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Good morning, guys, I'm Hayley with your Newsround update.


The skeleton of the biggest dinosaur to walk on Earth has been found.


I can fly - the real-life Dumbo taking to the sky.


28 world leaders are back round the table again today in Wales


for talks about problems in Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan.


But everyone's still talking about the surprise visit by US President


Barack Obama and David Cameron to a small school in Newport yesterday,


The most powerful man in the world coming to our North Wales School,


great. I told who was coming and she said, can I go and see her? We gave


them away, but he was on the other side. What an entourage, an


incredible amount of vehicles. Like something in a movie.


As well as talking about problems overseas,


the powerful leaders are also talking about new ways technology


As part of that plan, NATO's spending over ?1 billion on drones


They can find out lots of information about people,


places and they can help soldiers on the ground.


Now check out these amazing new pictures of what it's like


Scientists behind the mission have been trying


to get a close up look at the infamously red surface and there's


And scientists want help to find out what this is?


This mushroom-shaped sea animal was found off the coast of Australia


But scientists still don't know what category of


It's one of only four other things in the last 100 years


They hope someone will see the pictures and help them.


Next, the baby elephant flying high in a cockpit.


Gary Roberts came across a herd of elephants that had been killed


The nurse and pilot decided to rescue the only survivor -


But the only way to get Max to safety was by flying him home


The skeleton of the biggest dinosaur to walk on earth, found in


South America, is one of the most complete of its size ever found.


The huge fossil is from a dreadnoughtus.


Scientists studying it say because almost all the bones are


there they can find out even more about this amazing creature.


It was bigger than seven T-Rexs, weighed more than 13 elephants


and had thigh bones as big as a grown man.


This dinosaur is part of a bigger family called titanasours,


because they were so big, and lived 77 million years ago.


Not a lot is known about them but the discovery


of this almost complete skeleton is really helping to shed more light


Dreadnoughtus gives us a chance to try and incorporate this new data


into understanding the way they walked on the way they held their


tail and their body proportions and the relative power of their limbs


and their tail. It took four years to uncover


the bones and now they are being studied in the lab to find out more


about the super-massive creature. Scientists have named it


dreadnoughtus Although it was not a meat eater,


a dinosaur of this size would have Plus it had a long, powerful, tail


which is could use to defend itself. At an estimated 65 tons, this dino


has set a new record for the biggest animal to walk the Earth, previously


the largest known dinosaur weighed And that's not all, the bones


of this animal have showed it wasn't fully grown, so it's likely


that its parents were even bigger. And joining me is one of


the scientists who actually dug up the dreadnoughtus bones, Dr Victoria


Egerton from Manchester University. Thank you so much for joining me.


You were there, what was it like to find the dinosaur? It was


incredible. Most of the bones were bigger than I was and you had some


of the bones actually connected together, so part of the tale was


articulated into a nice semicircle. How important is it that you found


this dinosaur? Really important, it is one of the most complete of this


kind ever discovered. It is about 45% complete, so it can tell us more


about the bones intact? It is fairly rare, especially for a dinosaur is


large, but there wasn't only one, there were two there. What would it


have been like all of those years ago when the dinosaur was alive? It


would have been living close to Antarctica and one of the cool


things about it is it lived in a herd, not on its own, in groups of


20 or even 100, or more. That must have been magnetic and tests to see.


This is one of the biggest we have seen, but do you think they could be


bigger ones out there? There could be, this individual wasn't fully


grown yet, so there may be bigger ones to see. It is hard to imagine,


if one of its bones were bigger than you, the whole thing, I can't


imagine. Thank you for joining me. That's all from me, Newsround's back


right here in about half an hour.


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