06/08/2017 Newsround

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and your update. Coming up, bronze for Usain Bolt in his final solo


race and a lucky little lamb who was rescued after breaking her leg.


Super sprinter Usain Bolt missed out on a gold medal in his last solo


race in the World Championships last night, he started slowly out of the


blocks and was challenged to the finish by an American Justin Gatlin


and who took the gold. As the race ended Usain Bolt went to


congratulate him on his win. It was not the end to his career that using


-- that many were hoping for. My start is killing me. Normally I get


through the round but it did not come together and that is what


killed me. It did not come together. I felt like it was there. The fact


that I did not get it, that's all right. It is one of those things.


Gold-medal winner Justin Gatlin and said it meant a lot to win the race.


It was an amazing night with Usain Bolt's last race. It has so many


victories and losses. To be able to run against them over the years is


amazing. Next, there are more than 11 million people in the UK with


some form of hearing loss, these deaf children have been telling the


BBC how did would like hearing people to treat them. I am deaf but


I probably speak more languages than you do. Just because I am deaf does


not mean I am tone deaf. I speak to my parents in Arabic and sometimes I


speak to my brother in sign language. I will not be able to


connect. Don't mumble. Speak clearly. Please don't shout, it


hurts. . Put on silly voices, it sounds odd. If there are other


noises I probably won't understand you. Keep the music down. Be patient


when I don't understand. Don't speak too quickly. Thank you for the


advice, guys! Now have a look at this unusual friendship. A man has


made a friend for life after rescuing a stray lamb with a broken


leg. Sean found Lily the lamb shivering in a hedge near his farm


last week. She has now had her leg bandaged up and has moved in with


the sheepdogs in the kitchen! I love that story. That's all for now,


we're back at 20 past 12. Goodbye.