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Now you may remember last year when we


visited a championship club who were having their best ever


season, battling it out at the top of the


division and dreaming of a first ever year into the Premier League.


Well, now, almost 12 months later, that dream has become a reality.


We're back to see how Bournemouth are enjoying life in the top-flight.


Home to seven miles of golden sands, the sparkling English Channel


Now, I thought the producers of kickabout


were trying to stitch me up, sending me to a beach in February


Anyway, where here to visit the Cherries and discover how


they're relishing life in England by the top division.


While you check out what else is going on in today's show,


I think I'm going to go get an ice cream.


We go behind the scenes with Eddie Howe to find


out what it takes to be a Premier League manager.


CBBC stars Sam and Mark unveiled their dream team.


And ahead of tomorrow's League Cup final, they stand


give their predictions but of all that, let's


take a look at this week's headline hitters.


Liverpool will face archrivals Man United for the first time


Both sides made it through to the last 16


Both sides made it through to the last 16 of the Europa League.


After teenager Marcus Rashford scored twice on his debut


for the red Devils two out them thrash Midtjylland 5-1.


While Liverpool next day 1-0 victory over


After beating Fiorentina 3-0, Spurs face Bundesliga giants


There's been action galore in the FA Cup since last week.


Chelsea thrashed a below strength man city 5-1 and travel to Everton


in the quarterfinals after they beat Bournemouth 2-0.


Reading are rewarded by a 3-0 win over


West Bromwich with a home tie against Crystal Palace,


And, after a 5-1 win at Blackburn, West Ham go north


again to face Man United, who cruised past Shrewsbury 3-0.


Five-year-old Ramadi from Afghanistan became an Internet


sensation a couple of weeks ago after wearing this home-made


After an online search by the boy known as Messi's biggest fan,


he was finally found and Messi sent him a real sign shirt.


Now, being a manager in the Premier League


You got big-name players to deal with, tactics


to plot and difficult opposition to beat every week.


Well, shortly, we'll be finding out as I've managed


to bag an exclusive behind the scenes chat with none other


When I go track him down, here's BBC duo Sam


and Mark flexing their managerial muscles in this week's dream


For our fireside football team, you've got to go, goalkeeper


wise, it's got to be the one and only...


I thought you were talking about the Voice.


The defenders got to be the one and only Paolo Maldini.


He composed on the ball and he just...


In midfield, I would play in midfield because I am an engine.


And right next to me, in midfield would


It would be my boyhood idol, Mr Steve Bull.


He scored over 300 goals in Wolverhampton Wanderers.


I can't believe Sam left mark in a changing room.


I thought they were supposed to be best mates.


Anyway, some pretty questionable suggestions


Now, though, someone who knows not only how to pick a team but also


to instil passion and hunger into his players.


The greatest night in AFC Bournemouth's


They will be playing Premier League football next season.


So this is the Vitality Stadium, Eddie.


Can you believe, now, that this is hosting


I mean, it wasn't so long ago that it


It's been such a fast journey for us all that we didn't expect to be


It was our aim but you don't always achieve what you set out to.


We have been delighted with the progress


We noticed that the opposition dugout doesn't have any cushions


We don't like them having too much comfort here.


Anything we can do to upset the other manager will do.


Do you ever look at opposition team sheets when they came in and think,


"Oh, how are we going to deal with these players?"


This is what we dreamed of for a number of years.


Do you ever get frustrated that people get


When I first started, I had success initially.


Literally every interview was about my age and


not really about the team and how well the players have done.


I think, through time, it has slowly gone our


It is dangerous to have a personal friendship with a player.


I love all my players, respectable but I think there has


Is that appropriate between a manager and a player?


More to find out about them on a personal level


rather than looking at it as a social event.


How about playing video games with them?


When you watch it on telly and you see a manager stalking


the technical area, barking out instructions and all the rest of it,


is it possible to get your messages across?


Probably a lot of what we say and try and say is wasted.


You're so desperate sometimes to get information three players that


you feel it's something you have to do.


