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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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What a week it's been in the world of football,


and I know I say that a lot, but seriously, what a week.


Highs and lows, cheers and tears, gossip and goals, they are all here


I join a superfan for an exclusive day with Man City Women on the eve


It's football, Jim, but not as we know it.


John Farnworth gives us the lowdown on the booming


street soccer scene at the World Street


And if you fancy yourself as a bit of a football freestyler,


stay tuned, Kickabout is teaming up with Blue Peter to give


you the chance to show off your skills and challenge none


All that and much more coming up, but first, the footy story that has


dominated the headlines this week, the big news, big Sam's


Some Allardyce was England's manager for only 67 days, making his


the shortest stint of any England manager in history.


On the plus side, he does leave with the best record of all time,


winning 100% of his matches and conceding no goals!


For the next four games it will be Gareth Southgate, but in the longer


term, will it be one of these fine fellows currently holding the reins


of the Premier League's clubs up and down the country?


Welcome to the Kickabout Managerial Merry-go-round, possibly the best


prop I've ever seen, thank you, prop department,


Throughout the season we will be using this baby to chart


the dizzying comings and goings of the Premier League bosses.


In the meantime here is what else has been grabbing the footy


An epic Champions League clash in Glasgow saw Celtic


Meanwhile, not far south of the border in Newcastle,


the Magpies scored not one but two goals in injury time


Elsewhere in Europe, Leicester beat FC Porto


making it played two, won two, for the Champions


And both Tottenham and Arsenal notched up wins


And can you guess who might win Hartlepool goal of the month?


Yes, all five entries from the same bloke.


Can I stick my neck out and say I think it might be Nathan?!


There was also big news in the Women's Super League this week.


Even with a few games to go, Manchester City went into Sunday's


game knowing a win would see them crowned champions for


I managed to catch up with the ladies just 24 hours before


the big game, with a little help from a Kickabouter.


Now, have you ever wanted a sneak peek behind-the-scenes


of your favourite team as they prepare for the title


deciding game against last season's reigning champions?


Well, that's exactly what eight-year-old Jessica


is about to do, aren't you, Jess?


She won a competition in Match of the Day magazine to spend a whole


weekend with the Man City Women 's team, and that's exactly


We just need a team, really, don't we?


Well, here we are, Jess, look at this, this is


Man City Women's first team, training for their massive


Look at this, Jessica right in there with the City team.


In fact, she's not bad, I think they're


We have an exclusive now with Toni Duggan and Demi Stokes,


but, in true deference to the better presenter,


to let Jess lead this, so Jess, over to you.


How are you feeling before tomorrow's match?


I'm really excited, because we can win the league tomorrow, can't we?


But it's going to be a big game and sometimes you get a bit nervous


a bit nervous as well, but nerves are OK.


Hopefully you can see us get some silverware,


so that will be good to share that with you.


Have you got any advice for girls who want to play football?


Keep enjoying it, as you play your best when you're enjoying


Always have fun with it, always play with a smile.


I hear you scored seven goals in two games?


You've outdone me, so I'll keep quiet!


Fingers crossed for both of you, I know it will be Man City's first


title if you win, and great interviewing skills, Jessica.


I've certainly learned a thing or two.


Well, the team have been trained, they've been fed, but there's


still one thing left to do, and that's lay the kit out.


Wow, what an incredible day with the Man City Women's team.


And you're going to the game tomorrow, aren't you?


Brilliant, I couldn't even get a ticket.


Do you mind sending me your photos?


Well, I did eventually manage to prse a few photos from young


And if you think those players look happy, then here's why.


COMMENTATOR: Chelsea must win, or Manchester City Women will be


She got that one, and Manchester City have the lead.


Still only 22, as well, here goes Bronze.


It is Toni Duggan, eight in eight in the WSL against


And to bring that WSL title within touching distance


There is a new name on the WSL Trophy.


And it is that of Manchester City Women.


For the first time ever, they are Women's Super League


champions, and there may be more silverware to come in this weekend's


But women's football isn't the only part of the game growing massively


in popularity at the moment. John Farnworth was in Manchester last


Sunday for what could be a glimpse into the future of football, and


apparently there are no goalkeepers! The great thing about football is


all you need is a ball, and anyway you are, you can practice, but when


it comes to a game, you need 11 against 11 and a big grass pitch,


and really, you need to leave your skills at home, or do you?


