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Good morning, Jenny here, live with all the top


What else could you get for the price of Neymar?


And the three-year-old girl who's so funny, she's won an award.


First up, England's women will take on the host country,


the Netherlands, in the semifinals of the Euros tonight.


While it could be a tough game, these guys are pretty


I think England are going to win because they are a good team


2-0 to England and Kelly Smith will score first.


The final score will be 2-1 to England.


I think the most possession will be for Holland.


But when England get the chance, they will counter and they are very


Barcelona forward Neymar is set to move to French


club Paris Saint-Germain for a record ?198 million.


But what else could Paris Saint-Germain have


Turns out, two of US President Donald Trump's private


jets, thought to cost around 78 million each.


More than 110 private islands in the Bahamas


If they were feeling peckish, 792 million Freddo chocolates


Or, if a bit bored, they could always get 66 million


Perhaps they are in need of a fashion accessory or two...


More like 24,750,000 JoJo Bows for that amount.


The way I see it, Paris Saint-Germain have got good options.


A group of young army cadets are now all safe after getting


into trouble on a mountain in Northern Ireland yesterday.


More than 50 members of the Cleveland Army Cadet Force -


some aged between 12 and 17 - had to be rescued from


the Mourne Mountains by the emergency services


because of high winds and heavy rain.


Several of the cadets from Middlesbrough have been


Next, there are more than 11 million people in the UK with some


These deaf children have been telling the BBC how they'd


I am deaf but probably speak more languages than you do.


Just because I am deaf, it doesn't mean I am tone deaf.


I speak to my parents in Arabic and sometimes I speak


Don't cover your mouth when you are speaking to me.


If there are other noises, I probably won't understand you.


Be patient when I don't understand you.


I might hear you the next time you say it, when you repeat it.


Have you always wanted to be a guardian of the galaxy?


Well, a new job with Nasa might just be for you!


The US space agency is looking for a new "planetary


protection officer", who would defend the


You'd also have to stop astronauts and space ships spreading


A great white shark gave scientists a shock when it decided it was ready


for its close up off the coast of Cape Cod in the US.


They were filming it when the huge shark decided to try and take a bite


Cameras can't be that tasty because it swam off quickly.


The World Athletics Championships start tomorrow.


It's the biggest Sporting event in the capital since London 2012.


The likes of Mo Farah and Usain Bolt will be battling it out,


These students in London are trying athletics for the first time.


The most important thing is it improves your pace a lot.


They help kids to understand and to help kids who have


Why? Because it gets me pumped.


And if I am sad, it puts me back up again.


You lose weight, get fit, it helps with everything.


Stamina, it's just good for you, innit?


Next, this is the moment a 400-foot-high water spout


was whipped up by the wind over the southwest


The swirling mass of water was created by a tornado,


A number of people reported seeing it on Tuesday.


A three-year-old girl from Glasgow has taken the Best Actress prize


Oman, this election! I thought you loved elections?


Isla and her dad notched up nearly 100 million views for a comedy


Their series was also named Best Online Comedy at the awards.


Newsround's back with Whitney this afternoon.


My favourite TV programme on CBBC


is Whoops I Missed The Bus,


because it's such a funny TV show,


and the What You Thinking, Pet? part makes me laugh.


My favourite show is The Next Step because I like dancing,