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Merseyside Special

Match of the Day spin-off with the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

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Welcome to one of the most iconic cities on the planet.


For centuries, goods left these docks and rocked


and rolled their way across every sea to every nation.


It rocked and rolled its way across the airwaves into peoples


homes and hearts, but there's a heartbeat in this city that's even


This may seem like any other park, but this otherwise ordinary field


of green is all that separates red from blue and two of


the most successful clubs in English football.


Right over there is Everton's famous blue Goodison Park,


whilst that way Liverpool's mighty red stands of Anfield.


This is a city steeped in footballing folklore,


constantly writing itself into the history books,


and behind me are the next chapter, is that right?


This is our Kickabout Liverpool special, and it's




All that and plenty more to look forward to, including the greatest


We're here today at Bellfield Academy, and I hear a rumour


that there are some pretty talented youngsters around.


And speaking of talent, we've got a guy who's got more


in his little toe than I've got my whole body,


Guys, would you like to see him do some free styling?


Oh, round of applause for John Farnworth!


Oh, that was brilliant, as expected, John.


Now, what are you going to be focusing on today?


Well, I've seen some challenges in my time,


but one of my favourite things when I was younger was


Now some people call that the crossbar challenge,


so I wanted to focus on that today, if that's all right.


Fantastic, I can't wait to see that, and we've got a special guest coming


up who knows a thing or two about hitting the crossbar.


All will be revealed later, but for now, here's a couple


of superfans telling us all about the blue half of the city.


Home of Everton FC, the greatest football team in the world.


Before every game, toffees are thrown into the crowd.


Probably the biggest club legend is the man, Dixie Dean.


In the 1927-28 season, Dixie scored a whopping 60 goals.


Romelu Lukaku has been putting the men all season.


Romelu Lukaku has been puttig them in all season.


Brilliant first touch, can he get the second oh, you can!


We also had a legendary goalkeeper, big Neville Southall.


He made 750 appearances for the club.


That's 200 more than any other player.


Goodison is the only Premier League ground that has a church so close


Everton never play early on a Sunday to avoid clashing


Everton have won the league nine times.


And won the Uefa Cup Winners' Cup once.


We're going to win the Premier League next year.


That was a great tour around every turn.


That was a great tour around Everton.


Is there any one goal or game that really sticks out


Well, my favourite was when Tim Harwood scored


Well, my favourite was when Tim Howard scored


Are there any goals that stick out for you?


Lukaku against Chelsea last year in the FA Cup.


He just ran through the defence and just put it in.


Lukaku and Lennon heavily outnumbered.


Lukaku shows great strength there, though, and goes on.


If you go through all the players maybe that you have ever seen


or just heard about playing, can you pick one favourite


from all the years Everton has been around that stands out for you?


Well, Dixie Dean, he scored 60 goals in one season,


and I don't think I've ever seen Pele, Lio Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo


do that, so he's definitely my favourite since Everton was founded.


Duncan Ferguson, because he was strong, tall and courageous.


Decent cross from Ferguson's header, and Everton are back in the lead.


There's so much history in this fantastic footballing city.


But back at base, we're about to kick off with


the crossbar challenge, John.


Well, for me, I've broken down my three top ways


So, the first one is the chip, everyone knows it, it's way you dink


underneath the ball with the auto, it goes up and onto the bar.


It's just a chip, but behind the standing leg.


But for me as a freestyler, I like to flick the ball up


and do a few tricks, little volley, little bit


Oh, some amazing tekkers, there, John,


but I tell you what, here on Merseyside, they're pretty


He's going to touch it to Gerard. Big moment this, it is Gerard, and


he scores. Did he level about?! What a goal from Ross Barkley!