Welcome to the World Street Threes, players from all over the globe have


come here to play a very different form of the beautiful game.


Street soccer is obviously a lot different from field soccer, smaller


pitch, smaller goals, three against three, what is the aim of the game


here? The aim of the game is that nowadays football is almost a job,


you know? And we want to bring fun back into the game, have some flair


in it, some beautiful skills to entertain the people, because 90


minutes, 0-0, gets boring after a while, so hopefully we can give the


people what they want. Can we have a go? Yes. Let's do it.


Is there anything you can show me that I can maybe try. Definitely,


but I know your skill level is high because you are a freestyler so I


won't give you anything simple. OK! Almost! That's it! Yes, that's it!


I'm going to practice that. Now I want to see a freestyle move, man.


APPLAUSE. You did amazing, but I knew he could do it. How you feeling


about today, are you going to win? Yes, hopefully.


Is it football, is it freestyle, is it dancing? Who knows, but today I


have had a glimpse into the future of football. Thanks, John, fantastic


stuff, and congratulations to the Dutch team for winning the World


Street Threes. Some crazy skills on display there, but you lot are no


stranger to those, oh no, check this out.


First up, Christopher. Normally people practice spending it round


the wall. Christopher's going for the whole house! Next, check out


Harry. He doesn't bend it round the house, he goes right through it! And


finally, another Harry. Oh, I say, pigs that out! -- pic that out.


Wonderful clips there, and please keep them coming in. Even if you had


a clip featured on Kickabout in the past, listen up, we have an amazing


opportunity if you fancy yourself as a bit of a freestyler. In a few


weeks the F2 freestylers are coming to see BBC, and we've teamed up with


Blue Peter to give you the chance to have your skills featured in their


team. If you have not seen them, where have you been?! Check this


out. How amazing are they? To stand a


chance of having your skills featured in one of their routines,


get your boots on, get outside and get someone to record you strutting


your football stuff. The details of how to get involved are on the


website so get free styling. Actually wait till the end of the


choke because you don't want to miss Paralympian sprinter and double gold


medallist Jonny Peacock's dream fibre side teams. Hi, I am Johnny


Peacock, Paralympic champion, and here is my dream fibre side team. --


five-a-side. In goal, I would have Buffon. He has had a terrific last


season, in form, but also has the experience. If I could only have one


defender it would probably be Mats Hummels. I think he is consistent


enough, solid, a great defender but can also get the ball towards the


midfielders. In the middle I'd have two midfielders, the first would


probably have to be Philippe Coutinho. He's so creative, he can


find things where others can't, he can always get round players if


needed. On the other wing I think I'd have to put myself, I'd use my


speed to get down the wing and try to make something happen. Up front,


I think I'd have to go with Neymar. For me, he's somebody who can score


goals but also create goals, and I think his linkup play with Coutinho


would work well. And that's my dream fibre side team. If you could think


you can do better, send yours in. Cracker of a side there, good stuff.


And congratulations again on doing so proud in Rio. That's nearly it,


but just time to look at the fixtures coming up this weekend.


Sunday's clash between Spurs and Man City should be a tasty encounter,


but this afternoon's meeting between Swansea and Liverpool is my pick of


the action. So let's take a look at the key midfield battle that is


likely to take place in South Wales later.


Leroy Fer easily trumps Jordan Henderson in goals, about scoring in


three to one, but the Liverpool man has made on average 4.3 tackles per


game, and Henderson has greater passing accuracy. But you don't pick


Jordan Henderson for goal-scoring, do you? Liverpool are flying at the


moment, but can the Swans bring them back down to earth? Probably not. I


am predicting a Liverpool team, Jurgen Klopp's team look unstoppable


and I can't see the Swansea defence being strong enough to contain their


free scoring habits. I think it will be free- wants to Liverpool. That is


your lot, Kickabouters, whether you are watching at home, going to the


ground or getting involved, have a wonderful weekend full of football.


My weekend will be spent right here with this. See you!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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