29/10/2016 MOTD Kickabout


Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Good morning. We come from the National Football League is the.


There is now a museum like it, packed with everything you want to


know about the beautiful game. I guess it's important we take it


seriously like adults. The National football Museum is


spread over four floors of this beautiful building. You can dig deep


into the history of football, learn how the game has changed and


discovered some great facts about the top teams in the UK. Here is


what is coming up. We will give you an all access tour


of this fantastic museum and I will take on Tyler in some challenges. We


round up the action from the EFL. We've got interviews with not one


but two Mac Premier League stars. This place covers over 150 years of


football history but one thing that is great about the game we love is


new history is being written after every game. Here's a round-up of


this week's action. Daniel Sturridge scores his second of the game,


through the legs of the goalkeeper! Liverpool's positive play is


recorded. I knew I would find you here,


looking at strange man doing a handstand. I'm admiring the art of


football. Fancy a game? Yes. Yes! Sent the keeper the wrong way.


That's it. And again. It is the second challenge, the past


master. He's missed that. I enjoyed this, it was fun.


1-1. There is no better rate to decide this than a game of table


football. I'm ready. Are you nervous? My heart is beating through


my chest. Shall we play? I'm not losing them. Parking the


bus. Yes. 89th minute, I do not feel.


We've got one more left. That is a nice formation. You ready? Winning


in challenges and 2-1 down. I have been officially defeated. Football


can bring out the competitive spirit in all of us, but it is not all


about winning. We found out how Everton are giving back to the local


community. There is something strange happening


at Everton today. There are players here but they are not playing


football. Today is about the activities they do.


Thanks for letting us be here today. How important is this for Everton


and the community? It is an important day, this event is nice


for the children. It's a family club. I like it. We're doing good


things with children and I enjoy it because I am also a child. Obviously


today there are a lot of children around. Did you look up to and


anybody when you're growing up? Superman! Everyone is having fun


working as part of a team. How important do you think this is? I


think you need to listen to your coach, your passion, you need to


dream, to work every day. Great stuff. From one of Everton's


rising stars to a club legend. Leon Osman made 400 appearances but who


would he choose to play alongside him? I am Leon Osman and this is my


dream team. First up, Tim Howard. I always found him difficult to score


against. Defence, Tony Hibbert. As far as I'm concerned he's the best


defender I've ever played with and ask anybody around, put him on the


same team in training and we win every time. In midfield, myself. I


might even give myself the armband. Alongside me would be Paul


Gascoigne. Well-known as being one of the best players in England. Some


of the best goals he scored when I was growing up. Upfront I'm going


for John Barnes. When I was young he was my idol. I don't think there was


many players better. He scored a lot of goals. What a team. That is just


one of the many big games this weekend in the Premier League and


the FA Cup first round. We thought we would ask the experts there


Premier League predictions. What do you think, for none the Leicester?


1-0. Sunderland versus Arsenal, I think 3-1. Crystal Palace versus


Liverpool, big game. Liverpool, 1-0. West Brom versus Manchester City, I


think Manchester City will win. Can West Ham get a result? Yes, 2-1.


Only time will tell if they have the skills to predict the results but it


is certain you've got these skills. Check them out.


Amazing skills. Keep sending their men. It is a Halloween special on


the website. Make sure you don't score and only ghoul -- "own ghoul".


When it comes to interviews, we score every time. Gary Cahill was at


the heart of the thrashing of Manchester United. We sent reporters


to grill him on everything from the goal is to time travel. Gary Cahill


has blasted at home. There he to score a beauty. In comes the corner.


Do you know how many goals he scored so far? In my career? I will guess


20. It is 40. How many goals did you score for


Bolton? About eight. Who scored 15! These are tough questions.


You scored your first Premier League goal for Aston Villa but who was


against? Birmingham City. That was one of my favourite goals are


scored, I was so young. What is the funniest thing that happened during


a game? I've played a couple of games where the referee has tripped


over. What were you like at school? I was loaded. Who did you make your


England debut against? Bulgaria. And your first goal? Bulgaria! Did you


have any nicknames? Only one, Gaz. Which player have you played against


that you wish was English? Lionel Messi and Chris Yarran Arbil. Have


you ever worn a disguise? I have! I went to a Christmas market and it


was really busy so I wore a Father Christmas hat and beard. Would you


rather be a cowboy or a spy? I would be a spy. Where would you go in


history if you could claim travel? I would visit the future. I would go


forward 50 years and see if we are driving in these hover cars and


stuff like that. Great interview skills. Of course


our big thank you to Gary Cahill. Our time is almost over but seeing


as though Gary was talking about time travel we thought we'd join in


as well. At the top of this museum is this fantastic exhibition about


1966. It's the perfect starting point to look back on the best goals


from the decade. They think it's all over, it is now.


Whoops I Missed Newsround is on the way next.


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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