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Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Mark Wright here with another Kickabout, packed


with all the thrills, spills and skills of another week


Here is what is coming up today's show...


The Champions League group stages got off


to a cracking start this week, with lots of drama and goals galore.


And we join some Leicester superfans on the sofa for the Foxes'


Stay tuned, because we've got top tips on how to be the real deal


And, of course, we've got some more from the real


It's safe to say it has been another action-packed week,


with plenty more football to come this weekend.


We've got a full round-up of all the excitement later in the show.


But here is what else has been making the football news.


Coming up to his 40th birthday, Roman legend Francesco Totti


His goal this week means he has now scored in 23 consecutive


No wonder they call him the King of Rome.


How about this from a Dutch top tier game?


Away supporters were situated above children and staff


from the local hospital and literally showered them with


Newcastle United are flying at the moment,


with five wins on the trot in the Championship.


Meanwhile, local hero and Match of the Day's own Alan Shearer


revealed a brass statue of himself outside St James' Park.


Apparently, he was particularly proud


that it shows he once had hair.


And I'm still waiting for the call about the


In fact... No.


Olympian Jazz Carlin won two silver medals


But when she is not training, she is watching Man United.


So how many Red Devils would make her dream five aside?


Hi, I'm Jazz Carlin, Team GB swimmer and double Olympic


And this is my dream five aside team.


At first, is my goalkeeper, David de Gea.


he is my favourite, because his Manchester United,


He is one of the best in the world, so he'd have to


Who's just kept Manchester United in the Cup.


Again, Manchester United, but I think he's an incredible player and,


And I would be with Gareth Bale in midfield.


I'm not great at football, but he's Welsh, so I'm a big fan


and I think he'd be great for my five aside team.


Up front for me would have to be Marcus Rashford.


He's got so much energy and he can always get it in the


back of the net. I hope.


Rashford, lovely feet, brilliant goal!


And hopefully Man U can bounce back after going


1-0 down to Feyenoord in the Europa League on Thursday.


It's been a massive week for European football.


Especially for Leicester City, as they made their


How would they perform on such a big stage?


Well, we gate-crashed a little party on Wednesday to find out.


Just think, a few years ago that we were playing


Can you imagine those Leicester City players


lining up for their first Champions League match ever?


I'm really excited for this game in the Champions League.


I think Kasper Schmeichel will be really important in tonight's game.


Mahrez needs to be on his game tonight.


He needs to know when to pass the ball and then shoot.


Ranieri has got us into this Champions League.


If we do get a win tonight, it will be huge for Leicester City


fans and the players and for the future.


And the big one. Slimani in for Okazaki.


Anyway, guys. Can't stop.


We need to go and watch Leicester.


COMMENTATOR: It's a historic night for Leicester City Football Club.


She knows way more about football than my dad.


Throw-in here for Leicester City on the right-hand side.


A historic goal and Leicester City, the champions of England,


lead tonight in the Champions League.


Come on! 1-0.


Is Mahrez taking it? Oh!


Whoa! Maurez is back with a bang.


It's 2-0 Leicester and, at the moment,


Oh, come on! Are you serious?


The full-time whistle blows in Brugge.


And Leicester City have won their first ever


# We're all going on a European tour.


# A European tour #.


There we go. 3-0.


Well done, Leicester. Well played.


But, of course, that was only one of the games in the


Sadly, it didn't go too well for Celtic.


But when Messi and his mates are in the mood, there's not much


Little Lionel scored a record sixth European hat-trick,


with Suarez and Neymar getting in as well.


And did you know that, between the three of them,


they have scored a combined 266 goals in just over two seasons?


Elsewhere, there were cheers and tears for the English clubs.


But it is good to remember it's not all


Sometimes, the most important players on the pitch


are not the ones that get the headlines.


we have noticed more and more that teams are playing


They are often the ones doing the work that you


And what makes a great holding mid fielder?


I've got youth coach Sam here with me to give me


Very well, thanks. Thanks for having me.


The main question is, what is a holding midfielder?


A holding midfielder is the player who sits just in front


of the defence and sort of is mainly there to stop the opposition


from playing and stopping them from scoring.


of the defence and sort of is mainly there to stop the opposition


from playing and stopping them from scoring.


So, if any of our Kickabout fans at home are dreaming


of being a holding midfielder or thinking about changing


their position to that or just want to know more, what tips


The first thing that anyone can do at home is you've got to be very,


Second thing, you've got to be good at finding space


The third one is noticing danger, sensing where there is danger


and stopping it and making a big tackle for your team.


All right, brilliant. And you got some examples for us.


The first one we've got is from Leicester last year.


What he's brilliant at, he's very, very fit,


and is always running around and chasing after the ball.


And winning it back quickly for his team.


That is really important, to gain possession back,


so the opposition cannot score and it sets your team playing


As you can see here, he passes forward


A really crucial player for Leicester in the last season.


His main role is to win that ball back and break down the play


He doesn't need to do anything extravagant.


But so many clubs try to sign him in the summer.


A great player. A fantastic example.


So who else do we know like him, who you don't really notice,


but is a holding midfielder and does a great job?


A player who has been around in the Premier League


for about ten years, Michael Carrick.


Probably one of the most underrated players in the league.


He keeps the ball and is always in space every time you him.


He is always available to receive the pass. After he has passed it, he


goes again. Always moving. An absolutely brilliant player. One of


the best in the last ten years in the whole Premier League. Who else


could you give me an example of? He has just come on the scene. A young


English player. He senses danger very quickly and snuffs it out so


the opposition cannot get near the goal. At the top of your screen, he


notices that Ansar is sprinting back into position. All of a sudden, he


makes a big tackle which is going to save a goal. So, some of the three


points. You've got to be fit. Lots of running. Keeping the ball and


finding space. And sensing danger and making big tackles when you need


to. That is something anyone can work on. Thank you for coming in.


And why don't you keep a special eye on much of the day this week to see


if you can spot any of those techniques? The real stars are not


the players, but you lot. Check out the skills.


First up, is Felix. Clean through the hoop in the top corner. And he


likes that. Max has made not one, but two balls. And he still nails


it. And, finally, here is a Sunni. A great keep up. Smash! Get an! -- get


in. Unbelievable skills. Love it. And


please keep them coming in. Just go to the CBBC website and find the


upload at all. That's nearly it. We've just got time to look ahead to


the Premier League fixtures coming up. Some important games in there.


And some great head-to-head battles to look out for. I picked two great


strikers. But for the late kick-off between Everton and Middlesbrough.


Let's have a look at the statistics. As you can see, so far this season,


here it is... Surprisingly, he has hardly won any aerial challenges.


But thanks to his recent hat-trick, he does come out on top on goals.


When he bagged the winner this afternoon? So much to


look out for. Whether you're going to a game or watching on telly, keep


enjoying your football. See you next week. And we thought we would finish


with the man who really knew how to finish. They have made a statue.


This will be West Ham about the statue. Hello? Mum? I'm on the


telly. Allen, take it away. Shearer will take this one. Yes!


Shearer hit said. Never in doubt.


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