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Hello, and welcome back to Newsround.


I'm Hayley, and I've got all the best news from around


How solar storms could have confused these whales.


And should fashion stationery be banned from the classroom?


People in the Caribbean and Florida in America are getting ready


for the arrival of Hurricane Irma, which is one of the most powerful


The hurricane is moving across the ocean, and has just hit land.


In Caribbean countries, like Antigua and Saint Martin,


people are preparing for strong winds and heavy rain,


and overnight, some places have already started to flood.


Officials in Florida have told people they need to prepare.


The storm is massive and the storm surge is predicted to go


Right now, it is travelling at around 15 mph and the track has


it forecasted to move just south of the Florida Keys on a westerly


Do not sit and wait to prepare, get prepared now.


Scientists think they've figured out why a big group of whales got


stranded on Britain's coast last year, and it's all to


They might look amazing, but these solar storms caused a lot


Last year, 29 young whales were stranded on the coasts


of northern Europe and nobody could work out why.


But now scientists think it could have been down to large solar


storms caused by the sun, which are known as


These storms in space could have affected the way the sperm whales


That's why they got lost in shallow waters and beached themselves.


Beaching is when whales get stuck on sand and can be very dangerous.


It can happen for lots of different reasons.


For these sperm whales, it was down to the solar storms.


But some whales become stranded because they're sick or injured


It's thought changes in the environment could cause them


If there's not enough food, if temperatures are particularly


high or low or if their environment has become polluted.


And sometimes it's just down to mistakes.


They can sometimes lose their way into shallow waters by accident


whilst travelling to warmer waters to mate.


Whales are very sociable creatures and often travel


Marine scientists think that if one is affected by any of these things


then others travelling with it will copy them, which


could be what happened to the sperm whales last year.


Now, some of you are already back at school, but for others,


One of the most exciting and most nerve-wracking times in your life,


so we asked some of YOU to describe it - in emojis!


When I started high school, I felt like this. I felt like this. I felt,


don't feel stressed, it is going to be bigger than primary school, and


it takes a while to get used to, but after a while you got used to it. I


felt... On the first-day, then be by yourself, find new people, make new


friends. I felt like this. Obviously, it's going to be a change


but it's not as big as you think it will be. You are worrying too much


about it. I felt like this. LAUGHTER Well, many of you may have got


new pens or a new pencil case for the first day back at school,


but one teacher thinks fancy stationery should be banned,


because it's too distracting First, it was the bottle flip, then


it was the giant mega-hair bows, But has it been taken


a step too far? One teacher wants to ban


your stationery as well. I think some of the stationery


shouldn't be allowed in the classroom because it's really


only a distraction. Nobody really needs a rubber


shaped like a macaron, nobody really needs a pencil


sharpener that is shaped like nail polish and nobody


really needs a pencil case So what do these guys


from Lancashire think? My favourite piece of stationery


is a rubber because you can get very My favourite stationery is this


because I feel cool when I have it. I like these highlighters


because if one side runs out, you can use the other side,


it's double sided. When you have a special one,


it makes you feel special. I don't think the stationery should


be banned because some people would have to fiddle


with stuff to concentrate. If it gets banned, it's fine,


because you've still got pencils to write with and you've got


rubbers to use. You shouldn't have, like,


pink things like that, or blue You need to save it for playtime


because that's when you can play but when you're in class,


you have to learn. If it was banned,


how would you feel? A bit sad because you'd just have


boring plain pencils That's all from me, Newsround's back


this afternoon at 4.20pm.