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Hi, I'm Martin with your Newsround update.


Coming up: wildfires eat up hundreds of miles of forest in the US.


And out of this world - the school where you learn about space.


First - what would you change in the world by the time you're grown up?


30 primary school children from across Wales have written postcards


about their hopes for the future, to world leaders who arrive in Newport


for the NATO summit - that's a big meeting of some of the world's most


powerful people. The messages from nine and ten-year-olds will be given


to Prime Minister David Cameron and US President Barack Obama.


When I grow up, I hope people will not waste money and make sure there


is food and water for children across the world.


When I grow up, I want all children to be able to go to school because


everyone should have equal rights, even if they are a boy or a girl, or


And tonight we'll have a special report on US President Obama's visit


to a school in Wales. And you can let us know on the Newsround website


what you'd change in the world if you could talk to world leaders.


Wildfires are continuing to rage in Northern California in the


US,putting hundreds of people and animals at risk. Many have been


moved out of their homes to stay safe.


The fire spread as the wind whipped it up. Mile after mile, the flames


eight up the trees. They have already destroyed over 100 miles of


land. Helicopters, carrying huge bowls of water, flew over at these


milk, dropping hundreds of gallons. They are trying to protect over 750


homes at risk. People living in some of the homes have been forced to


evacuate to escape the fire. So far, no one has been injured. But the


fire is inching closer. It started in August when lightning struck.


Firefighters believe If you've ever dreamed of being an


astronaut floating high above the Earth at the International Space


Station - the UK's very first space school opened this week. It's


designed to give pupils the best chance of getting a job to do with


space. It's in Banbury in Oxfordshire. BBC reporter Helen Catt


sent us this special report. the fire a rocket, blasting off to


learn new things about space. What if you learnt about it every day at


school? This is something not many people get to experience. I love


learning about new things. I think it is the fact that space is the


final frontier. It is like we are the first people, kind of two learn


about it. There is no home work but the children have to go to school


for longer. From 830 in the morning to 530 at night. There is an


assembly. Some of these teenagers could one day be rocket scientists.


The headmaster says he hopes others will start companies. They have


video channels, sponsorship from you Tube. We want to harness that idea


and dumb people have fantastic ideas. These pupils are designing a


class logo. Maybe one day someone will wear one for real.


Andy Murray took a gruelling three hours and thirty three minute


beating from Novak Djokovic - losing in four sets in the quarter finals


of the US Open tennis in the past few hours. He fought back time after


time - despite problems with his back - but in the end was overcome


Next - it's been a another successful summer for Great


Britain's paralympic champion Jonnie Peacock. Jonnie sprinted to victory


to win 100 metre gold at the European Championships last month in


Swansea. He can add it to his growing collection of golds from the


Paralympics and the World Champs. And he's here now to tell us how to


be the best. Great to have you with us, Jonnie.


Were you born like this? The last six years of my life have been


dedicated to buy tix, so it doesn't come luckily. You have work hard.


People might not know but you run with one leg. Can you give us an


idea of the challenges you have to overcome to run with one leg? I have


one prostatic leg and one real leg. One is not quite symmetrical. So, it


is like trying to control that and make it as symmetrical as possible.


Did it take you a while to get used to it? Yes. It took a while to start


to get to somewhere I was happy with in running. How did you get involved


in sprinting? I got to try out so many different Paralympic sports a


few years ago and from there I got set up with an athletics coach and


things moved from there. Who inspired you to take up sport? David


Beckham. I was football mad as a kid. I wanted to be him. What advice


would you give to kids wanting to get involved in sport? Go down to


your local sports club. There are school sports and so many things you


can do. Find something that you enjoy. Give it a go, you never know.


I wasn't sure about athletics but I tried it and I loved it. I could be


seeing you at a future event. Thank you. We're back in half an hour.




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