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Hi, I'm Ayshah, and this is your Saturday lunchtime Newsround update.


Mo Farah triumphs at the World Championships in London.


Why this wild cat could make a comeback.


First up, athletics, and it was another golden moment


He won the 10,000 metres world title at the World Championships in London


five years on from his double Olympic triumph.


He said it was one of the toughest races of his life, and he even


stumbled part way round, but pulled it back for a blistering


final lap before winning it with his trademark sprint


And the world's fastest man, Usain Bolt, took to the track too


He had an awful start, but recovered to win,


But he was not happy with the way he ran,


I think these are the worst blocks I've ever experienced, and...


I have to get the start together, I can't keep doing this.


What is it about the blocks in particular, can you explain?


It's shaky, because when I did my warm up and I pushed back


It's just not what I'm used to, you know what I mean?


It's not as sturdy, it's not as firm as I'm used to.


It's more than 1,000 years since this type of wild cat,


Now there's a new plan to re-introduce them


into the English countryside, but not everyone's happy about it.


A bit like a leopard crossed with a pet cat,


but there's no way you've seen a lynx wild in the UK.


That's because they used to be hunted for their beautiful fur,


and became extinct in the UK about 1,300 years ago.


A group called Lynx UK Trust wants to bring them back.


They'd like to release six lynx to Kielder Forest in Northumberland


for a five-year trial, and they've been talking


This is a life-size cutout of a lynx - that is actually how big


So, lynx live all over the world, and in human history,


a healthy wild lynx has never, ever, ever attacked a human


The Lynx Trust say the cats will help keep the deer population


down as well as encouraging more tourists to visit the area.


They are worried the lynx could be a threat to their sheep.


I think it's an absolutely stupid idea for a predator that's not been


in this country for a thousand years to be released.


As far as I'm concerned, the lynx will go for the easy target,


which is going to be sheep and lambs.


The decision is now in the hands of a group called Natural England,


and if they say yes, it's thought there could eventually


be as many as 400 lynx living in forests across the UK.


Now to a very special feline friend who's been getting a lot


That was until her 12-year-old owner Evie got sick.


She has bone cancer, and Genie has been helping to look after her.


When I was diagnosed, she'd crawl round my legs,


she'd sit at my feet, she'd do pitter-patter,


like when she claws, very gently, like this,


She was coming round this leg in particular, which is the one


You know something is wrong with that leg, don't you?


Genie's story has won her two very special awards, Cat of the Year,


It was really good, we had photos taken, it was ace.


I guess the judges saw what I see in Genie, an amazing cat.


I think she's made a massive difference.


I know without her I'd have a lot more darker days,


because she just gave me that glimpse of hope that I needed


Evie is feeling much better now and has finished her treatment.


She still has checkups at the hospital, and Genie


Now, are you looking forward to the return of sequins,


The first set of Strictly stars for this year series will be


We've been asking you who you'd like to see in this


Thanks for those, guys, and if you want to have your say,


People were driving along in the Indian state of Assam when it


The rhino and the people in the car were ok after the rhino went


The rhino and the people in the car were OK after the rhino went


Newsround's back just after 2:00 - see you then.