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Hi guys, Jenny here, finding out what YOU think


And, snacking on specially-bred snails.


First, children at a school in Newport, in South Wales, had the


surprise of their lives when special visitors turned up for class.


The President of the United States, Barack Obama, and Prime Minister,


Both men are in town for a very important meeting,


Imagine going to school in the morning and this happens, two of the


biggest world leaders town up in your classroom for a chat. That's


what happened at the school in Wales. How does it feel to have such


important people visiting your school? It was amazing. It's a


once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It's like... You can't pay for that to


happen. Money can't buy that. I'm not going to forget this. No one


will. I still can't believe that. I was in shock. Well, the president of


the US, director Obama and the Prime Minister, David Cameron, are in town


for the NATO summit which is an international organisation and its


members are 28 countries from Europe and North America. I work together


to defend and help each other when there are military problems. The


leaders of those countries will spend the next two days discussing


the most important things in the world right now. Problems in


Ukraine, Iraq and Afghanistan. But for these students, they will always


remember the time to of the most powerful men in the world dropped in


on their morning lesson. We asked you what you'd tell


the most powerful leaders to change This is the moment


a man was struck by lightning - and, luckily, wasn't seriously hurt -


while his son caught it on camera. They are "storm chasers" who


follow bad weather around the US. Police regularly warn people not


to do it because it's so risky. Danny Murphy was hit in the leg


and had to go to hospital. His son, Derrick,


wasn't hurt though. Next, they're slippery and pretty


slimy, but for some, particularly Helen Howard, from Kent,


started breeding the special type of She says more and more people are


trying them than ever before. Next, you sang your ownversions of


"Let It Go" for Newsround, but will the new mini-adventure to follow


on from Frozen be as popular? Anna, Elsa and the rest


of the gang are returning in a short I liked the first one. I think it


will do better. It is only 30 minutes long. It is the gift


animated film of all time and made almost ?800 million around the


world. Disney knows it is a huge success and they hope the follow-up


film will make them even more money and create even more fans. It's also


hoped a song written by -- behind the team will be an even bigger


smash. I hope there are a new tours and different things will happen. I


would like to see health becoming green again without her powers. The


second one will be better because it will be more exciting with him in


it. It takes place on Honour's birthday. With so many new films and


cartoons competing for your attention, they will have to work


hard to convince fans that Frozen Fever is as good as the original.


And if you can't get enough of Frozen, head to the website


for another chance to see your version of "Let It Go".


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