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Hello, I'm Whitney, live on CBBC for Newsround.


And here's what we've got coming up in the next few minutes -


Come on England! Come on England! Come on England!


You guys are cheering for England's women at tonight's


And we'll tell you how to get a job in space.


First up, there's just a few hours to go until England's


women play in the Euro semi-finals tonight.


It's all getting very exciting ahead of their match


against the host country - the Netherlands.


Well, it seems you're convinced England will come out on top.


I think England are going to win because they are a good team and


I think it'll be 2-1 to England and Steph Houghton will score first.


I think it will be 2-0 to England and


I think the final score is going to be


I think most possession will be on Holland but I


think when England get the chance, they'll counter and they are very


Next, what's your dream job? A teacher, a dentist, a firefighter.


Or how about a space protector? Yep, this is real.


Have you always wanted to work for a US space agency?


Do you fancy yourself a bit of a planet protector


and importantly, are you good at scaring off aliens?


If you've answered yes to these questions, your future


might just be at Nasa as the Planetary Protection Officer.


To defend the Earth from alien life, stop astronauts and spaceships


bringing back and spreading pollution to other planets and to


get paid more than ?90,000 a year for doing it.


Oh, but you've got to be American to apply.


That's on top of a degree in physics, engineering


or maths and of course, lots of experience working on really


important space projects. Other than that, it's all yours.


Next up, a scary tale - but don't worry no-one was hurt!


Scientists off the coast of Cape Cod in the US got a bit


of a shock when this Great White shark decided


Luckily, it realised their camera wasn't the tastiest meal -


so it left the team alone - and swam off.


Now he's already got an Olympic gold,


and took another two gold medals at the World Swimming


Championships last week. Wowza!


But swimming wasn't the only thing you wanted


to ask Adam Peaty about. Watch this!


Hello, Issy, if I could do any other sport, I'd probably do boxing


because I love that sport. I love watching it when I'm at home


and it's something I've had a passion for since a young age.


Hello, Adam, my question for you is...


So, a six-pack is a lot of abs work, but at the same time,


a very, very good diet, so no junk food at all, no crisps,


Before my race, I get ready, I just put my headphones on,


a little bit of meditation, I like to be calm, I like to be


relaxed, and then I'll start to get a little bit up for it,


take my caffeine and then get a little bit angry as well


to kind of get me out there and swimming fast.


If you had that underlying motivation, it's got to be


You will pick yourself up even on those days you don't


want to and surround yourself with positive people,


people that are on the same wavelength as you and hopefully,


When I was younger, I wanted to be a Royal Marine.


I wanted to be in the army from a very young age.


I was obsessed by that kind of regiment camaraderie.


But then I found swimming, I was good at swimming,


and I am still getting that camaraderie in the group as well.


So for now, I'm just going to be a swimmer.


Justin Bieber has written a letter explaining why he cancelled


The Canadian superstar pulled out of 14 concerts


in Asia and North America last week after already performing more


Justin told his fans he wants to take time out so his career can


continue and he's "grateful" for their support.


That's all from me, Newsround's back tomorrow


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