20/02/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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After the drama of last week in's Premier


League watch as I thought we would take it easy this morning with some


After the drama of last week's Premier


League watch as I thought we would take it easy this morning with some


relaxed FA Cup chat. No! Who am I kidding? This is Kickabout. It is


action packed the game. Here's what's coming up.


We head to Shrewsbury Town meet some young fans


and top man Jack Grimer ahead of their FA Cup clash against


Manchester United. Star for the The Dumping Ground, Lewis Hamilton is


here to chat about his favourite footie team


Plus we'll be hearing from you on the weekend's FA Cup


Its headline hitters.


seen this coming? The world-famous basketball superstar declaring his


love for a League 2 team? Yes, four-time


NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal is a Northampton atown superfan.


The Cobblers are eight points clear at the top and he has urged them to


I just want to wish all the Cobblers


the rest of the season. First place is where I like to be and it's great


to see you guys up the top. Keep grinding, I know you're going to be


Manchester City captain Vincent Kompany showed fans he's


working hard to get fit again after an injury hit season with this


little video. Similar to my physique, Vincent.


why he's the best in the world including earlier this week


with these ridiculous skills. How is that man human?


We can't mention Messi without talking


penalty last weekend. I'm sure you've all been trying it in the


park this week. No one was expecting that she keep us when Messi stepped


No one was expecting that pass when Messi stepped


up to the penalty spot on Sunday for Barcelona. Audacious stuff! And it's


fair to say it's been the talk of the footie world ever since. If you


have been giving it a go and want a few more spot kick styles to try


This is the alternative penalty guide.


You need to be confident in your ability, ice cool in


your approach. Let's see how he deals with this


one. When it comes to the rabola, half the battle is how you approach


the ball. Make sure your starting position side on and get yourself


a run up. Taking a few steps run-up will help you to pick up


momentum, which is crucial for generating power. Place your


standing foot beside the ball and bring your kicking foot


around the outside. Swivel your hips and strike the ball with your


laces. The more use will swivel the more power you will generate.


Giving the keeper the eyes is another technique.


It's not easy keeping your eyes on the


Approach the ball as you normally would.


ball bring your leg back and as you follow through this is the moment


pressure? Now you know what all the fuss is about. I love that no


penalty. Whether I could try it in a game is a different matter. Sticking


with a superb skills, you lot haven't disappointed


And if you missed the skills on last week's show,


then fear not. You can still get it on the


You can also find out how to send us a skills video.


He played the role of Ryan in the Dumping Ground.


You play a triumph. It's fair to say he's not the nicest guy. He's poking


around people's bedrooms. He gets up to you lot of mischief and is not


nice to anyone. Do people mistake you for being like an? When they


recognise me they don't know if they should come over. But I'm actually


not like that. What was it like going on the set because it is such


an iconic show? Are used to watch it before I got the audition so when I


did get it came in meeting everyone it was crazy. Even if I stay they


made me feel welcome. How do you find balancing being at school and


filming and all the other stuff you want to do? It is hard but offset we


go into tuition and we altogether because we are all so close and it


is nice to be working together on set and intuition. You just take the


positives throughout the day. It gets tiring but it is good fun.


Let's start with extracurricular activities, specifically by sport.


You are in Liverpool fan. Let's talk about your first trip to Anfield. It


was a couple of years ago when we played Stoke. The atmosphere was


amazing. As a Liverpool fan who is your favourite player? I know he is


left now, but even know Steven Gerard. He scored so many amazing


goals in his time. I know you are not only a football fan but you are


into other sports as well? My dad is the boxing trainer so why do some


sessions with him. You still have a kick about every now and then? Even


on set, even though we're really busy, Miles who plays pilot, we have


a kick about offset. -- plays pilot. We've got some embarrassing


pictures. What is your prediction for Liverpool's finishing position


this year? Top four is a bit of a push but being optimistic I would


say at first. You've got to be optimistic if you are in Liverpool


fan. It's great to meet you, thank you for coming in.


Looking ahead to this weekend at the FA Cup is back. Sadly Liverpool want


to be featuring having been knocked out. You might have seen are getting


pretty excited about that last week. They were the only team that needed


some drama last minute to make it through. Shrewsbury Town saw of


Sheffield Wednesday to earn a home tie against Manchester United. We


visited them to see if they think they can pull off another


giant-killing. On Monday night Manchester United


are coming here, but Shrewsbury Town are going to win. I think Manchester


United will win 5-0. If anyone out there who doesn't know how to


pronounce Shrewsbury Town it's shrews Brewery.


The best moment of power in a cup history was definitely the late


winner against Sheffield Wednesday. Let's hear from Jack now. Shrewsbury


Town hero but lifelong Manchester United fan. It is quite weird. I


have even dreamt about scoring the winner to got us back through the


next round. The part we jumped into the crowd to celebrate. I didn't


know what to do because I am not used to scoring so the emotion took


over and I wanted to celebrate with the fans. Who is the Shrewsbury Town


Wayne Rooney? I would say it's Mangan. The fans love him. Who is


the Shrewsbury Town Michael Carrick, pulling all the strings. Ian Black.


Who is your best defender? It's got to be the captain, he has been solid


since I came back here and was mass of last season in the club's


promotion. You will be lining up against some unknown French player


worth ?50 million. He is probably no most dangerous player, are you


looking forward to it? Yeah, definitely. While the manager let


you swap shirts, did you think? Hopefully. I would hope to get Wayne


Rooney's shot. Though Martial as well. Can be expect another Grimer


when? I hope so, as do all my family. -- Grimer winner. I hit to


ruin the dream but Wayne Rooney has been ruled out for six weeks with a


knee injury so you won't be facing him after all. Sorry!. But all these


ties to look forward to also. The two matches were looking at for this


week's predictions above the place in London. Tottenham could win the


Premier League but could they go all the way in the cup? I think so 3-0


to Scotland. Labour -- to Tottenham. The bedroom also is Chelsea versus


majesty. Who do you think well when Boyd Mac when? I think it will be


3-1 and have Kane will get a hat-trick. My prediction would be


4-1 to Tottenham. A Harry Kane hat-trick and the Mac. I say Chelsea


one Manchester city Nell. Daughter number two Crystal Palace zero. And


Shrewsbury Town nail Manchester United three. Come on United! I


think the dog and Crystal Palace game is going to be 2-1 to


Tottenham. If you want to appear on next week's show that head to our


page on the CBBC website for all the details. Last week McKenzie got the


score spot on with his 2-1 prediction for the Arsenal-


Leicester game. Great work. It's not just predictions we are after, we


want to see your pictures as well. Take a snap and sent it into us.


Make sure you get permission and include a contact number and you


could be starring alongside your favourite footballers. That's it for


today. Enjoy the FA Cup games this weekend. I'll leave you with some of


the best called from the last round.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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