In reality, it probably makes no difference.


What's the big no-no in terms of dressing room etiquette?


If a player was to get his phone or something like that,


In the lead up to the game, I wouldn't want


Full-time, if they win and and want to see other


results protect their girlfriend or wife, that's fine.


To people who one day may have hopes of becoming


What is the key attribute of the design and improve?


Analysing the game as much as you can.


Analysing systems and player's movements.


I think, once you have that understanding, you can


imply that in whatever way you want to.


Would you say you value perhaps players who are slightly less


skilful but more dedicated over a superstar who couldn't really


Definitely the one that got the best attitude.


Attitude over ability every time, in my book.


So, a lesson for all young inspiring footballs and managers is that


if you've got a good attitude, good work ethic,


you will go a long way.


What an incredible insight on management


from one of the Premier League's best and a lovely fellow to boot.


Eddie takes the cherries to Watford this


weekend in one of the matches that we are featuring


How do I think it's going to go. I think Bournemouth will win and Afobe


will score. They've got to be due a win


soon and I think it's Plus, there's a cracker


on Sunday when the Gunners travel to Old Trafford


to take on Manchester United. And that's not the only


big game taking place on Sunday as man city faced


Liverpool at Wembley in the League How do I think it's going to go?


It's a tough one to call. I think Liverpool will win, maybe just after


extra time penalties. Who cares what I think though? I have been speaking


to the fans. I'll be back with an interview with Callum Wilson. I


think we will win because we have the best players. Henderson to


shoot. What a shot, what a goal. Silva Put Manchester city back in


the game. Liverpool will win. Coutinho World War II. Coutinho, 1-0


Liverpool. -- County Newell will score two goals. I think we will


win. Bill-mac I think we will win because we have beaten Liverpool


before. Excellence challenge by Kompany. Oh, and that is 2-0. No


thwarting Daniel Sturridge. What a goal by Aguero. Come on, city! Come


on, Liverpool. This has never happened before. Bournemouth in the


big time. Callum, it is so lovely to see you again. Last time we were


here, you are doing well in the championship and looking to


promotion. It happened! What a feeling that must have been? Yeah.


It was brilliant. It has been a good season this year and hopefully it


stay that way. There was a reason we are in the physio room today, at the


start of the season, you are absolutely smashing it. Scoring


goals left right and centre, then the game against Stoke, you got


injured. First up, anterior cruciate ligament. Did you even know what


that was, what it was, when it happened? And you it was a seriously


commit -- I knew it was a serious ligament that I did not know how


long it was going to take. You know where it is in your knee? Can you


point it out to as? Where these guys are here, it is down there. It helps


you move. Was as possible when it happened to recognise it was going


to be as serious as it was? When I first did it, I heard a crack and a


pop. I have been physio if I'd broken my leg and he said no. I just


jumped back up and then after jogging a little bit, I just


collapsed because it gave way. I knew it was time to get off.


Straight at the injury happened, I was in the changing room and they


have the lad about it. I put any blame out of my mind because it


happens. It's hard at first, you are a bit gallon but the boys are all


either plain Fifa or having a copy. It is nice that people who care. Are


you the best that Fifa now? You would like to think so but I don't


think I am. With the injury, and your form beforehand, you know you


have a lot to offer and ill to work towards. Is that he knew going?


Yeah, of course. I and two goals ahead of the person


behind me. One of my big things is to get back in the game and get more


goals. Hopefully I can do that after six months out. User Bournemouth's


top scorer. Clearly I've got a long way to go if I want to catch up with


Callum but it was great to catch up with him and I cannot wait to see an


play again soon. Speaking of which, here are some of the best of your


skills after the pitch. -- out on the pitch.


Well, I'm afraid that's all we've got time for here in beautiful


Bournemouth. I've had an absolute blast. Thanks to Eddie, Callum and


everyone associated with the Cherries. Hopefully you enjoy the


weekend. If you want to take part in next weeks show, go to:


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