05/08/2017 Newsround

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Hi, I'm Ayshah and this is Newsround.


Coming up, Mo Farah triumphs at the World Championships in London and


the driver surprised by this rhino. First up athletics and it was


another golden moment at the World Championships in London


five years on from his double It was a tough race and he even


stumbled part way round but pulled it back for a blistering final lap


before winning it with his trademark And the world's fastest man Usain


bolt took to the track He had an awful start,


but recovered to win, But he was not happy with the way


he ran or the starting blocks. I am not fond of these blocks, they


are the worst boxer ever experienced. It was just not a


smooth start. I have to get this together because I can't keep doing


this. What is it about the blocks? , it is a key because when I did my


warm up and I pushed back it fell back, it is not what I'm used to. It


is not as firm as I'm used to. Hopefully he will be OK for the


semis. Are you looking forward


to the return of sequins, The first set of strictly stars


for this year series will be Strictly Champion Ore's


sent his advice for this I just wanted to say it is crazy to


think that this time last year I was keeping hold of the biggest secret


of my life. It was nerve-racking, it was exciting and I was very, very


sweaty. But if I had one word of advice for the new class of


strictly, the class of 2017, it would be when the secret is out run


as fast as you can, hide under a duvet and stay there for as long as


you can. Because your phone will be on fire, everybody will want a piece


of you and just let the dust settle for a little while. When it kicks


off it will be the most incredible claim of your life. I'm very jealous


but enjoy every second of it. And we want to know who you'd


like to see in the strictly Driving car and... People were


driving along in the Indian state of Assam when the rhino decided to walk


along the road. The rhino and those of the car were OK after the rhino


went off the nearby fields. That's it for now. I am back just before


midday. Happy Saturday! Happy summer


holidays! I love this time of year. It's the best time of year.


You can't beat it.