first female professional freestyler Liv Cooke,


to check out the jaw-dropping skills of this teenage maestro.


And we'll be taking a look at your skills to rival her.


First up, though, we've got Posh and Becks in this week's headlines.


We all know that David Beckham is a man of many talents,


and now pancake-flipping can be added to that list.


My sporting hero Becks showed off his skills on Shrove Tuesday


but the same couldn't be said about his son,


And the Posh, nickname for Peterborough, of course,


suffered penalty heartbreak against West Brom on Wednesday


The game went to a shoot-out after extra time with the Baggies


stealing the win when the striker had his spot kick saved by Ben


But well done to West Brom, of course, and they were awarded


The other FA Cup midweek replay saw West Ham play Liverpool at Upton


And here's what happened with one very overexcited fan.


COMMENTATOR: This is their fourth meeting of the season


and their third of 2016 already, and Liverpool are yet to score


I think we're going to definitely beat them but I do think Liverpool


COMMENTATOR: Wriggling through, Valencia.


COMMENTATOR: West Ham one, Liverpool nil.


Went through the wall and into the net!


COMMENTATOR: The replay goes into an added 30 minutes.


So this extra time is about to start.


I am begging, begging that West Ham win this.


COMMENTATOR: Dmitri Payet with the delivery.


COMMENTATOR: And West Ham are through to the fifth round.


Your team bagging a last-minute extra-time victory over Liverpool.


Now, that is what I call an FA Cup classic.


Another team who recently claimed a famous victory is table-toppers


Last Saturday they stunned nearest rivals Man City with a 3-1 victory


at the Etihad to move five points clear at the top.


A performance that was spearheaded by the Foxes midfield maestro,


And we caught up with him earlier this week at


I am really enjoying this moment, yeah.


Doubters who say they can't win the league might just have


When you keep winning the games, you have a lot of confidence.


We need to keep going, play like that.


Manchester City one, Leicester City three.


When the season finishes, we'll have some memories


Riyad Mahrez, Leicester City's superstar midfielder.


The Algerian has lit up this season's Premier League.


Today he's at an academy in Leicester to meet some


Before matches, he loves to practise his skills


in the dressing room and his love for a trick or two seems to be


And he's the best player in the Premier League!


We've been trying to practise your around-the-world trick.


So, girls, how are we getting on with it?


Can I maybe show you a bit of my freestyle?


Actually, I do apologise, Riyad, my laces are undone.


This is my around-the-world lace-tie, OK?


Nice skills, and, no, I'm not talking about me!


I tell you what, we might just have some future stars at that academy.


Now, looking at this weekend's fixtures, Mahrez and his Leicester


team-mates will be hoping they can keep up their recent form


when they take on Arsenal at the Emirates tomorrow.


One Kickabout fan who will definitely be there is George.


He loves the Gunners and got in touch to tell us he always goes


There are loads of players we could look at for this match. Theo Walcott


versus me! Yes, that is me in my Tottenham heyday. He was two years


younger than me and he rang me ragged! Probably the end of my


career that day! And now I'm doing this! -- he ran me. We've got two of


the finest shots in the league. Petr Cech edges this one with 3.3


saves per game. Fantastic. But I have to say, they are both going to


concede because I think it will be Leicester three, Arsenal to. Sorry,


Arsenal fans Arsenal, two. And Liverpool will be hoping to


bounce back from midweek defeat to West Ham. Sorry! Couldn't resist


mentioning that one again! I reckon 3-1 to Liverpool for this one. But


those are just my predictions. That's see what you think. We have


three big Manchester City fans. I reckon Jamie Vardy will get two


goals. 2-1 score. My prediction is 3-0 to Liverpool. My prediction for


the Aston Villa and Liverpool match is 1-0 to Liverpool with Christian


Benteke scoring. My score prediction is for Arsenal and Leicester, 2-1 to


Arsenal. Alexi Sanchez to score twice for Arsenal and Jamie Vardy to


score for Leicester. We think Leicester will beat Arsenal


2-1! Thank you, guys! Relegation


threatens a Sunderland host the Red Devils, and fresh from their midweek


win, West Brom face Everton. And Kickabout fan Mason will be cheering


them on. He goes to watch them with his brothers and dad. Thanks for the


photo. If you want to star alongside your


favourite footballers on next week's show, go to our page on the Cbeebies


see website. All the details to get involved there. Check out these


skills. Sam, my friend, some unbelievable


free styling! You want rivalling John Farnworth!


And Lucas tells us he has been trying to get this trick for a long


time. He finally nailed it. It was worth it! We love it!


Keep your videos coming. Don't forget, it's not just videos. We


want pictures and stories, too, just like George and Mason sent us. Maybe


you are going to an FA Cup game next weekend or maybe you have some footy


at school. Make sure you get your parent or guardian's permission and


send us a contact number. And if you want football skills, look no


further than this lady for some serious inspiration.


Hi, I'm Liv and I'm the UK's first female freestyle footballer. You are


watching Match of the Day Kickabout. I started football freestyle when I


was 15 and 916 going on 17. With freestyle it took me around two


years to get to the level I'm at now but I would have the fundamentals of


control because my brothers would stick me in a football net on the


weekend and fireballs at me again and again! So my control developed


from there! -- fire football is at me. The freestyle progressed really


quickly because I practised a lot. When I was really young in primary


school and infant school, I would play with the boys in the playground


all day, playing football. When I was just starting freestyle I


actually did watch a lot of his videos to learn the flip ups and


tricks I could show off in training to my friends. If you want to stop


freestyle I suggest you start by learning kick ups and then balancing


the ball on your back so it stays low. The feeling you get when you


land a new trick or get a new combination is amazing. One of the


best new things about football freestyle is it is the aptly anybody


at any age and can be done anywhere. All you need is a ball. -- is it can


be done by anybody. Moves like that and only 16! And you


can see more of Liv on Kickabout next month.


We've only got and bagged an Australian tennis champion for you!


Gilt I've just won the Australian Open singles Championship!


So starting from the back on goals, myself, probably because there is


the least movement involved which is good for me. I'm a big Barcelona fan


as well. I love his curly hair so he gets a spot in my team. I've got an


attacking line-up. In the next to him is my favourite


player of all time. Another Barcelona player. And one of the


Brazilian magicians are used to love watching as a kid. And then Ally


McCoist, a Scottish and Rangers legend.


A massive thank you to Gordon there, and I think that team looks pretty


impressive. That's all we've got time for today but don't miss next


week for an FA Cup special, and until then, the Premier League's top


four going head-to-head this weekend, I will now leave you with


some of the best goals from Leicester, Spurs, Arsenal and


Manchester City. Jamie Vardy is back on the


scoresheet for Leicester City! COMMENTATOR: The player stays down.


Here's Harry Kane! He scores! Sergio Aguero, he's still going!


At it again! Sanchez! Ooh, Sanchez! He has scored! An absolute beauty!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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