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Camels in your garden and snakes in your sitting room.


I'm Martin, with a very wild Newsround on the way.


You tell us your back to school stories.


Most of you are now back in school for the brand new autumn term.


For some of you, it means a new school and new friends.


For others, it'll be a new teacher and new subjects to learn.


You've been telling us how it's going so far.


Ellie in Oxford says 'I'm the only person going to my new secondary


school from my primary school but I have actually made two new friends.


Andrea in Surrey says I'm enjoying secondary school.


It seems massive compared to primary,


Neeve from Stoke on Trent says, I was excited but when I was there


Next, he's described himself as "very lucky" A British nurse who


got the deadly disease Ebola while treating people with it in Western


William Pooley is now out of hospital after being given


an experimental new drug called ZMapp to help him get better.


He thanked staff at the London Hospital where he was treated for


He described the moment the plane to take him home to


When I was brought onto the runway and saw the plane waiting for me and


a big team of Brits, it was just amazing. Yes. Such a relief!


Now to a plan which it's hoped could bring peace to Ukraine.


Russia's President Putin says he and the President of Ukraine have come


Fighting has been going on in the country for months because some


people there want parts of eastern Ukraine to split off and join with


Russia but the Ukrainian government wants things to stay as they are.


And if you want to find out more about the background to what's


happening in Ukraine go to the Newsround website for our guide.


Next, imagine coming home from school and finding camels and


Sounds crazy but that's exactly what life was


like for one nine-year-old who grew up at Chester Zoo in the 1930s.


Now a BBC1 drama's been made of her incredible story.


At Chester zoo there are 11,000 animals and 400 different species,


including elephants, monkeys and tigers. But it was also home to one


very lucky girl, who once called this place her back garden.


Brookfield Manor at Chester zoo was once home to June Williams. In the


1930s her family brought the manner and transformed the house and home


into a whole new way to look after animals. I would come home from


school and get changed out of my uniform. I was allowed to play with


Mary and go around the zoo with her. We are more or less grew up


together. Our Is to is a brand-new BBC One drama based on June and her


family. This nine-year-old plays a leading role. Do you think anyone


would believe what kind of life June would have? When I read the script,


I did not think it was a real story. It was too amazing to be real. She


told me the stories and showed me around here. I got the gist of what


it was like. It was amazing. I could not have been more pleased with the


way I was betrayed. I did not really think it warranted a film. It


happened and you know everything. To someone reading it, it is like, that


could not have happened, it was made up. Quite happy you looked like you


would be best friends forever. -- you look like he would be best


friends forever. And while we're talking wild


animals, check out this hippo No, not a real one - this huge


wooden hippo is a sculpture by a Dutch artist who was inspired by


one of his daughter's story books. It was pulled by boats


along the river past some of the city's most famous landscapes


for an art project. That's all


from Newsround this afternoon. I'm back in the morning with


a top Paralympian, Johnnie Peacock, Head to the website for your news


and advice if you are just starting secondary school.


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