First-time strike. Oh, that's marvellous. Osmond...! Nestles into


the net. Coutinho's shot! It's another belter from Philippe


Coutinho. He strikes it. That's a stunning goal. Good effort from


Suarez. That is absolutely stunning. Lukaku shows great strength there,


and goes on, it's Lukaku! It's a brilliant goal! Sheer brute


strength. Amazing. Merseyside magic at its


best. Some cracking goals scored by legendary players, and I'd come here


to Anfield to meet some of them. Fowler. What a good finish by Robbie


Fowler! It's McAllister against his old club. I don't believe it. Gary


McAllister, you are a Liverpool legend despite only playing here for


two years, so you really made a mark. Gary McAllister! Talk us


through the first moment he walked out on the pitch at Anfield and


heard the crowd. As you go down the tunnel to the pitch at Anfield


watching the Liverpool players touching the big crest, this is


Anfield, and looking at myself wearing a red kit, I was able to do


that and that was the first moment I felt I was a Liverpool player. You


scored on a Merseyside derby. McAllister. McAllister has scored a


fantastic goal! What's that like? I remember scoring up making my run


towards the Liverpool fans to celebrate. There were very dour


faces in the Everton end but then seeing the Liverpool fans and coming


round to the dugout to see the look of joy on Gerard Houllier a's face


was amazing. This club is 125 years old, it is huge, you have been all


over the world promoting it, how big is it marked yellow much bigger than


anybody thanks, it is such an iconic global club. I have been to every


corner of the globe and it never ceases to surprise me how many


Liverpool fans there are. CHANTING. Fowler. He's done it! Robbie Fowler,


Liverpool legend, thanks for being on Kickabout. How did you end up


becoming a Liverpool legend Mark yellow I am not sure whether legend


is the right word. I had a very good career. I grew up an Everton fan but


I played for Liverpool from ten years old so was never one of the


bit of supporters who disliked the team, I had so much respect because


there was a player called Ian Rush who scored a lot of goals and me


being a striker I looked up to him. As much as I did grow up an Everton


fan I had loved for Liverpool as well because the players they had.


You talked about idolising Ian Rush growing up. Did he never inspire you


to grow a moustache of your own Mark yellow I am in my 40s and still


struggle to grow a moustache! His was brilliant. Him and John Aldridge


had the best moustache is like a scene in my life. He scored so many


goals, the sixth top scorer in the Premier League era. Is there


anything you are fond? Think the rivalry with Man United or Everton,


any goal against them is special, not just for me but it means more


for the fans. Maybe the goal in 2001, last game of the season


against Charlton which helped us get into the Champions League was


probably one of our personal favourite goals. You were a great


striker. Poor people out there who want back clinical edge, what would


you say is the key? For me the key of practice, practice, practice. You


think maybe Lio Messi or Ronaldo, the kids relate to them, and they


got where they are because they practised all the time, nothing


comes easy, you have to work at everything. Fantastic, thank you,


that's great. Pleasure, mate. What a privilege to be here at


Anfield and meet some of the footballers that rocked the club in


their day, but believe it or not, Liverpool isn't just about football.


Here's a few stars of Bellfield academies show us around the city.


CHEERING. Welcome to Liverpool. This is our city.


The Liver birds look all over the city and they are all so on my


shirt. This is the famous River Mersey. There is even a song about


the ferries that go across it every day. For many years, Liverpool was


one of the most important ports in the world. This is Albert Dock and


it was built in 1846 but now is full of shops and museums. Liverpool has


not one but two cathedrals. The Beatles were from Liverpool, and


they were the biggest band in the world. And of course we've got two


world-class football teams. Well, at least one of them. Maybe this one.


This one. Here is Claudia Walker from Everton


ladies. You have done quite well this season and so her view, lots of


goals from centre forward. But you are in a unique position in that you


have also played for Liverpool. Yellow I have. How did that come


about, moving from one to the other? I was focused on playing and getting


the best of myself as a player and Everton was where I could do that so


that's where the change came in. We are going to be doing a few


challenges and we are wondering if you wouldn't mind taking part. Of


course I will. Excellent, can't wait to see that.


We've got Everton legend Graham Stuart joining us. The big success


we had was winning the FA Cup. They are the moments you live for as a


player. You came close to scoring. Talk us through what happened. Not


the greatest ball, hovering into me and I connected with it probably too


well, smashes the underside of the bar. That far from scoring the


winner at Wembley which I regret to this minute! We are today looking at


our crossbar challenge with John Farnworth and we would love it if


you would take part and try to recreate your stunning crossbar hit


as I have rebranded it. Would you go for it? Of course, anything to help


you out and knowing my luck I will miss every time! LAUGHTER.


What a brilliant city. We've had a fantastic time here at Bellfield


Academy. Have you guys enjoyed it? CHEERING. Keep enjoying football,


too, but for now, see you. Goodbye!


Match of the Day spin-off aimed at children aged 7 to 13, bringing viewers the latest from the world of footie as well as top players and pundits.

Featuring goals, gossip, stats and skills, and all you need to know about the nation's favourite sport.

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