05/08/2017 Newsround

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The decision is now in the hands of a group


called Natural England, and


if they say yes, it is that there could be as many as 400 lynx living


Ginny is an outdoor cat who comes and goes as she pleases. That was


until her owner got sick. She has bone cancer, and Jeannie has been


helping to look after her. When I was diagnosed, she would sit on my


legs and claw me very gently like this. That was unheard of. It means


that she likes me. She was coming round this leg in particular, which


was the one that the cancer was in. You know something is wrong with


that leg, don't you? Jeannie putter-mac story has won her get two


very special awards, cat of the year and outstanding cat as well. It was


really good to have photos taken. It was ace. I guess the judges so what


I saw in Jeannie, and amazing cat. So how has she helped? I think she


made a massive difference. I know without her, I would have had a lot


more darker days. She gave me that glint of hope to get through this.


EV is feeling much better now and has finished her treatment. She


still has checkups at the hospital and Jeannie is looking after her


two. Looking forward to the return of Samba with the return of Strictly


Come Dancing soon. I just wanted to say, it is crazy to think that this


time last year I was keeping hold of the biggest secret of my life. It


was nerve-racking, it was exciting, and I was very sweaty. But if I had


one word of advice for the new cast of Strictly, the cost of 2017, it


would be when the series comes out, run and hide under a duvet because


your phone will be on fire, everyone will want a piece of you, and just


let the dust settle for a while. It will be the most incredible time of


your life. I am very jealous, but enjoy every single moment. Driving


in the car and... It is a rhino. It is indeed a rhino. People were


driving along in India when it decided to take a walk on the road.


The rhino and the people in the car were OK after the rhino went off


into a nearby field. That is all from me. Goodbye.